Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
Chapter 2734 - Chu Zhiyun's Ambitions

Chapter 2734 - Chu Zhiyun's Ambitions
Tang Ka did not see it coming. But partly because a growing girl was far stronger than him and partly because of his long-time trust and obedience to his commander, he could do nothing when the expressionless girl jabbed the lollipop into his mouth.
The lollipop was very crisp, so crisp that it fell apart the moment it touched his teeth.
Then, the strongest sweetness burst out in his mouth like a crystal bomb.
Tang Ka sensed indescribable exhilaration deep from his mouth. When he struggled, he accidentally touched Chu Zhiyun's bosoms. His eyes bulged even more widely, and he even forgot about the sweetness in his mouth.
Forcing Tang Ka to chew half of the lollipop, Chu Zhiyun finally stopped and observed Tang Ka as if he were a lab rat. She asked, "How does it taste?"
Holding his throat, Tang Ka wondered whether he should swallow or spit the sweet saliva in his mouth. He blurted, "How can you eat their food?"
"Why can't I?"
Licking the lollipop in her mouth that had been half-melted, Chu Zhiyun said casually, "This food contains plenty of sugar and energy that can help us refill our strength quickly. I think it can also help our snipers relax and concentrate. I'm just testing it. Am I not allowed to do that?"
"But…" Tang Ka thought for a long time and said, "It's too sweet and stimulative. Those colorful wrappers are… enticing too!"
Tang Ka picked up the wrapper of the lollipop from the floor.
On the wrapper was another smiling face, which was confusing and uncomfortable for Tang Ka.
He did not understand why the people of the Imperium of True Human Beings were so fond of smiling.
Obviously, they lived in a dark universe that was short of resources.
Obviously, they had an important and sacred mission that they had yet to accomplish.
Obviously, they were faced with the threats of alien species, extraterrestrial devils, and infinite darkness.
Obviously, every second of their life should be miserable and torturous without the guidance of the gods.
Why could they be smiling? How could they be smiling?
"Those types of food may contain abundant nutrition, but besides nutrition, they're also attached with too many unnecessary temptations."
Tang Ka said solemnly, "According to the rules of the Holy Light Academy, we should categorize the food, remove their wrappers, and restore them into their purest state before we redistribute them to our compatriots."
The Covenant Alliance appreciated asceticism. From the workers and soldiers at the bottom to the Ultimate Benevolence Masters on the top, nobody enjoyed anything extravagant.
Beautiful clothes would add to one's arrogance, and delicious food would allure one into greed and gluttony. Therefore, the clothes in the Covenant Alliance were black, white, and gray, and occasionally, they would be mixed with blue, and the taste of the food had to be destroyed even if it was supposed to be delicious.
"We shouldn't eat the food made by the Imperium."
For the third time, Tang Ka tried to stop his monitor-cum-commander.
Of course, he would be more persuasive if he had spat out the lollipop in his mouth before he said that.
Chu Zhiyun snorted and chewed on while ignoring what Tang Ka said. She simply instructed, "Close the door and lock it, or block it if it can't be locked."
Tang Ka was slightly dazed, but he still dutifully carried out Chu Zhiyun's command under her cold gaze.
He blocked the only door of the supermarket. When he returned five minutes later, he found that his commander was pacing among the shelves and the cabinets like a queen with her legs that were almost longer than him.
"Do you know why I had the candy made in the Imperium?"
Chu Zhiyun said without looking back, "I'm just trying to see how the extraterrestrial devils would tempt me. It's a special training.
"Our daily training is too weak. The moment we see anything created by the Imperium, we will destroy it as if it were fatal. Is it really 'executing the extraterrestrial devils'? No, it's only 'evading the extraterrestrial devils'!
"Let me ask you, if you don't know how a lollipop tastes at all, how are you so sure that you can resist its temptation? If you don't taste it today, how do you know that you will not be corrupted if someone tempts you with a lollipop one day?
"Tang Ka, you know very well that I've always been the most distinguished person among our peers. My abilities and my loyalty to God Pangu are incomparable, and I will not simply become a Purger."
Tang Ka had always known that his commander had unusual ambitions despite her obvious tranquility, but he never knew that her ambitions were so great!
Tang Ka stared at Chu Zhiyun's wrist crystal processor. It was weird that Chu Zhiyun had absolutely no emotional fluctuations when she made the declaration. Her purity was kept at 100%. Her nerves seemed to be made of cold iron!
"You're too proud, monitor."
Tang Ka said, "Pride will result in arrogance, which is one of the gravest sins. You must stop thinking like that."
"Wrong. If you lie that you got 100 points when you're only capable of getting 99 points, that's arrogance. I'm only speaking the truth."
Chu Zhiyun said, "The lambs of the gods shouldn't lie. I'm only telling the truth and what I feel. Is there a problem?
"Tang Ka, it's the best way for you to serve God Pangu if you can become a Purger, but if I am to become nothing more than a Purger, I would be wasting the talents that God Pangu endows me with, which would be a serious crime. I should be a Lurker."
"A Lurker?"
After a brief daze, Tang Ka asked, "The super elites who sneak into the Imperium of True Human Beings and live a sinful life on the surface when they actually never abandon their faith but try to collapse the country from within?"
Chu Zhiyun said, "When the Lurkers sneak into the Imperium, they will be faced with the corruption of extraterrestrial devils all the time. They can wear the prettiest clothes, eat the most delicious food, and even simulate absurd things like 'love'. But deep in their hearts, they can still resist the extraterrestrial devils and carry out the most dangerous and important missions, dedicating themselves to the awakening of gods. Theirs is the profession where I should be engaged with."
Tang Ka was silent for a long time.
"You can't become a Lurker."
Tang Ka said, "The criteria for the Lurkers are a hundred times harsher than those for the Purgers. The Lurkers are either the people from the Imperium in the first place or the Connate Bodies. We're both naturally born. We can't become Lurkers."
"Oh? Really?"
Without him realizing it, Chu Zhiyun had led them into the ladies' section. They were surrounded by makeup, female pajamas, lingerie, etc.
Those plastic glittering mannequins made Tang Ka breathe even faster.
"The Purgers have their own way of training, and the Lurkers have their own classes. The Holy Light Academy is established to train the Purgers. I have no idea how to be a Lurker at all.
"So, I've found this place, a training field that solely belongs to me."
Chu Zhiyun extended her arms, as if she were going to embrace all the goods. "I can train myself to resist the temptations of the extraterrestrial devils in here and to pretend to have feelings while I still hold my faith in my heart."
Tang Ka wanted to argue, but his eyes were frozen in the next second.
Without any sign, his monitor-cum-commander, the tall and strong girl, took off her suit and her tights inside and revealed her naked body right in front of him.
A volcano erupted in Tang Ka's head!
"Those young people corrupted by the extraterrestrial devils are really interesting. Underwear is only meant to cover your body and keep your personal hygiene, but why have they invented so many different styles and patterns for underwear? Underwear is supposed to be worn under your clothes. Why would you waste your resources creating those patterns?"
Nakedly, Chu Zhiyun paced and picked up the lingerie. "But speaking of which, I do need a new bra. My breasts are too huge, and the bras that the school distributes don't fit me. They're either too tight or can't stop my breasts from shaking at all in a battle. Without those breasts, I could've broken all the records in the athletic meet in the last semester!
"The bras made in the Imperium had a lot of redundancies, but they do seem more fitting and can hold my breasts in place well. What do you think, Tang Ka? Tang Ka? What's wrong?"
The monitor looked back and stared at Tang Ka, narrowing her eyes.
"I… I…"
His mouth dry and his head blank, Tang Ka stammered, "Nothing!"
"Oh? Really?"
Suspicious, his monitor pointed at Tang Ka's groin with the tip of her foot. "Your extraterrestrial devil is erecting."