Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
Chapter 2736 - Extraterrestrial Devils Are Here!

Chapter 2736: Extraterrestrial Devils Are Here!
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When Tang Ka closed the door of the supermarket from the outside, he was so uneasy as if he had done something greatly wrong.
He wondered if it counted as disloyalty to the Ultimate Benevolence Masters and God Pangu, but his monitor told him that it wasn’t. His monitor said that the real disloyalty was when he did not tell the Ultimate Benevolence Masters the mistakes they made after he found them.
Tang Ka did not know whether he should believe in his monitor or the Ultimate Benevolence Masters. But in his eyes, all of them required his absolute obedience.
So, as usual, Tang Ka obediently followed his monitor like her tail and returned to the rendezvous point.
However, hardly had he returned when he ran into Liao Meng, the deputy monitor and another person that he would rather not confront.
Liao Meng was a tall and brawny boy. He was two feet taller than Tang Ka and one foot taller than the monitor.
His skin was dark, and his veins were bulging all the time, indicating his explosive power.
He never cared to disguise his power either. He waved his fist every time he talked, and the pimples on his face seemed to be exploding any moment.
Liao Meng did not like Tang Ka.
Tang Ka did not know why, and Liao Meng had never expressly shown his dislike, but Tang Ka just knew that Liao Meng disliked him very much, especially when he was alone with Chu Zhiyun.
Every time he was alone with Chu Zhiyun, Liao Meng always looked at him like a tiger gazing at shivering sheep.
Tang Ka, on the other hand, disliked Liao Meng as well.
Yes, he knew that he shouldn’t “dislike” anyone, but he just couldn’t give it up. Every time Liao Meng stared at the monitor, he would be filled with uncanny rage.
“Where have you been?”
Liao Meng stopped Chu Zhiyun and Tang Ka and separated them with a cold thick flamethrower. He stared at Tang Ka and said coldly, “That’s not your mission area.”
“I asked him to help.”
Before Tang Ka replied, Chu Zhiyun had grabbed Tang Ka and pulled him back to behind her. “I found a fairly large supermarket, and I needed more hands to identify the dangerous items inside.”
“A supermarket?”
Liao Meng squinted and said, “Why didn’t you ask for my help? I’m your deputy.”
“You were examining the files in the library and the bookstore, which was also an important mission.”
Chu Zhiyun said toughly, “I’m the monitor. It’s my responsibility to distribute you to different posts. I think Tang Ka is suitable for the supermarket. Do you have a problem?”
Silently, Liao Meng clenched the flamethrower so hard that it was squeaking.
“You’re having intense emotional fluctuations. You’re very… angry.”
Chu Zhiyun suddenly asked, “Why?”
“I’m not.”
Taking a deep breath, Liao Meng backed off. “I’m very calm. I just wanted to know why Tang Ka changed his mission. That’s all.”
“And you know the reason now. Are we good?” Chu Zhiyun said aggressively while staring at Liao Meng’s black and red face.
“Yes, we’re good.”
Liao Meng left without looking back.
“Don’t be scared of him. He’s even worse at managing his feelings than you are.”
Seeing that Liao Meng was far away, Chu Zhiyun spoke to Tang Ka in a low voice, “This guy will be possessed by extraterrestrial devils and kicked out of the Holy Light Academy sooner or later.”
The young people were busy from dawn to dusk. It was not until the night fell and the ruins became dark for the lack of an illumination system that they finally concluded the first day of their test, returning to their camp in the suburb with a lot of precious trophies.
Naturally, the city was too huge to be purged by a class of only twenty students. There were actually dozens of classes and almost a thousand half-Purgers that were working at the same time.
At this moment, all the students had returned to the camp. They submitted their findings and received the examination of their mentors. There was also a real troop of Purgers not far away, making the place even more crowded and lively.
Following Chu Zhiyun, Tang Ka submitted the trophies as well as the emotional fluctuations recorded by his portable crystal processor.
He thought that he would be criticized by his mentor, or at least questioned, for crossing the warning line twice in a day.
However, his mentor simply let him go after staring at him coldly for a while without interrogating him at all, much less banishing him from the test.
Relieved, Tang Ka helped Chu Zhiyun set up the Portable Holy Light Generator.
This planet had just been conquered and no holy temples had been established yet, so they had to conduct their daily training through the Holy Light Generator.
Very soon, all twenty-three students in their class completed their scanning and sat down around the Holy Light Generator.
“Hum… Hum… Hum… Hum…”
The Holy Light Generator hummed, and an ivory light surged out like a spring and spread all around, enshrouding all the students like a tent.
Tang Ka felt that he was soaked in a pure, peaceful, sacred, and soft ocean, where his soul resonated with the souls of his classmates. He heard the voices of the Ultimate Benevolence Masters and God Pangu, which made him forget his primitive desires and the temptations of the extraterrestrial devils. He was purified again.
After the training session each day, Tang Ka would be a lot calmer, and he wouldn’t have so many absurd and hilarious thoughts when he looked at Chu Zhiyun or Liao Meng again.
“Ah! Ah! Ah!”
Suddenly, screams came from not far away.
A glittering execution table had been erected on a newly-piled dais, and a student had just been whipped 36 times by his mentor with a whip made of venomous thorns. He fell into a coma, and even his spine was exposed to the air toward the end of the punishment.
Everybody watched in silence. Some of them might be as curious as Tang Ka, but they would not whisper to each other without permission.
Very soon, their mentor revealed the answer to them.
A kid from another class had uncannily put a plastic, lousily-made model of a Colossus, which was supposed to be destroyed, into his pocket during his purging work today.
He was too stupid. Every student must be thoroughly examined when they returned to the camp. It was impossible for them to take any forbidden things in.
Nobody knew why he did that. When his mentor asked him, even he blushed and simply couldn’t come up with a reason.
Perhaps his head was only unclear because of the bewilderment of the extraterrestrial devils.
Then, there were no choices.
He was the first person to be eliminated in the ultimate test. After he was whipped, he would be sent to the holy temples in the rear for the deepest cleansing.
There was no telling if his thinking ability would be maintained, but even if he was to be banished to the lower classes to be a worker or a soldier, he would have nobody else to blame.
Tang Ka wondered how terrible the thing he did with his monitor was. Was it more terrible than secretly hiding a toy? Would he be whipped like that kid?
Tang Ka’s tranquility that was just given by the holy light was gone, and his heart palpitated again.
When he was back to his dormitory, Tang Ka’s heart was still heavy.
The lollipop that Chu Zhiyun stuffed into his mouth earlier seemed to have activated his taste buds. The food that was tasteless in the first place was even more awful.
Tang Ka poured two bowls of sticky synthesized food into his mouth and held back his nausea. He then went to the training room.
The Covenant Alliance people did not know what entertainment was. In their spare time, body exercises were almost the only way for them to unleash their excessive energy.
Tang Ka tried to savage the sandbags and the treadmill, hoping to exploit the strength as well as the extraterrestrial devils that were hiding in his muscles.
He almost succeeded.
But at this moment, Chu Zhiyun also came to the gym and started running on the treadmill opposite his.
She was quite a sweater, and her clothes soon became wet.
Tang Ka immediately sensed that the extraterrestrial devils that he had finally killed were back to life again.
When it was late, all the students in his class were sound asleep, including Chu Zhiyun.
Tang Ka, however, tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep.
Even though she was several bunks away, he could still smell Chu Zhiyun’s fragrance.
In his trance, Chu Zhiyun’s naked body and her sweating appearance on the treadmill overlapped and turned into a fluffy dream that covered Tang Ka’s head.
Tang Ka had a dream; one that was so weird that he had never had it before.
He dreamed that he was running together with Chu Zhiyun on the beach, hand in hand.
He dreamed that Chu Zhiyun played with the hem of her dress and showed what was called a “smile” to him.
He even dreamed that Chu Zhiyun was tied up and whipped brutally in her red dress on the execution table.
Her clothes were whipped apart, revealing her skin that was smoother than sand. The red and swollen wounds made the rest of her skin even fairer.
“Tang Ka, help me! Tang Ka, help me!”
The monitor was particularly weak in his dream, moaning like she never would in reality.
Tang Ka suddenly woke up and felt sweat all over his body.
His genitals were also numb and bouncing as if he had an electric shock. Before he realized what was going on, his pants became wet and sticky.
“This is—”
Tang Ka was creeped out. He never had such an uncanny dream before in the fourteen years of his life. Had he wet the bed?
Right then, Tang Ka shivered, and something descended from the sky and entered his messy mind.
“Hahahaha. My young friend, nice to meet you!”
A voice that was trying to pretend to be warm and friendly but was actually freaking weird echoed in Tang Ka’s head.