Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Chapter 1575 - Lava Wasteland

Chapter 1575: Lava Wasteland
The Green Soul Mystic Realm was near the Divine Yang Mystic Realm. If the Ink Feather Race’s people could discover this natural illusion array, why wouldn’t the Divine Yang Race be able to as well?
The Divine Yang Race had been residing in the Divine Yang Mystic Realm for hundreds of years. Apart from the Purgatory Mystic Realm, they had already inspected every mystic realm around them. Every once in a while, they would inspect the surroundings again. It was only natural that they would discover such natural illusion arrays.
Thus, it made a lot of sense that You Tianni and Ren Tianfan would appear here!
The two of them were frightened by the mysterious intruder. At once, they escaped the Divine Yang Mystic Realm and ran towards the east. You Tianni knew that this mystic realm existed. He had already been prepared to hide here and wait for Heavenly King You to come and rescue him.
However, he did not think that in a cruel twist of fate, the Little Eagle King would lead Jiang Yi here as well. At that moment, both of them were inside recuperating. When they felt the overwhelming killing intent charging towards them, their expressions immediately changed. A battle sword appeared in Ren Tianfan’s hand; he was ready to fight for his life.
As Jiang Yi sprinted, he began to play his zither. Ren Tianfan and You Tianni stopped moving at once. What’s more, the two of them even hugged their heads and began rolling around, looking like they were in immense pain. This was the same sound that the God Kings had heard earlier.
“Are you still going to act?”
Jiang Yi used his divine senses to sweep past them and discovered that they did not look like they were acting. The veins in their faces were sticking out of their skin. Jiang Yi’s eyes widened as he figured something out: the two of them had just consumed elixirs to boost their soul spirits. The effects of the elixirs must have worn off, leaving their soul spirits in especially weak states. That was why they were getting so affected by the sound of the zither.
“Jiang Yi, what are you doing?”
The Little Eagle King’s eyes glowed red and black. The sound from Jiang Yi’s zither was affecting him as well. However, Jiang Yi could not stop playing. Instead, he sent a voice transmission to him, saying: “Little Eagle King, I came here to kill these two people. I’ve already killed so many people. It doesn’t matter if I kill the two of them as well. You will get in trouble if you make any moves.”
“Sword Emanations King, now!”
Jiang Yi roared. The Sword Emanations King charged towards the two of them with overwhelming killing intent. The Little Eagle King had already found out that You Tianni was now a God Thearch equivalent. You Tianni had cultivated the Divine Yang Heaven-Splitting Technique as well. Thus, he nodded and said nothing. Slowly, he could not even say anything even if he wanted to. His eyes became bloodshot as the sound of the zither continued to attack him.
Ring, ring, ring, ring…!
The Sword Emanations King charged towards the two of them, its sword-like arms striking towards them like a rain of swords. What’s more, it attacked both of them at the same time and aimed straight for their heads. It was determined to cut them both into a million pieces. They both donned supreme-grade battle armor. Although the Sword Emanations King’s blades were sharp, they could not pierce through these battle armors.
“Ah, Ah!”
They both got attacked hundreds of times each in the head. The pain was so excruciating that, for a brief moment, they regained consciousness. Unfortunately, Jiang Yi did not stop playing the guqin. Neither of them had the energy to retaliate. Ren Tianfan roared, “Jiang Yi, stop! If you dare to kill us—even if you run to the ends of the earth, Heavenly King will not let you off.”
“Jiang Yi, you cannot kill me! I’ve already sent a voice transmission to Grandfather. He will be here at once. If you kill me, you will not be able to turn back anymore…” You Tianni shouted as well.
The only response that they got was the Sword Emanations King’s ruthless attacks. Their heads were both severely wounded. If the Sword Emanations King dealt a hundred more blows to them, they would die for sure.
You Tianni’s entire body stiffened. This time, he could really smell death. His eyes filled with panic as he screamed, “Jiang Yi, I was in the wrong! Don’t kill me! As long as you don’t kill me, I can give you anything you want. I can be your slave, and I can give you my soul seed! With me as your hostage, my grandfather will not dare to do anything to you. He will not dare to hunt you down.”
“I don’t need it!”
Jiang Yi replied coolly. The Sword Emanations King’s arms turned into phantoms. In a single second, it could deal hundreds of blows. You Tianni cried out in excruciating pain. His head was shattered. His supreme-grade battle armor and interspatial ring automatically separated from his body and floated in midair. Even so, his skull continued to be diced into pieces by the Sword Emanations King’s swords.
“Ah, Jiang Yi, even if I turn into a ghost, I will not let you off.”
At last, Ren Tianfan spat out a curse before he perished as well. Jiang Yi finally stopped playing the zither. The Little Eagle King was finally able to see clearly again. He took several glances at the two corpses, whose skulls were reduced to pieces. Laughing mirthlessly, he said, “When trouble befalls you from Heaven, there is still hope of avoidance; but when you ask for it, there is no hope of survival!”
Jiang Yi walked over and retrieved the two interspatial rings and supreme-grade battle equipment with his hands. Then, he turned to the Little Eagle King and said, “Shall we split this equally?”
“You can keep them. I don’t care about these things.”
The Little Eagle King waved his hand. Frowning, he said, “D*mn it, You Tianni was actually able to find this place. This means that the Divine Yang Race knows about this place. Jiang Yi, if you hide here, they will find you for sure…”
Jiang Yi’s expression darkened. If he could not hide here, where else could he go? Was he supposed to let the Little Eagle King bring him to the Purgatory Mystic Realm?
The problem was… the Purgatory Mystic Realm was not safe either. At that moment, many formidable martial artists were probably headed in that direction, thinking that he would go back there. Ordinary martial artists would be manageable, but King-Ranked martial artists were too strong. They could easily enter the Purgatory Mystic Realm and find him.
What’s more, the Little Eagle King already had to return to the Purgatory Mystic Realm now and then return and face Heavenly King You’s wrath. He had already helped Jiang Yi so much. How could Jiang Yi continue troubling him?
“Oh, right!”
Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up. He gritted his teeth and turned to the Little Eagle King, frowning. “Little Eagle King, bring me to the Lava Wasteland. I’ll be safe if I hide there for sure.”
“Lava Wasteland?” The Little Eagle King’s eyes widened in shock. He asked, “Are you crazy? Is that place suitable for humans?”
“I am perfectly fine.” Jiang Yi grinned. “Don’t worry. I have a fire-resistant treasure. Those flames cannot hurt me.”
The Little Eagle King answered confidently. “I read before that a formidable martial artist from our clan brought a fire-resistant treasure there to investigate the place before, to see if he could retrieve any spirit herbs. In the end, he could not even get within fifty kilometers of the place. How strong is your fire-resistant treasure? Can it beat our clan’s?”
Jiang Yi’s eyes glinted. He was not sure either. How rich was the Ink Feather Race? If their strongest fire-resistant treasure could not allow them to get close to the wasteland, would the Fire Spirit Pearl be able to withstand it?
“Let’s try!”
Jiang Yi pondered for a while and then said through gritted teeth. There was no other way out; he could only try his luck. If he could not enter the Lava Wasteland, he would have to sit there and wait to die.
“Very well then.”
Jiang Yi was so determined; the Little Eagle King had nothing more to say. More importantly, he had no better solution.
The Little Eagle King looked around and then quickly kept the corpses before leading Jiang Yi out of the mystic realm. As they flew, he explained, “When we get close to the Lava Wasteland later, you can fly over there on your own. I will bring these two corpses a bit further away to dispose of them, so that the soldiers on our trail can be lured away. That should buy you some time.”
Jiang Yi looked at the Little Eagle King, not bothering to say any more words of thanks. That would make him look pretentious. The two of them flew out of the Green Soul Mystic Realm together with the Sword Emanations King. Then, the Little Eagle King instructed, “Go as fast as you can to the Lava Wasteland.”
The three Ink Feather Race martial artists felt shocked and curious, but the Little Eagle King offered no further explanation. They had no choice but to follow his orders. They were not far away from the Lava Wasteland; it would only take them an hour to arrive there. Jiang Yi and the Little Eagle King looked around nervously, afraid that Heavenly King You and Heavenly King Wu would suddenly appear in front of them. If that happened, Jiang Yi would be dead meat.
Jiang Yi was extremely lucky. Heavenly King You and Heavenly King Wu may have taken a wrong turn or may have gone to the Purgatory Mystic Realm instead. Even as they approached the Lava Wasteland, they did not meet any of their enemies.
“Little Eagle King, I am going on my way. If I don’t die this time, I will treat you to good wine when I get back!”
Jiang Yi emerged from the Divine Boat and flew towards the red light in the distance. The Little Eagle King watched as Jiang Yi flew off, his figure getting smaller and smaller in the distance. At last, Jiang Yi was reduced to a black dot. He sighed and said, “Jiang Yi, if you don’t die this time, you would have proven that you’re good enough to become my brother-in-law. I will personally persuade Majesty Father to let my younger sister marry you. You must survive!”