Gamers of the Underworld
Chapter 45 - Announcement of Hidden Mission

Chapter 45: Announcement of Hidden Mission
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After reading the letter, Sherlock put it away and asked, “Bru, what do you think?”
“Lord Sherlock, I think this is a good thing,” Bru said. “For manpower, with the large number of gamers as our foundation, our Dungeon’s development is faster than most Dungeons. If I could level up in the future, then I could recruit more gamers. For special talents like Blacksmiths and Carpenters, we can recruit from Winterfell. Talents in the production of Magical Items, Alchemy, Enchantments, and Precious Stones are not easy to find. It might be a good idea to take a look at the Dungeon Lords’ Conference for Experience Sharing.
Sherlock said, “There are also loan and mortgage services that are worth a look.”
“Since Lord Sherlock has decided to attend the conference, you will need a new suit to represent our Dungeon.”
Sherlock looked at his own clothes, and they were indeed old.
“And we need a wild Beetlemon as Lord Sherlock can’t possibly walk to Winterfell. We also need three presentable servants. If Lord Sherlock wishes to gain financial assistance, I feel that we have to be presentable and look progressive.”
Bru’s suggestion was good. Sherlock had more than 4000 Magic Stones, so buying a nice suit wasn’t a problem. Buying a Beetlemon was difficult, but it could be rented. The most difficult task was to find the three presentable servants.
If he didn’t bring along servants, he would look bad. When going on a trip, he would need servants to help him carry his suitcase, get a pen for him if he needed to sign a contract, polish his shoes when they were dusty, and carry his trousers while he visited the bathroom.
He could be nonchalant while in the Dungeon, but when he was on a trip, he had to take note of these details in case other creatures mistook him for a pauper who wouldn’t be welcomed anywhere.
As for the three presentable servants, he had Blacksmith Simba, Carpenter Mufasa, and Skills Trainer Moroes, but Sherlock didn’t believe that they had a lot of experience or exposure.
The name of the conference was awe-inspiring and indicated a grand event in which there would be rich creatures throwing parties and such. His three servants would be dumbstruck, so Sherlock was doubtful that they could be presentable.
The fearless gamers who would do anything to complete their missions might not be a bad idea.
Sherlock decided to choose three servants from the gamers. After five days, the gamers with the three highest Reputation Points would accompany him to the conference. Of course, they would be bound by a mission during the trip to prevent the curious gamers from wandering around.
Choosing the top three gamers was to encourage them to work harder so that Eternal Kingdom would be one step closer to his grand vision.
Sherlock created a new mission to recruit the three servants on the official website and discussion forum, and Bru announced a full-service mission notice:
[Hidden Mission: Winterfell Dungeon Lords’ Experience Sharing Conference
After Eternal Kingdom defeated the notorious leader of the Houndhead Men, Cramer, we caught the attention of Winterfell. Winterfell cordially invited Lord Sherlock to the Winterfell Dungeon Lords’ Experience Sharing Conference that will commence in five days.
Mission Objective: Lord Sherlock will choose the gamers with the top three Reputation Points as servants who will accompany Lord Sherlock and serve him at all times. Please note that the selected gamers will represent Eternal Kingdom and should exhibit a good servant’s behavior.
Mission Restriction: Gamers in the mission should not leave Lord Sherlock or talk loudly or touch other objects indiscriminately. Otherwise, the reward will be forfeited. Other restrictions apply according to what Lord Sherlock indicates.
Reward: The selected gamers will receive free Tuxedos. After successful completion of the mission, each gamer will receive three silver coins and 3000 Reputation Points.]
After Sherlock posted the new mission on the discussion forum, his post dominated the front page again. The online gamers worked even harder in the Dungeon.
Sherlock wasn’t in a hurry to buy his new suit and rent his Beetlemon. He would go shopping with the selected gamers on the fifth day.
For now, he browsed the discussion forum and enjoyed the praise heaped on his Dungeon.
[A Bum With No Feelings: The world view exposition? Winterfell is mentioned again, and there are other Dungeons? Interesting, will there be more starting points?]
[3000 Feet Waterfall: Will there be Player Versus Player elements? If only there are such elements. For the tribe!]
[I’m not an H-cup Loli: For the Alliance!]
[Chiffon Prattle: For Noko! (ฅ’ω’ ฅ)]
[Su NianMo: I only care about when there will be new races, and when the Second Beta is.]
[Pure Feelings By The Breeze: When are they starting the new races?]
[An Otaku: Are they opening up the attacking of Dungeons? It would be a waste not to attack Dungeons. I’m okay with attacking either NPCs or gamers.]
[Blue White: Why are you so impatient? It’s now in Beta Testing. The producers are serious and sincere. The designer is a genius. The game will definitely have such features! On account of my bootlicking, can I be awarded the Beta Gamer status? ≖‿≖✧ ]
[Peasant: Who is the bootlicker above? Singing praises of this lousy game design? Because of the brainless design, my hard-earned money is gone, and my liver is hardening! With the current hidden mission, I have to work my liver extra hard! If not for the immersive experience, the dramatic setbacks, and the ultra-realism, I would have destroyed the gaming capsule. End of story. I am going to carry more bricks…]
[Electric Train: When is the Open Beta? I am looking forward to playing it! I feel like dying every day I go without playing it. I could also observe the previous Beta Gamer.]
[Eulogy: Observing Beta Gamers.]
After Sherlock browsed the comments in the forum, which were mostly people pleading to join the Beta Testing, he was very pleased. His Dungeon was popular, and the reputation was very good in the otherworld.
Closing his announcement post, Sherlock skimmed other superficial topics on the forum, such as [Sherlie’s Photobook], [Dungeon’s new Control Point], and [Blacksmith Simba x Carpenter Mufasa], which he wasn’t interested in. As for [Lord Sherlock is handsome], [Analysis of Lord Sherlock’s behavior today], and [When is information on Lord Sherlock’s game tidbits shown?], he was pleased to see them.
When Sherlock saw [Some Eternal Kingdom designs look like German company Realmforge Studios “Dungeon” series!], he asked curiously, “Bru, what is the ‘Dungeon’ series in the otherworld?”
“Why is Lord Sherlock suddenly interested in the otherworld’s games?” Bru asked, puzzled.
“I’m curious why the otherworld’s Dungeon looks similar to Eternal Kingdom. I feel I should investigate,” Sherlock said.
“Please wait a while,” Bru said, and Sherlock saw a QQ whirlwind software opening up on the computer and downloading a compressed file “‘Dungeon’ series game compressed pack, unlock code: 4396.”
The download was fast, and before long, it was completed. With Bru’s help, Sherlock decompressed the file, installed it, and started the game…