Gamers of the Underworld
Chapter 49 - Novice Group Commerce Discussion

Chapter 49: Novice Group Commerce Discussion
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According to the conference rules, Sherlock could only bring three servants. As the Sludge Monster was one of the workers, he wasn’t considered Sherlock’s servant.
“For the past few years, the development of the Dungeons was on afterburners, and an increasing number of Devils purchased Dungeons to start their enterprise. You are being categorized in the Novice Group, but it’s not because of your low-status Dungeon, poor location, or lack of resources. It’s because of the large number of Dungeon Lords. With Lord Sherlock’s status and capability, you could be in the Veteran Group Commerce Discussion!”
The butler put a convenient pen into his body and said, “The following is a note left by the Baron for Lord Sherlock. He also meticulously selected the required buildings and special talents for the initial development of Eternal Kingdom. This is the Veteran Group listing.”
The butler spat out a piece of paper filled with words and handed the sticky paper to Sherlock.
Sherlock took the sticky paper and perused it.
“[Veteran Group Commerce Discussion Area]
Underground Forest Planting Area, 10,000 Magic Stones.
Magic Stone Ores Refinery, 10,000 Magic Stones.
Teleport Portal Reception Hall, 10,000 Magic Stones.
Magical Items Enchantment Platform, 10,000 Magic Stones.
Magical Beasts Research Center, 50,000 Magic Stones.
Underworld Creatures Improvement Research Center, 50,000 Magic Stones.
The Latest Complete Magical Skills Compendium for Underworld Creatures, 50,000 Magic Stones…”
“Lord Sherlock, let’s take a look at the materials for construction. We’ll begin from the Teleport Portal Exhibition Hall. They have the best Teleport Portal merchants in the northern Underworld. A functional Dungeon with a bright future has to have a good transportation system. Though there are numerous restrictions on the Teleport Portal, it’s the most efficient method for traveling before construction of the Rapid Transit. As for the Novice Group Commerce Discussion, we don’t need…” the butler said as he walked. When he turned his head, Sherlock and his three servants were gone.
“Lord Sherlock?” the lost and helpless butler asked in a timid voice.
While the butler was looking all over the place for Sherlock, he had taken his servants to the free afternoon tea area.
There were clay-roasted Spiders, fried clay cakes, clay buns with meatballs, clay hotpot, and the Underworld favorite clay-covered rice. Even the children nearby were craving and weeping for the food…
“Can we have these foods?”
Sylvanas looked at the delicacies and couldn’t hold herself back.
“Can I bring some back to sell? I haven’t seen these foods before. Is there a special BUFF after eating?”
“What’s there to eat? I feel we should examine things. This is a new scene! Whether we will be able to come here again is still a question mark. Have you played an RPG before?”
NotWearingPants extended his hand to grab the bottles and cans at the sides, but he was stopped by Arthur.
“Have you forgotten about the mission requirements? Less chatting and don’t touch anything. If I’m unable to complete this mission because of you, are you going to compensate me?”
“I’m just joking.” NotWearingPants smiled sheepishly. He decided not to touch the bottles after seeing Arthur’s serious face, and he apologized earnestly, “Sorry, rich Bro. I won’t do it again.”
Sherlock ignored the three gamers as they quieted down.
He wasn’t there for the free afternoon tea. Sherlock grabbed a Hades Tentacle Bread and a cup of thick, fragrant, and bloody chrysanthemum tea as he surveyed the area and found his spot.
[Dungeon Lord Experience Sharing Conference, Novice Group Commerce Area]
“Arthur, NotWearingPants, Sylvanas,” Sherlock shouted, causing the three gamers to perk up.
NotWearingPants took out a pen from his Tuxedo and showed it to Sherlock.
“Personal seal.”
Sylvanas took out the personal seal from her Tuxedo and showed it to Sherlock.
Arthur lifted up a small suitcase.
“Good, we are prepared. The next phase is an important time for Eternal Kingdom. Be on your toes. Show the dignity that a hero should have. The heroes that defeated the leader of the Houndhead Men, Cramer, and saved the world. Focus your attention. Do you understand?”
Sherlock did his final preparation and checked that his Magic Stone card had more than 3000 Magic Stones before he took them in.
“Amazing special price, the latest 100-year anniversary sale organized by the Blacksmith shop…”
“Do you want a good, affordable Carpenter with culinary skills? Look for us…”
“Easy to grow wild grass for healing injury? Wild grass is more than sufficient! You can even add in some wild grass for dinner…”
“Easy to learn exercises, even Goblins can practice their sphincter…”
“Do not be discouraged or disappointed. The latest enrichment book, “Dungeon Development for the Poor Soul”, is guaranteed to let you go from a beginner to a muddy end…”

Sherlock walked past a rundown corridor with the shops’ information counters. They were decorated with various promotional materials that were attractive and informative. Even the prices were suitable for Novices. However, there weren’t many creatures seeking information.
Only a few Devils and some Underworld creatures were seeking information, creatures like Liches and Vampires.
It was a pathetic Novice Group…
“According to the butler, weren’t we categorized in the Novice Group because there were too many Dungeons?” NotWearingPants was hinting that there weren’t many Dungeon Lords seeking commercial collaboration.
“Games are like this. They promoted that there were many creatures, but the actual turnout is pathetic. It’s normal,” Arthur replied, feeling that there was nothing strange about it.
“Weren’t we invited because we defeated Cramer? Will we be given a chance to give a speech?” Sylvanas asked.
As the gamers chatted among themselves, Sherlock found his commerce collaborators.
“Super low-interest loans for Novices. Pleasant to borrow, a heartache to repay.”
Sherlock tidied his collar. His dream was to build the greatest Dungeon. To depend on manpower alone wasn’t sufficient. He required a large amount of resources and convenient transportation to create a self-sufficient enterprise hub, perhaps even numerous Magical Talents. Did these resources not require lots of Magic Stones?
Like what he saw on the Veteran Group list, every item was Sherlock’s goal!
He intended to obtain a loan of 1,800,000 Magic Stones first.
Before he grasped the door handle, the door opened, and a Devil that looked like a fly was dragged out.
“Wait, wait for a while! I know my Dungeon is three days’ journey from the Surface and is a bit close. My Dungeon only has a small Magic Stone Ore vein and a tiny forest resource. Can I mortgage a few of my Goblins too? Three thousand Magic Stones is too little! I would like to purchase the items in the Veteran Group collaboration listing! Hello! Listen to me!”
The Devil was dragged into the distance.
“How can I help you? Obtaining a loan?” a pale Vampire walked out from the Loan Office, looked at Sherlock, and asked politely.
“I’m passing by,” Sherlock replied casually and placed his hands behind his back as he left.
“Gosh, I thought Sherlie was going to obtain a loan. I prepared a screenshot,” NotWearingPants said helplessly.
“How could that be? The Dungeon Lord obtaining a loan in front of the gamers? That game plot is too loose,” Sylvanas said in a joking manner.
Arthur kept quiet as he followed Sherlock and looked around.
Sherlock wasn’t bothered by the idle chat of his gamers. He had to think of a way to obtain the money. His dream of borrowing 1,800,000 Magic Stones was dashed.
If he couldn’t borrow the money, how was he going to earn money? Gambling perhaps?
No, no, no. Devils wouldn’t dabble in gambling. Though he had the intention to let his gamers compete in the Gladiator Arena to earn money, he had to strengthen their bodies before they could obtain the championship.
Sherlock was in a dilemma. He wanted to find investors to fleece, but after running around, he found that there was no investment section. He felt terrible.
Just as Sherlock thought he was going home empty-handed, he unwittingly arrived at a room with the words Special Talent Recruitment Center.
He frowned and wanted to leave immediately.
He saw the Sludge Monster with the wet Tuxedo walking towards him and shouting, “Lord Sherlock! Where are you? I processed the Teleport Portal Reception Hall agreement for you. There is a 20% discount, and it will only cost 8000 Magic Stones! Lord Sherlock!”
Lord Sherlock was about to turn around when the door of the Special Talent Recruitment Center opened, and a Succubus walked out. The Succubus looked at Sherlock and was stunned.
Sherlock was also taken aback.
Both of them gazed at each other.
To the three gamers, it was like the eight o’clock prime time idol drama chance meeting of the male and female protagonists—the kind with glittering stars around the picture frame.
NotWearingPants winked at Arthur and whispered, “I thought this was a realistic horror online game by Cthulhu. I didn’t expect it to have comedic love elements. Look at the Succubus’ gaze at Sherlie. Isn’t it love at first sight? Though it’s old fashioned, it would make the NPC popular. Do you believe that if I posted this picture on the forum, it would create another sensation?”
Before Arthur replied, the Succubus grabbed Sherlock’s cloak and cried, “Pay, pay… ooO!”
The Succubus didn’t manage to complete her sentence. Her mouth was covered by Sherlock as he shoved her into the house. Sherlock said to the servants, “Wait for me outside.” Then, the door was shut, and the three gamers were left outside, looking at each other.
“What’s that?” Sylvanas hadn’t recovered herself.
“RA(18) restricted scene… I think.” NotWearingPants was puzzled.
“Do we wait? Perhaps there’s a hidden plot or mission?” Arthur frowned as he looked around.