Gamers of the Underworld
Chapter 569 - The Nobles Are Uniting Together

Chapter 569: The Nobles Are Uniting Together
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In a brightly lit room, a group of Nobles gathered around a burning fireplace. They looked solemn and were garbed in their armor while they held their weapons. They looked like they had just returned from the battlefield or were going to battle.
“We can’t let the Victorians behave unscrupulously!”
A Noble stood out as he held onto the hilt of his sword.
“That’s right! Those brutish Victorians create destruction wherever they go! I thought they were cultured, so I accepted their marriage proposals, but they were conspiring to usurp our territories!”
Another Noble shouted furiously, and the other Nobles nodded in agreement. An elder whose eyes were red said, “The Victorians killed four of my sons!”
He was an elderly Baron. After his daughter married an Elf, his sons met with consecutive accidents. After some investigation, it was found out that the Elven son-in-law had caused the mishaps.
The other Nobles encountered similar problems.
The Victorians were the plague of the Nobles. Wherever they went, the Nobles either escaped or were captured by them. If the Nobles surrendered their territories and treasure, they would be spared from the death sentence. If the Nobles resisted with force, they would perish.
When the Nobles who were at the edges of Victoria Forest heard that the Victorians were coming, they would flee. They were unable to coordinate an effective attack or defense.
Some Nobles reported the incidents to their King, but it would take the King one or two months to organize an army. If the reinforcements would only arrive one or two months later, it would be better for the Nobles to pack their luggage and leave.
The Nobles were gathered to discuss plans on how to deal with the Victorians.
They couldn’t stand the unscrupulous Victorians who usurped their territories. However, they were no match for the Victorians if they were to fight against them alone. When the countless Humans, Elves, and Fairies charged towards the Nobles, they would lose the courage to fight.
They had to unite and coordinate an effective counterattack and defensive line. They had to survive until the King’s reinforcement arrived.
The Victorians weren’t aware of the impending danger. They didn’t know that their unscrupulous behavior had angered the nearby Nobles.
They treated it like a game. Even if the Nobles coordinated a large scale attack, the gamers would treat it as an attack from the Nobles. They wouldn’t think that they were the cause of the attack.
They were all conspiracies developed in the program code.
While Victoria City was usurping territories to distribute to the gamers, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom were still fighting hard to get their first free territory.
Though Victoria City had unlimited territories, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom could obtain limited Purple Legendary equipment when they fought against the Hades Devil army. If they could defeat the Hades Devil army, they could obtain enough equipment to arm ten rich gamers.
However, it was extremely difficult to kill a single Hades Devil.
The Devils had a strong constitution and were masters of combat techniques.
The gamers were unable to fight against the Devils using their Mana Skills, Bladder Bombs, and combat techniques. The only effective weapons that could harm the Devils were the limited Magic Cannons.
The Devils were able to counterattack while the Magic Cannons were being charged. The only way to defeat the Devils was to use enough troops to bog them down before using the Magic Cannons on both the Devils and friendlies.
It wasn’t a huge problem for large Guilds since they could afford the cannon fodder and a Magic Cannon.
To the unaffiliated gamers, it was too difficult.
When a Guild targeted a Devil, the Guild members would bog down the Devil before bombarding it with the Magic Cannon. With the help of escorting Guild members, they salvaged the damaged equipment of the Devils.
Though the pieces of equipment were damaged, they could be used after reforging.
General Chocolate observed the actions of the warriors of Eternal Kingdom.
Chocolate sustained serious injuries.
He thought that the Gnomes, Orcs, and Goblins weren’t his match.
But he underestimated the power of the large Guilds.
They weren’t as rich as Sherlock, but compared to the Dungeon Lord, they had a strong desire to obtain quality equipment. They were also very generous.
The Guilds were able to recruit about 5,000 members each after the Open Beta Testing. After some period of accumulation, they were able to gather large sums of Magic Stones.
The Magic Stones weren’t enough to buy a Magic Cannon.
But a Magic Cannon could be rented.
The cannons weren’t rented from the Merchant Alliance, as the organization was unlikely to provide powerful weapons to the gamers.
It was a different case for Eternal Kingdom. If Sherlock was paid, he was willing to rent out anything.
Sherlock didn’t even mind lending out Brainiac for a fee.
Of course, the gamers were unable to pay for Brainiac’s services even though it would be wonderful to have healing and revival on the battlefield.
Chocolate felt that he couldn’t take the damage. After being bombarded three times by the gamers’ Magic Cannon, he retreated.
Times were different now. Previously, it was sufficient to use brute force, a strong constitution, and Mana to oppress the lowly Underworld creatures.
After the advancement of Mana Technology, these lowly Underworld creatures were able to use Magic Cannons against the Devils. Even superior Devils had to show some respect to the cannons.
Nobody wanted to be bombarded by Magic Cannons, even the Seven Devil Kings.
Things looked dire. The Hades Devil army was trapped at the construction site for ten days. It was then that Chocolate saw a chance to turn the tide.