Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss
Chapter 2697 - Unwilling (2)

Chapter 2697: Unwilling (2)
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“Let’s continue to observe.” Zheng Weilong couldn’t be sure in that instant.
“Miss doesn’t plan to tell Ruan Zhongshan about this?” Ah Da looked at Zheng Weilong. The reason why the Lord of Discerning Moon City sent Zheng Weilong to Long Xuan City was very clear. He intended to betroth Zheng Weilong to Ruan Zhongshan to win over Long Xuan City.
Discerning Moon City was not in a low position among the 72 cities, but Zheng Weilong’s father schemed for more than that. Several ladies of Discerning Moon City have been arranged to be sent to other cities, although not yet. The news had yet to be completely released, but at the present moment, the intent was clear.
Zheng Weilong looked at Ah Da and sneered suddenly.
“How can I not understand the meaning of my father, but Ah Da, I am not willing! I won’t resign to it! I, Zheng Weilong have no spiritual power, and I am a waste in everyone’s eyes. The influence of Long Xuan City is not essential to Discerning Moon City. But still, my father has sent me here. Obviously to him, the value of my usefulness is pitiful. I don’t like father or Ruan Zhongshan. I don’t want to be a waste forever. This time, maybe this is an opportunity. Ah Da, I want to take a gamble.”
Zheng Weilong unleashed these things that had been buried in her heart for a long time, and only to Ah Da, she dared to say these things.
She, Zheng Weilong, had asked herself, apart from spiritual power, she was not lacking in other areas when compared to others. But, in a place like the Upper Realm where the weak were prey to the strong, she was not even given a chance to prove herself.
She was a pawn, an almost discarded pawn …
Ah Da fell into silence, watching a rare show of Zheng Weilong’s discontent, he was left speechless. He had watched Zheng Weilong grow up. He knew Zheng Weilong’s intelligence and wisdom better than anyone else. If Zheng Weilong was given some opportunities, she would have displayed greater use and purpose, but unfortunately, no one gave her this opportunity … she had no right to say no …
“Ah Da is willing to lay down the ground for Miss. As long as Miss orders it, Ah Da will do my best to complete it!” Ah Da knelt on one knee and showed great loyalty to Zheng Weilong.
Zheng Weilong nodded, took a deep breath, and she felt a strange feeling lingering in her heart. This time, she had a hunch that she was right in coming to Sea Spirit City!
Once the master and servant had finished talking, a figure quietly left the house’s courtyard. Ah Da and Zheng Weilong did not realise that their conversation was clearly heard by someone else.
The spy from Night Regime returned to the City Lord’s manor, and told Jun Wu Xie everything he heard.
Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows slightly, as she did not expect that there was such an interesting “guest” in the Sea Spirit City.
“The Young Miss of Discerning Moon City, this is interesting.” Jun Wu Xie glanced down slightly, stroking the soft fur of Little Black. Zheng Weilong’s cleverness caught her attention, but Jun Xu Xie was more interested in the discontent of Zheng Weilong.
A discarded chess piece, abandoned by the world, may have unexpected power.
“What are you thinking of?” Jun Wu Yao sat with one hand supporting his chin as he looked at Jun Wu Xie’s subtle expression, and he already knew that his wife had thought of something extraordinary.
“I’m not sure yet, for now, let’s have someone continue to watch them. We should resolve this issue with Long Xuan City first.” Jun Wu Xie wanted to see if Zheng Weilong had any value in cooperation.