Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss
Chapter 2698 - Unwilling (3)

Chapter 2698:Unwilling (3)
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Speaking of which, Ruan Zhongshan immediately returned to the camp where Long Xuan City’s army was stationed, after leaving Sea Spirit City. The 20,000 soldiers from Long Xuan City were already aggressive.
Ruan Zhongshan returned to the camp commander filled with anger, and as soon as he was seated, he smashed a tea cup on the table.
“Ignorant fool!” Ruan Zhongshan cursed, frowning angrily.
Xu Zu carefully stood aside as he saw Ruan Zhongshan’s anger, but in his heart he was ecstatic.
Jun Wu Xie had annoyed Ruan Zhongshan this time, she not only refuted Ruan Zhongshan, but even directly challenged the dignity of Ruan Zhongshan, and he simply couldn’t bear it.
At this moment, Jun Wu Xie was as good as dead!
“Please be appeased my Lord. Why do you care about such an ignorant brat? I don’t think he is a capable lord; he thinks that he can rest easy after securing Sea Spirit City. What he doesn’t know is that there will always be someone better than him. Since he doesn’t know how to appreciate my Lord, then my Lord need not be polite with him. Sea Spirit City is so close to our Long Xuan City, it should have been placed in the sphere of influence our city long ago. Let’s sort them out this time; not only will we obtain the prescription, we will also be able to control the resources of the Sea Spirit City. Isn’t this great?” Xu Zu couldn’t wait for Jun Wu Xie to receive a tragic end, and thus he continued to fan the flames of Ruan Zhongshan’s anger.
“Hmph! A waste like him, I can crush him with one hand. What you said makes sense. He is shameless. Since the Sea Spirit City Lord doesn’t want to do it, then he should be a quiet as a dead person. I want the formula, and I want Sea Spirit City too! “Ruan Zhongshan narrowed his eyes, alight with greed.
To formulate the elixir, a large number of Sea Spirit Beasts were needed. If one owns the Sea Spirit City, then one could refine the elixir in large quantities, which was more convenient than seeking the cooperation of the Sea Spirit City. Much more…
“Yes, yes, yes, these things should belong to you, my Lord.” Xu Zu nodded again and again.
“Immediately pass my order, the army is to be ready to slaughter the Sea Spirit City with me tomorrow morning!” Ruan Zhongshan sneered. He had given Jun Wu Xie a choice. Since she wanted to die, he would fulfil her wish!
“I will do it now!” Xu Zu didn’t say anything more, as he immediately went to convey Ruan Zhongshan’s order.
The soldiers of Long Xuan City were soon ready to fight. However, this battle did not cause any trace of tension in them. In the minds of all Long Xuan City soldiers, Sea Spirit City was weak. If they wanted to capture the Sea Spirit City, for them, it was easy as flipping a hand.
In the early morning of the next day, when the first rays of sunlight fell on the Sea Spirit City, dissipating the darkness and bringing light, Ruan Zhongshan was already seated on a high-headed horse, dressed in heavy armour. The Long Xuan City soldiers advanced towards the Sea Spirit City!
The whole battalion rushed forward, and it didn’t take long for the 20,000 troops to reach the Sea Spirit City.
Ruan Zhongshan stood at the forefront of the battalion, the killing intent boiling over as he looked at the peaceful Sea Spirit City.
After today, those three words “Sea Spirit City” will forever disappear from the Upper Realm. From then on, this land will belong to Long Xuan City and to him!
Thinking of this, Ruan Zhongshan couldn’t help raising his chin and called out with an extremely arrogant voice:
“Yan Hai! You little bastard, come and receive your death from me!”