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Chapter 2699 - Who is Getting Hit in The Face? (1)

Chapter 2699: Who is Getting Hit in The Face? (1)
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Ruan Zhongshan used his strong spiritual power to amplify his roar throughout Sea Spirit City.
Two shadows quietly hid in the forest outside the Sea Spirit City.
Zheng Weilong watched as Ruan Zhongshan stood arrogantly in front of his army, her gaze swept across the elite troops of Long Xuan City behind Ruan Zhongshan.
Ruan Zhongshan had made preparations for war while he was still in Long Xuan City, so the 20,000 men he brought were the bravest and apt in battle soldiers of Long Xuan City, and he was fully prepared when he left the city. Now as he stood just outside of Sea Spirit City, his manner imposing and turbulent, they looked ferocious and ready to slaughter.
“Although Long Xuan City’s army is not as good as Discerning Moon City’s army, it is still pretty good. Ah Da, did you find out if Sea Spirit City made any preparations from before?” Zheng Weilong whispered to Ah Da, who was beside her.
Ah Da shook his head.
“Sea Spirit City was normal yesterday, and I did not find any movement to gather the troops within the city.”
This was strange because just yesterday Ruan Zhongshan had uttered such harsh words in front of Jun Wu Xie. And because Jun Wu Xie was not a fool, she would know that Run Zhongshan was not joking this time. Since she let Ruan Zhongshan go, then she must have a certain confidence.
It stood to reason that yesterday was the last chance for Jun Wu Xie to prepare, but for a whole day, the Sea Spirit City was abnormally calm. The pedestrians on the street were natural and there was no sense of urgency to prepare for the war. Just this morning when Ah Da took Zheng Weilong out of the city to observe the war, there was still no army presence to be found in Sea Spirit City.
Zheng Weilong frowned slightly, as she now had no idea what Jun Wu Xie wanted to do. Long Xuan City’s army had already reached the gates of Sea Spirit City. Wasn’t Jun Wu Xie going to send her troops to defend the city?
Just as Zheng Weilong was in doubt, the gates of Sea Spirit City opened slowly, and the heavy, groaning sound was even more piercing in the silence of the morning. After the gates opened, a lanky figure slowly walked out of the city.
Sitting on his tall horse, Ruan Zhongshan squinted his eyes at the figure coming out of Sea Spirit City, and he laughed suddenly.
“Has the kid Yan Hai pissed himself in fear? That he even sent out a piece of garbage like you?” Ruan Zhongshan said sarcastically, as he looked at the man who came out of Sea Spirit City. That man was not a stranger, in fact that man had received them yesterday in the City Lord’s manor. The housekeeper!
Ye Sha wore a simple gray coat, his back against Sea Spirit City as he walked in front of the army of Long Xuan City. He was tall and strong, with grave and stern face; there was no longer a smile like yesterday. Even as he faced the 20,000 strong army alone, there was not the slightest hint of timidity and fear within his eyes. He stood proudly in the wind, letting the breeze lift the corner of his clothes.
When Xu Zu saw Ye Sha, he was stunned. He thought that no matter what a waste Jun Wu Xie was, she would have quickly gathered the troops to prepare for the enemy. But who would have thought that instead of soldiers walking out of the fates, it was the housekeeper?
“Is this all you’ve got, Yan Hai? Does he really think that by throwing his housekeeper out, he will be able to deal with my 20,000 strong troops?” Ruan Zhongshan sneered in disdain, and Sea Spirit City’s response seemed almost like a joke to him.
Ye Sha looked up slightly, and his cold, domineering gaze swept across the people from Long Xuan City.
“The City Lord has a message for you.” Ye Sha opened his mouth.
“Oh? Isn’t it too late to kneel and beg for mercy? Just yesterday, Yan Hai was still being arrogant.” Ruan Zhongshan sneered.