Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss
Chapter 3014 - Fast death 2

Chapter 3014 Fast death 2
Long Yao’s heart was stunned momentarily. Jun Wu Xie’s intention was already very obvious.
She was obviously talking about him encouraging the Top Ten Experts to challenge her.
In fact, Long Yao had always had a strong sense of enmity towards Jun Wu Xie. Other than the reason being that Jun Wu Xie’s existence had threatened his ambitions, another very important point was that Long Yao had witnessed Jun Wu Xie’s revenge on the Top Ten Experts and Bai Zhu.
Long Yao could not forget that bloody scene. There was always a fear in his heart telling him that Jun Wu Xie would exact her revenge one day.
And that day was finally here!
“Yan Hai, do you really want to be like this?” Long Yao narrowed his eyes, but involuntarily began to get nervous.
Jun Wu Xie looked at Long Yao indifferently. Her calm face had a pair of murderous and awe-inspiring eyes. The eyes, like the eyes of a demon, slowly swept over Long Yao’s facial features.
“Blood debt must be repaid with blood.”
Jun Wu Xie’s cold voice echoed in the alley, without a trace of temperature, revealing her murderous intention.
A drop of cold sweat oozed out from Long Yao’s forehead. An unprecedented fear leapt out of his heart. Even though Jun Wu Xie had not struck yet, the kind of suffocating oppression had already bore down on him.
Long Yao was very clear that he could not win over a Dual Spirit Ring. Otherwise, he would not privately use Su Ruiying’s hobbies to threaten her to kill Jun Wu Xie.
It’s a pity that all he did was too late.
How could Jun Wu Xie easily let him go?
“Yan Hai, you are about to be promoted to the Knight of Destruction. If you start to fight with me now, I’m afraid that His Lord won’t let you go easily.” Long Yao was afraid, he was extremely reluctant to admit that his heart really feared Jun Wu Xie. This fear caused Long Yao to mention His Lord involuntarily.
However, how could Long Yao know that Jun Wu Xie was determined to kill him and there was no escape for him at all?
Not to mention that he mentioned His Lord to threaten Jun Wu Xie. Even if His Lord was now standing in front of Jun Wu Xie, nothing could change her determination to kill him.
Jun Wu Xie just looked at Long Yao coldly, watching his almost ridiculous struggle. She raised her hands silently. The Dual Spirit Ring slowly rising above her hands foreshadowed Long Yao’s threat. His threat was a useless result.
“The Upper Realm have always respected the strong. If you died in my hands today, it would only mean that you are weak.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed slightly. In the Upper Realm, it had always been the rule that the strong prevailed over the weak. At this moment, she would realise it one by one.
Long Yao’s eyes widened. His first reaction was not to make any counterattack. Instead he turned around in an instant and rushed towards the place opposite Jun Wu Xie.
A cold glint flashed by her eyes as she turned into a cold streak of light and chased after him.
Long Yao had almost exhausted all his strength as he went all out. He only had one goal in his mind – his destination was Chi Yan’s house!
Among the Knights of Destruction, only Chi Yan could suppress Jun Wu Xie a little. And now Jun Wu Xie’s intent on killing him was so obvious. In addition to finding Chi Yan for help, Long Yao couldn’t think of any other chance to live at all.
Never in his wildest dreams would he ever have thought that he would be cornered into such an embarrassing situation one day.