Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
Chapter 2078 - Frame-up (5)

Chapter 2078: Frame-up (5)
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Qin Tianlao almost vomited a mouthful of blood. When did he attack her? He just learned that Cheng Gaoya came to Qin City. How could he attack her at that time?
“Guards, get her out of here!” Qin Tianlao pointed at Cheng Gaoya with a trembling finger. If the woman continued to stay here, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t do something impolite to her.
Two guards immediately came forward and were about to drag Cheng Gaoya out. Cheng Gaoya, seeing that the Qin Family refused to hand over Long Luo, flicked her sleeves hard and turned to leave without even looking at the Qin Family guards.
Looking at the receding figure of Cheng Gaoya, Qin Tianlao took a deep breath and his breath was a bit unstable. “How dare this woman! How dare this woman come alone to provoke us!”
“Father,” Qin Yuan pondered for a while and said, “don’t you think it’s strange?”
“What do you mean?” Qin Tianlao paused and fell silent.
“I think Cheng Gaoya came here as ordered by Master Cheng. Perhaps the Cheng Family has long been dissatisfied with us, so they found some pretext to provoke us.”
Qin Yuan frowned slightly. Thinking of this possibility, he looked even angrier.
“Yes!” Qin Tianlao was so infuriated earlier that he didn’t think of this. Now that he had calmed down he thought there must be something wrong. “Cheng Gaoya said I attacked her, but I didn’t do it! It must be a pretext of theirs!”
The more Qin Tianlao thought about it, the angrier he was. He gnashed his teeth, “I never expected that the Cheng Family would be so shameless!”
“Father, it won’t be long before the master of the Cheng Family comes to Qin City. We mustn’t let him in. Otherwise, we won’t know what problems will arise,” Qin Yuan looked up at him, “so we must keep him outside the city.”
This time, Qin Tianlao didn’t remain silent. He nodded, “Okay, do what you said. If we let him enter the city, he’ll definitely destroy our plan.”
Poor Master Cheng, when he came a long way to Qin City, he was refused to enter by the Qin Family. He was so angry that he immediately turned around and left Qin City. Cheng Gaoya also complained about how the Qin Family people mistreated her. After that, the two families turned hostile to each other…
In an inn, Yun Luofeng sat quietly at her table. Yun Xiao was quietly standing beside her, while Little Bug and Wuyan stood before them.
“Miss,” said Wuyan, looking at Yun Luofeng. Perhaps noticing her inquiring look, he said, “The woman we met today is actually… my half-sister, Cheng Gaoya.”
This time, he finally opened up and told Yun Luofeng about his story.
“And then?” Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and asked.
“My strength was sealed and I was banished to the Continent of No Return by Cheng Gaoya’s mother… ”
Yun Luofeng’s fingers lightly tapped the table, “That’s your family affairs. I won’t meddle in your affairs. If you want to take revenge, you can do it yourself. Now I just want you to do one thing for me! Find out where Lin Ruobai’s mother, Mu Qingfei is! Only after she is rescued can I begin to attack the Qin Family.”
“Leave it to me,” said Little Bug with a smile. “I’m good at finding people. I’ll soon find the person that you’re looking for.”