Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
Chapter 36: Unfathomable Depths

Chapter 36: Unfathomable Depths
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The old man was startled, his gaze unblinkingly focused on the young girl’s confident face, unable to return to reality for a long time.
What did she just say? Medicinal herbs that would allow her to cultivate? Was he having trouble with his hearing?
"Did you just say you can cultivate?"
He must have heard it wrong, surely he must have heard it wrong. How could this be possible! Even if those imperial doctors were willing to do so, it was still not certain that they could cure her body...
However, the old man was able to quickly verify his suspicion!
The young girl’s face still had that willful and bewitching smile, her eyes and eyebrows were projecting arrogance and confidence. Her body was clad in white clothes that gently fluttered in the breeze, and her fine black hair rippled like a waterfall, peerlessly youthful.
Nonetheless, the old man's attention was obviously not there...
Spiritual energy!
That was right, he could feel the presence of spiritual energy exuding from his beloved granddaughter.
"Low-rank early-level Spirit Cultivator?" He asked in disbelief. "Feng'er, can cultivate?"
"That's right," Feng Yun Luo nodded slightly. "I could start cultivating since yesterday, I just didn't have time to tell you. Now, do you still think these medicinal herbs are expensive?"
After three seconds of silence, a sound of mad laughter resonated through the entire Yun Estate.
This made the maidservants and guards in the Yun Estate even more terrified. They really could not figure out what their general was losing his mind over; he was raging one moment and laughing the next. Could it be he was going insane?
At present, Yun Luo, who was standing in the treasury and laughing heartily with his head thrown back, was entirely clueless that due to some people propagating today's story, it led the entire imperial city to question his sanity!
Moreover, it was Yun Luofeng, the trash, who had pushed him to the brink of madness!
Yun Luofeng did not speak and lazily leaned against the door frame, quietly waiting for this old man to be finished with his merriment.
Finally, the old man was able to restrain his laughter, yet his raised eyebrows still betrayed the excitement in his heart.
"Not expensive, not expensive at all. As long as you can cultivate, even if you made me sell the Yun Clan Estate, Grandfather would still immediately sell it to gather money for you—let alone 25 million taels. This won’t do, I need to go tell your Second Uncle this good news right away!"
"Speaking of Second Uncle…" Yun Luofeng briefly paused, "Grandfather, tonight you should make use of the dark to secretly send Second Uncle to the rear mountain. I will move to live there tomorrow as well. Also, there's someone I'd like to introduce to you."
From the beginning, Yun Luo had already seen the man standing behind Yun Luofeng. It was only because of his rage that he didn’t ask her yet. He knew in this instance though that this was the man whom his granddaughter wanted to introduce to him.
He had to say that this man was indeed a perfect specimen of a man. This face and figure were most definitely not inferior to that of Crown Prince His Highness, it even exceeded it by a huge margin!
"This is Yun Xiao, and he will be my personal bodyguard from now on."
"You're saying that this guy here is your chosen bodyguard?" Yun Luo was astonished.
Whether it was his looks or his aura, this man did not seem like a bodyguard at all! More importantly, even with his strength, Yun Luo still could not discern the level of strength of this man!
Upon reflection, either this man was a trash, who could not cultivate, or his strength had unfathomable depths!
Yun Luo leaned towards the latter possibility!
This man’s aura was too strong. How could a man with such a powerful aura be a trash?
"Feng'er, where did you abduct this fine man from?" Yun Luo asked and cast a meaningful look at Yun Luofeng.
Yun Luo saying "fine man" made the disgruntled Yun Xiao furrow his eyebrows in displeasure. If it was someone else who dared to humiliate him like this, they would have already been executed!
But he was Yun Luofeng’s grandfather!
And so, he had to endure!