Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
Chapter 37: Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid (1)

Chapter 37: Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid (1)
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An evil light glinted in Yun Luofeng's eyes. "I saved him once, so he came to pay a debt of gratitude."
She really did save him once, but she did not take a lot of trouble to treat him and just carelessly went through the motions. Who let this guy fall onto her at that time? If it were not for his spiritual entity constitution, she would not even think of saving him and would just let him fend for himself!
Yun Luo guffawed, "My granddaughter definitely has great abilities, not only did you get rid of your rubbish physique, but you also have brilliant medical skills! A few days ago, that Prime Minister Mu even claimed that no one will marry you in the future and that you can only be a mere concubine! I say it won’t be long before people who want to propose marriage will crowd the threshold of our estate!"
Prime Minister Mu?
Yun Xiao secretly noted the name with his features devoid of emotions, his expression remained cold as always.
"Right, Grandfather," Yun Luofeng extended her hand towards Yun Luo while smiling happily. "Do you have any money on you? For now, give me 1,000 taels."
Although Mu Shen was a son of the Prime Minister Estate, it would not be that easy for him to mobilize 50 million taels! Even the origin of the deposit that he had given her was unknown.
So if she waited for the remaining 45 million taels, she was afraid that it would take a few days.
"Cough, cough!" The old man almost choked on his own saliva. He subconsciously protected his chest in order to avoid a certain someone from snatching the sheet of banknote 1 in his clothes. "What do you think you're doing? This 1,000 taels is all that's left! Don’t ruin my last retirement money."
"Take it out." Yun Luofeng made a beckoning sign with her finger. "You have no use for this 1,000 taels. Lend it to me for the time being, and after a few days, I will help you fill your treasury to the brim."
"Are you speaking the truth?"
Despite the skepticism of the old man, he still hesitantly took the remaining sheet of banknote out of his clothes with trembling fingers. "Girl, I am warning you, this is all the money left of our General Estate. If, after a few days, you don't help me fill up the treasury, then I…I will cry for you!"
Looking at the old man’s aggrieved expression, Yun Luofeng’s forehead could not help but slightly twitch. She helplessly lifted her hand to accept the offered banknote and left the treasury under his tearful expression.
Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid could help the spirit cultivators to cultivate more conveniently.
Spirit cultivators only needed to soak in this Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid concoction, and it would allow them to breakthrough even more rapidly! Thousands of years ago, it was the most valuable treasure, and countless spirit cultivators yearned for it even in their dreams. However, this Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid had already gone extinct, and there were not many people on this continent who still knew its prescription.
Fortunately, Yun Luofeng possessed an encyclopedia, like Xiao Mo, so this Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid was not too difficult for her.
Unfortunately, at the moment, Yun Luofeng had not grown any spiritual herbs yet. A Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid concocted from normal medicinal herbs, its medicinal effect would be weakened manyfold.
Medical Pavilion
Countless numbers of pedestrians came in and out, extremely busy.
Yun Luofeng had just entered the Medical Pavilion’s door when the green-robed man who received her last time stepped up with a polite smile on his face. "Eldest Miss Yun, which medicinal herbs are you coming to buy this time?"
"Does the Medical Pavilion have these medicinal herbs?"
Yun Luofeng handed over the prescription in her hands.
The green-robed man accepted the prescription, gave it a scrutinizing glance, and said with a smile, "Eldest Miss Yun, the medicinal herbs you are buying this time are not very expensive, the total price is only 800 taels. So I made the decision that these medicinal herbs will be a gift for Miss Yun this time, and we won’t be accepting your money."
It had to be said that this Medical Pavilion really knew how to conduct business. Yun Luofeng spent 25 million taels at the Medical Pavilion last time, so even if the medicinal herbs this time were not charged, the Medical Pavilion still earned quite a lot and was able to win over customers simultaneously.