Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
Chapter 38: Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid (2)

Chapter 38: Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid (2)
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"Then, thank you." Yun Luofeng clenched the 1,000 tael banknote in her hand and suddenly asked, "That's right, does the Medical Pavilion accept medicinal liquids?"
"Medicinal liquids?"
The green-robed man was frozen for a moment. "That will depend on the type of medicinal liquid, and if the medicinal liquid’s effect is quite good, our Medical Pavilion will give a reasonable price."
Yun Luofeng slightly looked down.
This Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid—its medical effects should be considered quite good, right?
"Why? Does Miss Yun want to sell a medicinal liquid?" Though the green-robed man smiled politely, he was not taking it seriously.
Who did not know that the Yun Family's eldest miss was a trash? But at the moment, it was unknown how she unexpectedly became hooked on medical arts and even spent a large sum of money on it! Moreover, he had already heard that the General flew into a terrible rage at home today, and he reckoned the culprit was none other than this squanderer, Yun Luofeng.
Based on her status as a beginner in this field, what would be the use of her medicinal liquid?
"For the time being, I still don’t have this intention. However, if I want to sell medicinal liquid, I will come to your Medical Pavilion."
The other members of the Medical Pavilion had already carried over her medicinal herbs. After receiving them, under the contemplative gaze of the green-robed man, she turned around to leave, that tall figure slowly disappearing into the street...
Upon her return to the General Estate, Yun Luofeng went to the rear mountain, and after instructing that she was not to be disturbed by anyone, she entered the God Code Space.
Inside the God Code, Xiao Mo resentfully and pitifully stared at Yun Luofeng, that aggrieved expression appeared as though he wanted to cry.
"Master, you haven’t visited me in a long time! Also, when will you eat that fine man?"
Yun Luofeng cast him a sidelong glance. "Come and help me, I want to plant the medicinal herbs that I obtained last time in this medicinal field. Ah, something's not quite right, why do I feel like this medicinal field appeared to have expanded its size?"
These medicinal herbs were from the first time that Yun Luofeng went to purchase medicinal herbs from the Medical Pavilion. These complementary herbs were given to her by the Medical Pavilion. As a result of her being busy, it was just now that she found the time to plant them.
"Master, now that you have successfully become a spirit cultivator, the medicinal field expanded its circumference. As your strength grows stronger and stronger, the area of this medicinal field will also grow bigger." Xiao Mo curled his lips. "Furthermore, the medicinal herbs that you got last time is only the most common type of herbal ingredients for slowly treating an injury. For this type of medicinal herbs, you only need ten days to turn them into spiritual herbs!"
"Didn’t you say before that it would take at least three months to turn medicinal herbs into spiritual herbs?"
"Foolish Master!" Xiao Mo almost jumped up—resenting her for failing to meet his expectation and impatient to see improvement—he stated, "What I spoke of last time was the herbal ingredients for the medicinal bath! Those medicinal herbs are still somewhat valuable, and growing them to become spiritual herbs will definitely require three months, maybe even more than that. The medicinal herbs in your hands are nothing, so you can harvest them within ten days!"
Yun Luofeng suddenly realized that she misunderstood Xiao Mo’s meaning from before.
"Help me get a shovel, I will start planting these herbs. We will use these medicinal herbs to test the impressiveness of this medicinal field!" Yun Luofeng took one herb from the ground, and then turned around to look at Xiao Mo and gave an order.
Xiao Mo harrumphed and then took the shovel and eagerly walked in front of Yun Luofeng. He then helped the young girl plant the medicinal herbs in the field.
It was already late when Yun Luofeng left the God Code Space. Since she gave an order to not be disturbed by anyone, until now, no one came to this part of the mountain to disturb her.
Then she made her way towards the kitchen.
The herbs were already grown, so it was now the right time to start making the Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid!