Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
Chapter 45: Causing a Commotion in the Entire City (3)

Chapter 45: Causing a Commotion in the Entire City (3)
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"Yes, Elder Rong."
After saying these words, Fang Ya withdrew.
Inside the main hall of the Medical Pavilion, Yun Luofeng, who was currently anxiously waiting, saw Fang Ya quickly approaching. After seeing the gleam of excitement on the other person's face, she knew this business transaction was a success!
"Little sister," Fang Ya took a deep breath and walked towards Yun Luofeng, "your Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid has already been confirmed by Elder Rong, our Medical Pavilion will buy it for 10 million taels."
10 million taels?
Yun Luofeng was stunned.
The Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid that only took 800 taels to produce could actually be sold for 10 million taels? This money was too easy to earn.
Fang Ya saw her expression and thought she was not satisfied with this price. With a bit of anxiousness in her heart, she said, "Little sister, our Medical Pavilion offered a very reasonable price, but I'll also come clean with you: once our Medical Pavilion obtains this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, we will double the price to sell it to others! However, this type of business is what our Medical Pavilion is engaged in, and we make a profit from the price difference."
Yun Luofeng regained her wits and smiled wickedly. "I thought it was easy for me to make money, I didn't expect that your Medical Pavilion is even darker."
Fang Ya's face reddened. Although this sentence was the truth, having been told like this by someone, she would still feel some embarrassment in her heart.
However, Yun Luofeng didn't make things more difficult for her. After all, if she wanted to sell this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, she could only do it through Medical Pavilion's route! Otherwise, she would face the danger of her identity being exposed.
"Little sister, from now on, if you have any more Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, you can continue to come to my Medical Pavilion to sell it, I will give you an even more reasonable price." Fang Ya winked at Yun Luofeng, "Now does little sister happen to be free, go out to have dinner with big sister?"
A doctor who could take out a Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, she must befriend no matter what.
"I don't have time."
Yun Luofeng snatched the bank notes from Fang Ya's hands and turned around to depart after leaving behind this sentence.
Watching the silhouette of her retreating back, Fang Ya smiled helplessly. "What a domineering little sister, if this type of people belonged to my Medical Pavilion, then my Medical Pavilion's strength will become even more formidable."
Having said that, Fang Ya decided to head towards the inner court, but at this point, her footsteps abruptly halted, and her beautiful eyes widened while looking at one of the questions on the problem-solving wall...
"Who answered this question?"
This question was the extremely difficult problem that Elder Rong found earlier for the purpose of baiting the person who resolved the man luo flower poison problem. Therefore, these few days, Fang Ya had been paying attention to this problem, but she did not think that the one time that she left for not too long, the question would have already been answered by someone.
Hearing Fang Ya's words, one of the servants in the Medical Pavilion responded with one sentence: "Fang Ya daren, the problem was answered by that veiled girl whom you just received."
This servant's position in the Medical Pavilion was not high, so she naturally did not know the importance of this matter. Thus, even though she noticed Yun Luofeng answered the problem, she did not promptly tell Fang Ya.
Fang Ya's body shook once, her heart endlessly regretting even more. If she knew it would be like this earlier, she would have kept that little girl here earlier.
Now, in this vast sea of people, where was she supposed to find that person?
The efficiency of Medical Pavilion's handling of affairs was extremely high. Within a day, the matter about the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was already spread throughout the entire city's big streets and small alleys, causing a commotion in the entire imperial city of Long Yuan Kingdom!
Crown Prince Estate.
Inside the courtyard, the sound of zither sweetly lingered.
Gao Ling intently watched that absolutely stunning girl play the zither, his gaze containing boundless gentleness. That type of gentleness was something that he would never have when he faced Yun Luofeng. Towards Yun Luofeng, he only had revulsion.