Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
Chapter 46: Causing a Commotion in the Entire City (4)

Chapter 46: Causing a Commotion in the Entire City (4)
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One song ended.
Mu Wushuang stopped her hands' movements. Her tender-hearted eyes gazed at that man, who was focused on her, with lowered brows and a light smile, "Crown Prince Your Highness, are you aware of Long Yuan Kingdom's recent incident?"
"Are you referring to the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid?"
Gao Ling was well aware of the meaning behind Mu Wushuang's words. "This Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid is indeed very miraculous, and on top of Medical Pavilion's authentication, it won't go wrong. If Wushuang likes it, this Crown Prince will buy it for you, how is that?"
Mu Wushuang hesitated for quite a while before slowly saying, "Crown Prince Your Highness, I heard General Yun also wants to buy that Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid. He is currently borrowing money everywhere. The Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid is too expensive. If Yun Luofeng can cultivate, yielding to her is of no consequence, but the problem is that she can't even become a spirit cultivator, so what is the use of wanting that Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid? Wouldn't that be such a waste?"
"Wushuang, rest assure that I will issue an order to the ministers of Long Yuan Kingdom later that no one is allowed to lend money to the General Estate! Whose fault is it that a prodigal daughter appeared in the General Estate? I even heard Yun Luofeng had completely squandered all of Yun Family's wealth away, causing General Yun to fly into a terrible rage!" Gao Ling coldly snorted, his expression disdainful. "It's fortunate that I broke off my engagement with that waste, otherwise, there would eventually be a day when my Crown Prince Estate would be entirely squandered away by her!"
Mu Wushuang was full of smiles, even her brows contained mirth.
"Crown Prince Your Highness, because of you, Yun Luofeng's reputation is in tatters and also this pitiful! So I want to find a marriage for her. When that time comes, I will also need Crown Prince to help me."
Just thinking of that peerlessly beautiful face, Mu Wushuang hated it so much that she bit her lips and gritted her teeth in anger! So she will definitely find a marriage for that woman! A marriage that would at the very least make her want to die instead of living!
"Wushuang, I will let you handle this matter," Gao Ling gently gazed at Mu Wushuang, "Initially, I did not want to care about that trash's life or death, but since you spoke for her, I will make a decision this time. If it weren't for your help, with Yun Luofengs' constitution, she wouldn't be able to find someone willing to marry her in her entire life."
Mu Wushuang's smile became exceedingly more beautiful. At that moment, when Gao Ling was not looking, her pair of eyes flashed with malice.
Yun Luofeng, you will always be inferior to me!
Your innate skill is inferior to mine, your ability is inferior to mine, even your ability to control men is also inferior to mine! In this lifetime, I will live auspiciously, living a life that everyone will envy, while you only deserve to stand at the lowest point, looking up at my existence!
The one whom I will marry will be the noblest in the world, while you actually need me to pick a husband for you!
As for the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, I must also obtain it! And you don't even have the right to drink my bathwater!
In Yun residence's study, Yun Luofeng was immediately greeted by the old man's furious bellow upon entering, and there was even the sound of things being kicked over.
"A bunch of ingrates! Look at how you usually pretend to be very close with this old man, but now that this old man wants to borrow some money, every single one of you run faster than a dog! Don't let this old man see you guys in the future!"
Borrow money?
Yun Luofeng was stupefied for a moment before entering and perusing the mess in the study. A wicked smile emerged on her face. "Grandfather, what is this about? Why are you in such a temper?"
"Hmph, this is all because of that bunch of bastards, especially a few of them. I've helped them in the past, but now that I am having difficulties and look for them to borrow some money, all of them actually refuse!"
The old man was still in the throes of his rage, his mustache was quivering disorderly as he cursed out in anger.
"Why do you need to borrow money? Are the 45 million taels that I had them put into the treasury not enough?"
"What 45 million..." The old man was about to continue to curse when he suddenly recovered his wits. His eyes unwaveringly stared at Yun Luofeng, his breath quickening, "What did you just say? Our family has 45 million taels?"
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