God Emperor

God Emperor

God Emperor
Chapter 1187 - Prince Xia

Chapter 1187: Prince Xia
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After his mind power had reached level fifty, Zhang Ruochen was able to store more memories and saintly way comprehension. He easily absorbed all the gains he had from the fourth lifetime.
After merging himself with memories and saintly way comprehension from the fourth lifetime, Zhang Ruochen immediately started to merge himself with those of the fifth lifetime.
Practicing in ‘Seven Lives and Seven Deaths Map’ was also a refinement. The more you refined yourself, the more you could comprehend it.
Zhang Ruochen’s saintly way comprehension was still being improved. His understanding of saintly way rules was getting clear, and it was also immensely mysterious and mesmerizing.
After a long time, Zhang Ruochen absorbed the memories and saintly way comprehension of the fifth lifetime, and he was able to fully utilize it.
“I should be able to attract the trial clouds of the second pre-saint trial now.”
The second pre-saint trial was called ‘Eight Nine Trial.’ One needed to go through seventy-two trial thunders, which were several times more dangerous than the first pre-saint trial.
Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t be able to maintain his Traceless 36 Changes, after which he might reveal himself. If that hierarch wife found out who he really was, the consequences would be catastrophic.
Zhang Ruochen didn’t rush to pass the trial, instead, he suppressed it. He needed to wait until he left Mo You Valley.
After integrating the memories and saintly way comprehension from both lifetimes, Zhang Ruochen fully comprehended ‘Sword Six,’ and he had reached the completeness level.
Zhang Ruochen was much closer to the sword saint level now.
After that, he would start to comprehend Sword Seven. As long as he comprehended the ten levels of Sword Seven, Zhang Ruochen would soon become a real sword saint.
Every sword saint was famed in Kunlun’s Field, and they were all worshipped by the sword master monks.
If a sword saint was able to establish a sect, he or she could attract lots of talented monks. This glory overwhelmed that of ordinary saints.
What Zhang Ruochen wanted to do was to improve his cultivation level.
He needed to train his martial arts level to the saint level to utilize all martial art techniques.
After merging two lifetimes of memories, Zhang Ruochen’s mind power was greatly improved again, and he was one step away from reaching level fifty-one.
After his mind power reached level fifty, it would be more and more difficult for him to improve his cultivation. The gap between each level was like that between realms, and it would take a long time for him to make a breakthrough.
Zhang Ruochen had only improved his mind power to level fifty a couple of days ago, and now, he was already at pinnacle-level-fifty. He was about to reach level fifty-one.
Such a rapid improvement made all the mind power saints in the world jealous.
Just as Zhang Ruochen released his mind power, he found Empress Mo Ran walking toward him.
Zhang Ruochen knew that Empress Mo Ran was also a formidable being, so he had always been careful when he was getting along with her.
The enormous amount of mind power flowed back to Zhang Ruochen’s saint heart.
Empress Mo Ran walked in, holding a jade xiao. She said with a smile on her face, “It seems that you’ve recovered from your injuries?”
“Almost there now.”
Zhang Ruochen stood up, looked at her and said, “Can you take me to meet the hierarch wife now?”
“Now that you’ve fully recovered, it’s time for you to meet our grand master.”
Empress Mo Ran twisted her body and sat beside Zhang Ruochen. She then wrapped her arm around his arm.
Her body felt boneless. She was light, smooth and warm. He could feel the enchantment from the capes.
They looked very intimate, and while they walked through the peach forest, everyone stared at them weirdly.
At this moment, Zhang Ruochen felt a trace of hostility and aggression. He was confused. “Someone wants me dead in Mo You Valley.”
Zhang Ruochen didn’t turn around. Instead, he used his mind power to inspect.
That trace of hostility came from a middle-aged man. He looked chubby, yet his eyes gleamed with belligerence.
“How powerful he is…”
Zhang Ruochen was shocked. He wasn’t able to confirm that person’s mind power.
That person was definitely stronger than upper-class saints. He had at least reached ‘Xuan Huang Realm,’ possibly further.
A being like that could rival the palace leaders of Ten Heavenly Palaces.
“He’s targeting me, but I’ve never seen him before. There’re no grudges between us.
Zhang Ruochen looked to Empress Moran beside him.
Is it about her?
Zhang Ruochen recalled something and couldn’t help smiling. “Is he Emperor Blue Dragon?”
Zhang Ruochen decided to try him.
He reached out his hand and wrapped it around the thin waist of Empress Moran.
That sense of hostility became fiercer.
The wind in the peach forest blew the petals up.
The person hiding in the dark didn’t do anything. Instead, the venting force withered away.
“It’s Emperor Blue Dragon.”
Zhang Ruochen sighed. He’d just made himself an enemy of a powerful being.
Actually, Zhang Ruochen felt a bit guilty. After all, Empress Moran was the wife of Emperor Blue Dragon, yet she was being held by him.
He could easily tell that Emperor Blue Dragon was in agony.
Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t be naïve enough to assume that Emperor Blue Dragon wouldn’t kill him. He reckoned that someone more powerful was controlling him.
Hierarch wife.
That hierarch wife is a force to be reckoned with, Zhang Ruochen thought.
Just as Zhang Ruochen and Princess Moran went to see the hierarch wife, two prominent beings from Huangtian Tribe, one of the major ten immortal vampire tribes, arrived in the state of Tiantai.
Actually, most of the immortal spies in Blood God Sect were from Huangtian Tribe.
Huangtian Tribe had been planning this for hundreds of years. They wanted to control Blood God Sect at the smallest price possible.
And now, the time had come. It was time for them to take over the entire Blood God Sect and attack the central region.
Inside a mansion of a wicked city stood soldiers wearing iron armor. All those soldiers had blood-red pupils, and they looked bloodthirsty.
Elder Yuangui flew out of the house, hitting the solid stone floor, spitting blood out.
There was a red handprint on his face. Obviously, he had been slapped.
Elder Yuangui was one of the six saintly elders, and he was of royalty with immeasurable cultivation. Who had the guts to slap him?
“Unwise bastard. Huangtian Tribe has been arranging this for hundreds of years and spending countless human resources and materials. You cost us half the efforts in a couple of days. How dare you come face me?”
Prince Xia walked out of the room, wearing a golden-thread python cape. He looked energetic, and his skin was glowing with golden light. He had powerful ripples all over his body.
And then, Huangtian Crown Princess also walked out of the room, standing beside Prince Xia and looking at Elder Yuangui apathetically.
Elder Yuangui tried to hold himself up and kneeled on the ground. He lost all the dignity a saint was supposed to have and begged, “Mercy, prince! Mercy Crown Princess! I’ve devoted everything to our tribe. I know we suffered a huge loss, but we still have a chance to control Blood God Sect. Only I know how to do that.”
Huangtian Crown Princess rolled her eyes, walked toward Elder Yuangui and said, “Most of the saints and half saints from Huangtian Tribe in Blood God Sect have been eliminated. What other chance do we have?”
“Other than Huangtian Tribe, another mysterious immortal vampire power also has their spies in Blood God Sect, but I don’t know which tribe they are from.”
Elder Yuangui continued, “If we can cooperate, it’ll be easy to take control of Blood God Sect.”
“Another tribe sent a lot of people to Blood God Sect?”
Huangtian Crown Prince frowned, thought for a while, tapped on the shoulders of Elder Yuangui and said, “Stand up and tell me everything.”
Elder Yuangui took a long breath and said, “I suspect that the hierarch wife of Blood God Sect comes from one of the immortal vampire tribes, and she’s also a spy in Blood God Sect. I found that out by chance, and I contacted her after that, and we’ve formed a pact.”
“What does she look like? And how’s her cultivation?”
He wanted to infer the identity of that hierarch wife from the descriptions of Elder Yuangui.
Elder Yuangui shook his head and said, “I couldn’t even see her face, nor could I infer her cultivation. When I was looking at her, I felt as if I was looking at the oceans and astral skies. She was unfathomable!”