God Emperor

God Emperor

God Emperor
Chapter 1444 - News from Phoenix Nest

Chapter 1444: News from Phoenix Nest
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Luosha Princess glared at Zhang Ruochen. She immediately covered her breasts with her arms and said, “You’re shameless. Give me back my blouse.”
Zhang Ruochen picked up Ten Thousand Saints Blouse with his sword and touched it. He felt that the saint blouse was perfectly smooth, and there was a fragrance coming out of it. He felt that he was touching the skin of a teenage girl.
“A saint blouse made of the meridians and saint meridians of saints, and it was able to withstand the Abyss Ancient Sword without being damaged at all,” Zhang Ruochen said.
This was to say that the Ten Thousand Saints Blouse was a treasure, more valuable than the Hundred Saints Blood Armor.
Luosha Princess’s eyes were blinking like stars. She stopped acting elegantly, and instead, she trampled the ground and rushed toward Zhang Ruochen to grab her Ten Thousand Saints Blouse.
Luosha Princess was indeed ethereally beautiful. She had the face and body of an angel, and after being undressed, each inch of her skin was glowing seductively.
Zhang Ruochen wielded the sword against her again.
Luosha Princess grabbed the blade of the Abyss Ancient Sword while trying to kick Zhang Ruochen.
Her legs were long and smooth, which could take people’s breath away, but Zhang Ruochen didn’t dare appreciate that kind of beauty. He immediately performed a flame palm print, hitting toward Luosha Princess’s calves.
Luosha Princess twisted her ankles to dodge Zhang Ruochen’s palm print, and at the next moment, Luosha Princess wound Zhang Ruochen’s body and grabbed Zhang Ruochen’s neck with one arm and took back her Ten Thousand Saints Blouse with the other. “Sometimes you can’t use your power if you’re too close, no matter how strong you are.”
Zhang Ruochen still remained calm. He said, “You’re indeed very fast, but don’t you think you’re being taken advantage of if you just wind your body around mine?”
Luosha Princess said to Zhang Ruochen while smiling, “A very intelligent man of my race once told me that I’m destined to be together with whoever takes off my Ten Thousand Saints Blouse, which means we’re destined to be together. I don’t mind being taken advantage of by you.”
Zhang Ruochen didn’t believe a word Luosha Princess said. “It’s not a difficult job to take off your Ten Thousand Saints Blouse. You’re destined to be with lots of people I guess.”
Luosha Princess slapped Zhang Ruochen on his back gently after seizing her Ten Thousand Saints Blouse, letting go of his neck.
When she landed again, she had already put her Ten Thousand Saints Blouse back on. She gave Zhang Ruochen a gloomy look and said, “I was telling you the truth, yet you didn’t trust me. Boring.”
Luosha Princess was indeed incredibly powerful, and she was at least one third faster than Zhang Ruochen. No matter what kind of defense skills Zhang Ruochen used, he couldn’t stop her at all.
Zhang Ruochen had seen saint kings fight each other. Luosha Princess even stood a chance against them with her speed and space power.
She wasn’t a saint king, yet she was no weaker than saint kings.
The only way Zhang Ruochen posed any threat to her was by using time sword techniques with the element of surprise.
“There’re such beings who are this powerful. Perhaps I only stand a chance against her after reaching pinnacle true saint level.”
This was the first time Zhang Ruochen had run into someone that powerful, so he became much more cautious.
Actually, Luosha Princess was more shocked than Zhang Ruochen. She was an absolute saint while Zhang Ruochen was only an elementary true saint, yet she still needed to try to fight him. Even those from the Luosha race wouldn’t believe it.
She had never met anyone at the same level from the Luosha race who could rival her.
Luosha Princess then transmitted her voice to Zhang Ruochen. “Four first marquises of the Luosha race have all rushed to Whale River basin. If we keep fighting each other like this, they’ll take advantage of it.”
Zhang Ruochen released his mind power, and he could sense some power ripples in the dark. He said, “The first marquises from Luosha race are the most top-tier beings, and each of them is strong enough to rival saint kings. How come they all rushed to Whale River basin at the same time?”
Luosha Princess rolled her eyes at Zhang Ruochen and said, “This is what I’ve been trying to tell you, but you never gave me the chance to say it. Psht!”
Zhang Ruochen landed on the ground holding the Abyss Ancient Sword. “I’m all ears.”
Luosha Princess was very irritated by how arrogant Zhang Ruochen was. She had never seen anyone who dared be that impolite to her, but she tried to suppress her emotions and said, “Do you know about Phoenix Nest?”
“The nest of Ice and Fire Phoenix?”
Zhang Ruochen’s eyes glinted.
He came to Whale River basin because he wanted to take Mu Lingxi to Phoenix Nest to get the inheritance of Ice and Fire Phoenix.
Is Phoenix Nest in Whale River basin?
Luosha Princess said, “Ice and Fire Phoenix is the most powerful great being under the God of Zuling Field, and Phoenix Nest is one of the most valuable treasuries in Zuling Field. The valuables in Phoenix Nest can help saints become saint kings instantly and give saint kings a chance to become supreme saints. Even supreme saints are attracted by Phoenix Nest. Who doesn’t want to get such a great opportunity?
“Most of the resources in Zulin’s Field have been seized by the Luosha race. The only valuable place is Phoenix Nest, which is why those marquises from the Luosha race are all rushing there.”
Zhang Ruochen said, “Is Phoenix Nest in Whale River basin?”
“That’s right,” Luosha Princess said.
Zhang Ruochen said, “I heard that only the creatures with ice phoenix bloodline or fire phoenix bloodline are able to find where Phoenix Nest is. How do those from Luosha race know?”
Luosha Princess was very calm. She said gradually, “Because the merits record wall in the south fell beside Phoenix Nest. Someone senses the forces of phoenixes when he was looking for the merits record wall, and that’s how they found Phoenix Nest.”
“As for Merits Record Wall and Phoenix Nest, many people immediately spread the news, even to the Luosha race.”
“Large groups of Luosha marquises are rushing here. We need to break the boundary to seize the valuables in Phoenix Nest before they do. We can’t let the Luosha race steal the valuables in Zuling Field again.”
Zhang Ruochen pondered what Luosha Princess said.
Phoenix Nest would for sure be very dangerous, and he might not be able to handle it himself.
This girl was incredibly powerful, which meant she could be of great use.
Zhang Ruochen asked, “How are we going to team up?”
Luosha Princess’s eyes glinted. She said, “Both of us are space monks. If we team up, we can definitely break the boundary of Phoenix Nest, then we’ll share the valuables in Phoenix Nest, and I’ll even give you half of the Luosha blood and fragmented souls I have.”
“It seems I have no reason to say no to such a great offer,” Zhang Ruochen said.
Luosha Princess squinted her eyes and said, “My field is way stronger than the other six fields, so I don’t need to worry about my field being the last at all. It’s no big deal giving you half the Luosha blood and fragmented souls I have.”
“Okay! I’ll say yes to this cooperation, but I need to contact my friend to meet her first,” Zhang Ruochen said.
Zhang Ruochen didn’t answer her question, and instead, he took out three signal flares and wrote messages on each of them, and then, he sent the signal flares away.
Luosha Princess didn’t try to stop him, but she looked curious. “Why did you send three signal flares?”
“Are you afraid that I might ask for some help to fight you?” Zhang Ruochen asked.
Luosha Princess wasn’t scared at all. Needless to say, she was the most powerful being in Zuling Field, and she also had a great number of Luosha great beings. It didn’t matter what kind of power Zhang Ruochen had. He could never escape.
Zhang Ruochen sent the two signal flares to Han Qiu and Le as he wanted them to help him fight Luosha Princess.
Zhang Ruochen knew with certainty that Luosha Princess would never give him half the treasures once they opened Phoenix Nest, and that was when they’d have the fallout.
Zhang Ruochen had to be better prepared, otherwise he was giving Luosha Princess all the advantages.
Carnivorous Holy Flower, Nine-head Blue Bird and Qing Mo came back and stood behind Zhang Ruochen and Luosha Princess.
Zhang Ruochen asked Carnivorous Holy Flower, “How long will it take you to become an absolute saint?”
“I’m almost there. I reckon one or two days,” Carnivorous Holy Flower replied.
After a short while, Zhang Ruochen received the signal flare sent back by Mu Lingxi.
Zhang Ruochen was dazed by the message. “Can’t believe she went to Phoenix Nest by herself. How brave.”
Luosha Princess asked, “Can we head there now?”
“Let’s go.”
Zhang Ruochen put Carnivorous Holy Flower back into his body, glanced at Qing Mo and said, “Just follow me in the next two months.”
Qing Mo shook her head and said, “I can’t. I need to go kill more Luosha monks to get more merits.”
“Any second marquis can easily kill you and make you a pill.” Zhang Ruochen grabbed Qing Mo’s wrist and dragged her to the back of Nine-head Blue Bird.
The body of Nine-head Blue Bird became more than a thousand feet long, and it was glowing with blue saint light.
Zhang Ruochen took out hundreds of guarding rune scrolls and gave them to Qing Mo. He said, “Stick as many of them as you can to your body.”
Zhang Ruochen found those rune scrolls from the monks from Hell Blade Field, Purple Mansion Field, and Luosha race, and he still had heaps more.
Qing Mo was thrilled to see those hundreds of high-quality guarding rune scrolls.
Each of the rune scrolls had tremendous value, and she would be able to fight a saint king for a while if she put all of them on her body.