God Emperor

God Emperor

God Emperor
Chapter 1521 - Seal Lifted

Chapter 1521: Seal Lifted
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Ji Hua, who was still standing in front of the demonic palace, couldn’t help smiling. “Zhang Ruochen’s so stupid. Even if his ancient cauldron can resist that Star Sky Hammer, he’ll still be destroyed by the sound power.”
Those who stood inside the bell would either have their eardrums destroyed or faint.
When Star Sky Hammer hit the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron, the sound wave was stronger than ordinary bells. Even saint kings would find it difficult to withstand.
“Not necessarily.”
Princess Luosha knew Zhang Ruochen well enough to see he wouldn’t do anything so stupid even when he was in grave danger.
“Really? It seems you’re very confident in him, your highness.” Ji Hua smiled.
Star Sky Hammer hit the bottom of the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron.
The blue light and the golden light on the cauldron splashed, and a deafening sound spread among all the ninety-nine saint mountains.
All the saint mountains were shaking.
The saints and Luosha marquises who were close to the cauldron were killed. As for those who were at a safe distance, they all bounced away.
Le, Princess White Li, and Han Qiu triggered Buddha sarira to ward off the circles of waves.
Even the saints who were standing more than a thousand miles away found it hard to balance themselves. One could only imagine what kind of power Zhang Ruochen had endured.
Most of the Luosha marquises who were inside Nine Nine to One Formation had run out of their evil sha Qi, sitting on the ground.
Only First Marquis Yuan Yi still had some strength. After getting back Star Sky Hammer, he walked toward where the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron was and laughed. “Death is your only destiny if you stand against the Luosha race. Hahaha…”
He thought Zhang Ruochen had been killed already.
First Marquis Yuan Yi walked to the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron and cheered inside seeing that cauldron. “It was struck by Star Sky Hammer, yet there’s not even a scratch on the surface. This has got to be an invaluable treasure…”
Suddenly, the cauldron flew up into the sky.
First Marquis Yuan Yi was astounded and retreated like lightning.
A gourd flew out of the ancient cauldron, floating in the sky with water flowing on the surface. It was Zhang Ruochen’s Mercury Gourd.
Actually, Zhang Ruochen hid in his Mercury Gourd the second he triggered the power of the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron. The sound wave didn’t hurt him at all.
Zhang Ruochen burst out of the Mercury Gourd and dashed toward First Marquis Yuanyi. He clenched his fist and performed Luo Water Fist Technique using the strength he had been preparing.
First Marquis spent most of his evil sha Qi on Second Yao Complete Power of Star Sky Hammer, so he had to raise the hammer to ward off Zhang Ruochen’s fist.
Zhang Ruochen’s fist glowed with purple light, clashing with Star Sky Hammer, making a clacking sound.
First Marquis Yuanyi’s hands were covered with blood, rendering him strengthless to hold Star Sky Hammer, which bounced away.
“How incredible…” This was the last thought in First Marquis Yuanyi’s head.
At the next moment, First Marquis Yuanyi was hit by Zhang Ruochen, and his body crumbled into dozens of pieces.
Ji Hua, who was standing in front of the demonic palace, was deeply upset. She would’ve gone to fight that human man herself if she didn’t have to maintain Thousand-Star Formation.
He was overbearing and mighty.
He killed more than a thousand Luosha marquises by himself, including several first marquises and a saint king. With time, he would definitely become the trump card of Heaven World.
Ji Hua looked to Princess Luosha, and she saw that the princess, who was always stoic, looked very pissed.
“No need to be so angry, your highness. I’ll deploy more great beings to kill him now,” Ji Hua said.
However, little did she know that Princess Luosha was mad not because of the Luosha marquises Zhang Ruochen had killed, but that it was Zhang Ruochen who was in possession of the purple godly stone instead of Sword Saint Jiuyou.
Zhang Ruochen had used the power of the purple godly stone when he killed First Marquis Yuanyi.
“It’s you. Damn you. You didn’t just seize the sundial, but also tried to kill me at all costs.” Princess Luosha couldn’t be more pissed.
“Stop fighting that sword saint. Capture the priest from Guanghan Field, Zhang Ruochen, for me. Remember, capture him alive! Anyone who can capture him will be crowned a king and get a planet as his territory.”
Princess Luosha was clenching her teeth when she gave that order.
The first marquises who were encircling Sword Saint Jiuyou were all bemused as Princess Luosha suddenly ordered them to switch targets.
Were women all so changeable?
However, they all immediately rushed toward Zhang Ruochen without a second thought.
Both kingship and a planet as territory were something they craved. One of them stood for status while the other stood for endless resources.
The Luosha marquises who were trying to recover their strength in Nine Nine to One Formation were all in despair. The human being killed First Marquis Yuanyi with only two strikes, meaning he could kill them all with ease.
However, Zhang Ruochen didn’t even bother to look at them. Instead, he started to collect the saint weapons.
“Perhaps we’re too weak for him to kill.”
Those Luosha marquises tried to comfort themselves. They stood up and prepared to flee.
Just as they turned around, they saw an unbelievably beautiful woman who was prettier than all the top-tier beauties from the Luosha race.
And then, they smelled a mild fragrance which sucked them into an illusion.
Demonic Sound chuckled, and her hair turned into hundreds of green vines that pierced through their bodies, absorbing their energies and blood Qi.
Zhang Ruochen took a look at Demonic Sound, and he also made sure he didn’t lose the Merits Record Wall. And then, he grabbed Star Sky Hammer on the ground and said, “There are, in total, twenty-seven thousand, five hundred inscriptions. It’s a Second Yao Ten-Thousand-Patterns Saint Weapon.”
Zhang Ruochen didn’t want the Abyss Ancient Sword to refine Star Sky Hammer as such a valuable was very rare, and it was enough to be the most powerful weapon of a sect.
“Take it.”
Zhang Ruochen threw Star Sky Hammer to Monster Ape.
Monster Ape was a strength-type creature, and Sky Star Hammer was a strength-type attack saint weapon as well. It was the best to give the hammer to Monster Ape. And besides, it had taken divine pills and gone through the Genesis, so it had great potential.
Monster Ape had recovered a bit, and it grabbed Star Sky Hammer.
It witnessed the extraordinary power coming from Star Sky Hammer, so it couldn’t be happier receiving the hammer. “Thank you, my lord.”
Other saints from Sacred Central Empire all looked envious as Monster Ape’s fighting power would surge after getting a Second Yao Ten-Thousand-Patterns Saint Weapon.
Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “Those Luosha marquises left a lot of top-tier saint weapons. If you guys want them, you can come and choose.”
Everyone was exhilarated and rushed toward the pile of saint weapons.
Zhang Ruochen then stopped smiling and looked into the distance.
He saw a Luosha female running away, and she was the first marquis who was using the illusion mirror. She had already reached the bottom of the mountain where the demonic palace was.
The saint mountain was covered by evil sha Qi completely, giving out great power ripples. Obviously, there gathered a large group of Luosha great beings.
They were protecting Princess Luosha and maintaining Thousand-Star Formation at the same time.
“Many saints will get killed if I don’t break Thousand-Star Formation today, but even a second-step saint king won’t be able to trespass in the demonic palace and kill the formation saint master who’s created the Thousand-Star Formation.” Zhang Ruochen shook his head.
Many saints from Heaven World were thrilled by the battle.
Those deities who were in the ‘Saints Merits Rank’ were all amazed by the clips their subordinates sent them from Shatuo Heavenly Domain.
They all remembered the same name today: Zhang Ruochen.
Of course, some of the great talents who had never lost a battle said calmly, “He only killed someone who just became a saint king. Many saints on the ‘Saints Merits Rank’ are able to do that. Only defeating Princess Luosha can prove his power.”
A deity from an ancient civilization said, “There’re many skills that can suppress his space power. As for his Sword Technique of Time, it’s still too basic. As for Divine Fire Jingmie, it isn’t some sacred technique to the deities. Although he practiced two ancient ways, he’s not invincible.”
The monks from Guanghan Field were all conflicted.
They were happy to see how powerful their priest was, but they were also worried about the number of Luosha armies on the battlefield, which was not something an individual could change.
And besides, if he lost the Merits Record Wall, it’d be catastrophic to Guanghan Field.
The Moon Goddess looked at the Reflection of the Battle, sitting in Guanghan Godly Palace. She saw the large group of first marquises racing toward Zhang Ruochen. “I’ll lift the seal in your body now. Zhang Ruochen, prepare to slaughter, and you’ll be the invincible king among saints after getting back to Heaven World.”
The Moon Goddess then lifted the godly power that sealed Universe World in Zhang Ruochen’s lower abdomen.
“The seal… Has been lifted…”
Zhang Ruochen immediately sensed the forces from Universe World and Divine Sky-connecting Tree. He smiled and raised his head, looking at the sky as if he was looking at the Moon Goddess.