God Emperor

God Emperor

God Emperor
Chapter 1970 - Father of Divine Demon Rat

Chapter 1970: Father of Divine Demon Rat
Ling Feiyu caught the returning Heaven’s Sear Blade, then pointed it at Hong Yuantong and his mates with powerful murderous intent.
“Do you realize you have made a grave mistake that will bring a calamity of extermination to the sect, Ling Feiyu? Do you want to keep making this mistake?” Hong Yuantong shouted.
Ling Feiyu looked at Hong Yuantong with a deadly gaze. “Things have come to such a pass, yet you have not thought about repenting. Do you think that I’m too afraid to kill you, Hong Yuantong?”
“Repent? What wrong have I done? The Kunlun Realm is teetering now, and it could collapse at any moment. I am all for the sect. Working with the Fane of Youshen is for the good of the sect. When the Kunlun Realm falls, the sect will have the Fane of Youshen’s support. This is the grand plan that the sect leader, Shi Qianjue has laid. How dare you question his wisdom?” Hong Yuantong argued eloquently.
With Shi Qianjue as his backer, he was not worried that Ling Feiyu would do anything to him. So even though things had gone south, he still had the fortitude to argue with Ling Feiyu.
“How dare you use Shi Qianjue to pressure me! If Shi Qianjue betrays the sect, I will kill him myself, moreso you!” Ling Feiyu’s eyes were filled with more bitterness now.
Upon hearing that, Hong Yuantong stepped back involuntarily. “What are you going to do, Ling Feiyu? Are you trying to break the sect apart?”
While he spoke, Ling Feiyu made her move, her sword coming out in a flash.
Before Hong Yuantong knew what was going on, a flash of sword light had sliced his head off his neck.
“Ling Feiyu, how could you…”
Hong Yuantong’s eyes were wide open, indignation filling his eyes.
Until the moment he died, he could still not believe that Ling Feiyu would actually kill him.
His head dropped to the ground, and his vision dimmed as he was as dead as a doornail.
Despite having practiced self-cultivation a thousand years longer than Ling Feiyu and a cultivation base of the Greater Precept World with solid combat strength, his strength was not even one-tenth of Ling Feiyu’s.
Seeing Hong Yuantong die at the hands of Ling Feiyu, the remaining Fane of Youshen Saint Kings quaked in their boots as they sensed death looming.
They immediately dropped to their knees to beg for their lives. “Have mercy on us, Lady Ling. We were blinded by self-interest when Hong Yuantong conned us into this. Please give us a chance to redeem ourselves. We will obey your command from now on and never have two minds again.”
They knew without a doubt which side of their bread was buttered. They would not get away with it by simply dropping names. The only way to stay alive was to beg for mercy.
They had wanted to run, but they had seen the fate of the Fane of Yushen’s three Precept Domain fighters and Hong Yuantong; Ling Feiyu had effortlessly killed them all. Besides, Zhang Ruochen was there, so they could not possibly flee.
Ling Feiyu ignored their plea as her killing intent grew. “The sect does not tolerate traitors. You should have known the consequences the day you betrayed the sect.”
Once she finished, she wanted to kill the three individuals.
Zhang Ruochen suddenly appeared beside Ling Feiyu to stop her. “The Kunlun Realm is at war with enemies right now. Killing them will change nothing. Why don’t you send them to the Battlefield of Merits to kill the Infernal Court cultivators so that they can make up for their mistakes?”
“We will kill the enemies on the Battlefield of Merit. Please give us a chance to redeem our sins, Lady Ling,” said the three fighters still kneeling on the ground.
As long as they could stay alive, they will go to more dangerous places than the Battlefield of Merits.
Ling Feiyu turned to look at Zhang Ruochen. After staring at him for a moment, the murderous look in her eyes waned. “I will give all of you one chance: bring your people and proceed to the Battlefield of Merits immediately. Fight the Infernal Court’s army and honor the good name of the sect. If anyone dares to disregard me, don’t blame me for not showing you mercy.”
“Yes. Yes. Yes.”
The three looked as if they had been shown the greatest mercy in the world.
They gave Zhang Ruochen a grateful look before leaving the Sanctuary of the Demon Emperor as quickly as possible, fearing that Ling Feiyu might change her mind suddenly.
Had they known that things would end up this way, they would not have listened to Hong Yuantong’s abetment.
If they had resisted the Fane of Youshen while they waited for Ling Feiyu to come back, it would have been a meritorious service, and they would not have to fight on the Battlefield of Merits.
The Battlefield of Merits was extremely dangerous. If they went, they might have no chance of coming back to Peakless Mountain again.
Of course, that was the best outcome they could receive now. If Zhang Ruochen had not spoken for them, they would have died by Ling Feiyu’s sword.
So in that regard, they really had Zhang Ruochen to thank.
On the same day, the three revered sect elders brought hundreds of powerful Saint cultivators and left Peakless Mountain, rushing to the Battlefield of Merits in the Central Region.
Meanwhile, Ling Feiyu and Zhang Ruochen arrived at the Chillfrost Dungeon, where the Demonic Sect of the Moon held its prisoners.
Those sect fighters, who were strong supporters of Ling Feiyu choosing not to connive with Hong Yuantong, were being imprisoned here.
The Chillfrost Dungeon was extremely old, and no one knew how long it had existed. It was extremely deep. The lower it went, the colder it got.
Legend had it that not even Supreme Saint Great Sages dared to stay on the lowest floor of the dungeon for long, because the cold was too much to bear.
Ling Feiyu released many imprisoned sect members along the path as they traveled all the way down.
Fortunately, these fighters had just been imprisoned recently, and Hong Yuantong had not gotten the chance to execute them. Hence, they were all safe and sound.
Had that not been the case, Ling Feiyu would not have shown them any mercy; she would have killed all the traitors at once.
As soon as they came to an extremely cold floor, Zhang Ruochen saw an acquaintance in a cell.
“It’s been a long time, Sister Qi!” said Zhang Ruochen with a smile.
The prisoner was no one else but Qi Feiyu, whom he had met in the Liangyi Sect back then. She was a Saintess in the Demonic Sect of the Moon.
When Zhang Ruochen stormed up to Peakless Mountain for the sake of Mu Lingxi back then, he had also seen Qi Feiyu. After so many years, Qi Feiyu was now a powerful Saint King fighter, who was highly regarded in the Demonic Sect of the Moon.
Speaking of which, during the early stages of the Demonic Sect of the Moon’s split, the Qi Clan had followed Shi Qianjue. However, Qi Feiyu had followed Ling Xiu, or more precisely, followed Ling Feiyu.
As such, Ling Feiyu had been looking after Qi Feiyu, allowing her to attain Saint Kinghood so quickly. Ling Feiyu had put her in charge of almost all affairs concerning the Saintess Palace.
Now, the top fighters of the Qi Clan had been sent to the Battlefield of Merits, and Qi Feiyu had become the only exception.
Seeing Zhang Ruochen, Qi Feiyu could not help feeling a little surprised. She got up and bowed before Ling Feiyu. “My Lady.”
Ling Feiyu nodded in acknowledgment and waved her hand to open the prison door.
“Lady Ling, with you safe return, the sect will no longer have to fall into the hands of a sinister villain like Hong Yuantong,” said Qi Feiyu.
“Hong Yuantong colluded with the enemy and sold our sect out. I have already beheaded him and sent all the Saints, as well as Saint Kings who were involved in this matter, to the Battlefield of Merits. So you don’t need to worry about anything,” said Ling Feiyu.
Qi Feiyu was startled at first upon hearing this. She then broke into a smile. “My Lady is wise indeed.”
Needless to say, Qi Feiyu had guessed the fact that the sect could survive this catastrophe must have something to do with Zhang Ruochen.
Ling Feiyu then removed the seal on Qi Feiyu. “You go and stabilize the situation to avoid panic from happening in the sect.”
“Yes, My Lady,” replied Qi Feiyu immediately.
After nodding slightly to Zhang Ruochen, Qi Feiyu quickly went out at once.
Suddenly, a light flashed in Zhang Ruochen’s eyes as he noticed something.
He faded into a stream and lunged into a passage on one side.
Upon seeing this, Ling Feiyu was unwittingly taken aback a little, and she followed him in a hurry.
Zhang Ruochen stopped as he came to the end of the passage, There, he saw another acquaintance in a cell.
The one imprisoned in this cell was none other than the Head Rat, also known as Divine Demon Rat, of the 36 Guardian Beasts of the Demonic Sect of the Moon.
Back then, Divine Demon Rat had been insufferably arrogant. But when he had met his nemesis Blackie, he had become obedient like a child, bearing the responsibility of protecting Mu Lingxi in the Demonic Sect of the Moon.
At this moment, other than Divine Demon Rat, there was another person in the dungeon.
Zhang Ruochen had wasted no time in rushing there precisely because he had sense this person’s presence.
This person was short and thin with a sharp mouth and cheeks that were reminiscent of a monkey. He had two big, exposed yellow fangs in his mouth, and a pair of eyes that were as small as mung beans. He looked as sleazy as one could get. This person and Divine Demon Rat were cast from the same mold.
The Re-awakener! A thought flashed in Zhang Ruochen’s mind.
Having met Jiang Yunchong and Hong Tianji, he became more familiar with the aura of a Re-awakener.
Divine Demon Rat looked at Zhang Ruochen, suddenly having a pleasantly surprised look on his face. “Master Zhang, are you here to save me?”
“I thought you already ran away. I didn’t expect to see you being imprisoned in the Chillfrost Dungeon too.” Zhang Ruochen smiled.
Based on his understanding of Divine Demon Rat, this guy was the most slippery person he knew, and he would flee quicker than another else at the slightest danger. Having a spine was hardly associated with him, so theoretically, Divine Demon Rat should not have been there.
Divine Demon Rat glared at him and sounded a little angry. “If not for those insidious guys attacking me from the dark, they would not have caught me.”
As he turned his head and saw Ling Feiyu, who had just appeared, a smile spread across his face. “Lady Ling, I’m glad that you are all right. The old boy, Hong Yuantong said that you were taken away by the Fane of Youshen. Please don’t spare him.”
“Don’t worry, Hong Yuantong has died under my sword. Who is this next to you?” Ling Feiyu looked at the middle-aged man who looked like Divine Demon Rat.
Divine Demon Rat chuckled. “Let me introduce; this is my father.”
Upon hearing this, both Zhang Ruochen and Ling Feiyu had a surprised look on their faces.
Divine Demon Rat was excavated by the Demonic Sect of the Moon from a medieval ruin several decades ago. At that time, he was alone. How did this father of his suddenly come about?
In particular, both of them could see that this middle-aged man, who looked like Divine Demon Rat, possessed a very high level of cultivation. He gave off a sense of mystery.
“May I ask, how should I call you? What is your relationship with the sect?” Ling Feiyu was very solemn.
The reason for asking this was because she had never seen the middle-aged man before or even heard of his existence. Thus, she was not sure whether he was a member of the sect.
The middle-aged man behaved the same as Divine Demon Rat; his smile was sleazy. “You can call me Spirit-Devouring King. I have been in the sect for 100,000 years. So what do you think my relationship with the sect should be?”