God Level Summoner
Chapter 100

Chapter 100 – Unexpected Harvest

The boastful fellow had the ID Great Navigator and was an elf hunter.
Elf hunters were the most mainstream gameplay in the current Miracle League. They could use the elf’s agility to quickly move and arrange various traps to control and kill the opponents.
However, the layout of the traps was very particular and it was difficult to control. Sometimes the enemy wouldn’t step on traps and they would be wasted. Therefore, the hunter was one of the most challenging classes to play apart from the summoner.
Li Cangyu changed to a new room and added a password to avoid the interference of bystanders.
He would let Xiao Han play first to test this person’s level.
Xiao Han had received half a month of high-intensity training and his current level had already caught up with those in the online game. The thing that surprised Li Cangyu was that this hunter was skilled and Xiao Han lost to him.
Xiao Han was very shocked. He looked back at his master and said, “I couldn’t react just now.”
Li Cangyu gave him an encouraging pat on the shoulder. “It doesn’t matter. You have rarely encountered skilled hunters in the arena.”
Xiao Han nodded. “Yes, I’ve never met one.”
It wasn’t easy to play a complex class, so high-level hunters and novice hunters seemed like two completely different classes. In this half a month, Xiao Han had mainly encountered archers, magicians and swordsmen. Summoners and hunters were especially rare. Today, he met a hunter master and stepped on the traps arranged by the other person, causing him to be killed by the traps.
“Play another round.” Li Cangyu ordered.
Xiao Han nodded and pressed the ready button. Then he typed: [One more game.]
Great Navigator asked: [I want to fight Cat God. What about Cat God?]
Xiao Han: [He is watching.]
Great Navigator: [Oh, then come again! Cat God, watch carefully! See my incredible performance!”
Li Cangyu, “…”
This guy, wasn’t he too good at boasting about himself?
Li Cangyu sat down and watched the two of them seriously.
Xiao Han had accidentally stepped on a trap and suffered a big loss. He would naturally play more carefully in this round. However, he didn’t have experience with playing high-level hunters and accidentally stepped on a confinement trap.
Great Navigator immediately jumped to his side, placing five traps at a very fast speed and exploded them. This directly cut Xiao Han’s blood volume in half.
Xiao Han helplessly entered stealth. This time he was smart and stared at where the hunter was standing. He moved behind the other person and his knife fell, quickly reduced the blood volume gap.
[You’re quite good!] The person typed while putting down a trap and jumping away from Xiao Han. Xiao Han wanted to catch up again but it wasn’t that easy. The other party had put down a large number of hidden traps. One careless step would result in a loss of blood, making every step difficult.
Li Cangyu saw that Xiao Han was having a hard time and couldn’t help opening his mouth to give a reminder. “Whenever you encounter a hunter, use movement skills and light footwork. Don’t walk on the ground since it is easy to walk on a trap.”
“Yes!” Xiao Han used a teleport skill to chase the other side but the hunter’s movement speed was extremely fast. He moved in a dazzling manner while quickly placing traps.
The most annoying class in the Miracle League was undoubtedly the summoner because there were too many pets to kill. The second was the hunter, since taking one step could activate a trap, making people very annoyed.
Li Cangyu had his own ways of dealing with hunters but Xiao Han obviously didn’t know how to fight them. He was disturbed by traps and his blood volume became lower and lower.
In the second game, Xiao Han lost again and he stared at the computer with great dissatisfaction.
Li Cangyu chuckled and touched his apprentice’s head. “It doesn’t matter. You haven’t learnt the skills of a hunter yet. Let me do it.”
Xiao Han immediately got up and gave his position to his master. Li Cangyu used the Love to Eat Braised Fish account and entered the arena.
Bai Xuan heard the movements and came over to watch. Once he saw that Xiao Han was defeated, he couldn’t help feeling shocked. “Who is this person?”
Li Cangyu explained, “He saw our publicity post and said he wanted to join our team. I am testing him.”
Bai Xuan sat down with interest. “It is a self-recommendation? I’ll watch as well.”
The third match started. Great Navigator saw that his opponent had changed to Love to Eat Braised Fish and immediately sent a row of hugging emojis. [Cat God, Cat God! I’m here to convince you to take me. I’m excellent!”
Li Cangyu typed: [I will know after testing you.]
At the beginning of the match, Li Cangyu summoned his water spirit, fire spirit, thunder spirit and wind spirit. The four spirits of the elf summoner were all dispatched. The hunter was shocked. […Cat God has too many younger brothers!]
Li Cangyu said gently: [I didn’t summon the three universal pets because I was afraid that you couldn’t cope.]
Great Navigator: […]
Four was scary enough. If Cat God summoned seven pets then he could only surrender!
In order to avoid being killed by the numerous pets, Great Navigator immediately placed self-protection traps around him.
Xiao Han was shocked. Master usually acted like a soy sauce when playing instances in the game. This was the first time he saw all four of his master’s pets.
The blue water spirit, the red fire spirit, the purple thunder spirit and the green wind spirit, the four spirits were arranged around Li Cangyu and looked spectacular.
Li Cangyu calmly stood in the distance, not getting close to the hunter as he operated his four pets from four directions.
This multi-line operation was excellent as four spirits moved forward in four directions. It was equivalent to one heart, four users. He could actually operate all four so quickly without any flaws. Xiao Han listened to the clattering of the keyboard and felt an intense admiration fill his heart.
He suddenly felt extremely proud at having this master!
In the middle of the arena, Great Navigator was clearly in a hurry as four pets surrounded him.
The trap he placed trapped the water spirit but the fire spirit’s Fire accurately hit him. This was immediately followed by the thunder spirit’s big move and was stunned by Thunder’s Wrath.
Great Navigator’s fingers quickly hit the keyboard and he moved to avoid the pets’ attacks.
This made him completely passive. He could only deal with the spirits and couldn’t attack. His death was inevitable.
After playing for nearly 10 minutes, Li Cangyu stood in the distance and was still full of blood. Great Navigator was gradually losing blood due to the pets. Li Cangyu was no longer polite with him and once again dispatched the fire spirit. Fireballs were successively fired and the hunter was killed.
Great Navigator: […]
Li Cangyu laughed: [You aren’t that great?]
Great Navigator blushed and typed: [I am very powerful but Cat God is even better!]
Bai Xuan was amused and couldn’t help saying, “This guy is really shameless.”
Li Cangyu seriously commented, “His level is decent. I used four pets to suppress him and he could actually endure for 10 minutes.”
Bai Xuan nodded. “That’s true.”
Li Cangyu added, “He is also very fast which is the exact opposite of Xiao Li.”
The hunter’s operator was a person with a very high hand speed. He moved in the arena like a gust of wind, leaving no shadows and no traces. The connections were very smooth when placing a trap and he could place them on the ground in an instant.
He had a good chance of winning against the melee Xiao Han but could only be suppressed by the summoner Li Cangyu. He apparently had a lot of experience playing melee but lacked experience against master remotes.
Li Cangyu thought this and couldn’t help asking: [How many years have you been playing a hunter?]
Great Navigator: [One year!]
Li Cangyu: [It is great that you can reach this level in one year.]
Great Navigator replied cheerfully: [Right? I also think that I’m very talented!]
Originally Li Cangyu wanted to praise him but changed his mind after seeing this proudly raised tail. Instead, Li Cangyu attacked. [Unfortunately, your fast hand speed is useless. You placed so many traps on the ground but most of them were wasted. Didn’t you think about limiting the actions of the opponent instead of attacking?]
Great Navigator lowered his head. [Oh, it seems so.]
Then he came alive again. [But I think I am still salvageable.]
Li Cangyu, “…”
Great Navigator sent a row of expectant eyes emojis. [If Cat God accepts me then my level will surely go further.]
Li Cangyu, “…”
Great Navigator: [Accept me. My hand speed is very fast. I tested it and I can reach 500!]
Li Cangyu, “…”
Bai Xuan was laughing so hard that his belly hurt. He was suddenly reminded of a kitten meowing and wrapping himself around Li Cangyu. Wouldn’t Li Cangyu relent?
Li Cangyu was very sensible so he sent: [Fast speed is just a hardware advantage. The software can’t be useless.]
Great Navigator: [Cat God, are you saying that my software can’t keep up?]
Li Cangyu smiled. [Yes.]
Great Navigator said cheekily: [The software can be updated. I need Cat God to transfer my brain system. Let me join the team. Cat God can reload the software for me!]
In fact, he was too good at bragging so Li Cangyu was just teasing him.
He didn’t think that guy would be so persevering to keep asking to join the team. His self-recommendation was really courageous. Li Cangyu became serious and asked: [Do you really want to join the team?]
Great Navigator didn’t hesitate. [Of course! I saw the forum post recruiting and immediately came to find Cat God. Becoming an e-sports player has always been my dream. I’ve been to other teams for interviews but they don’t want a hunter [Sad][Sad].]
This sentence seemed sincere.
Li Cangyu asked: [Is it convenient for you to tell me your name and age?]
Great Navigator replied: [It is convenient, very convenient! My name is Zhuo Hang and I am 17 this year.]
Bai Xuan couldn’t help smiling at Li Cangyu and teased him. “He is a young boy. The mahjong table has been gathered.”
Li Cangyu also laughed. “You were correct.”
Li Cangyu thought for a moment before typing in the arena channel: [Xiao Zhuo, you will follow us for a week in the arena as a test. If you pass the test, I will allow you to join.]
Zhuo Hang excitedly typed: [Great, thank you Cat God! I love you! [Kiss][Kiss][Kiss].]
Bai Xuan, “…”
Wasn’t this little guy surnamed Zhuo a bit unrestrained?
It seemed Cat God’s luck was excellent when returning to Miracle. He recruited four young teenagers. One was the crazy and wildcat Gu Siming. There was also the proud and cold Persian cat Xiao Han, the slow and stuttering poor stray cat Li Xiaojiang and the cheeky and unrestrained cat Zhuo Hang…
The four kittens together made a mahjong table. Besides, the cool and sharp black cat took the lead. This was simply a perfect cat team!