God Level Summoner
Chapter 153

Chapter 153 – Canglan VS Flying Feathers (3)

In the first round, the Flying Feathers combination were defeated by the Zhuo Li combination but Su Guangmo wasn’t surprised by this result. Dong Le was only 16 years old this year and was a newcomer in the Flying Feathers team. His experience in this competition was worse than Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang. He hardly played a role in this round and losing was a normal result.
Fortunately, this guy’s mentality was good and he spent all day being happy. He didn’t show any frustration at losing. He just scratched his head and smiled at Su Guangmo. “Captain, I’m sorry. I couldn’t react…”
Su Guangmo patted him on the shoulder. “It doesn’t matter. Take a break and prepare for the next game.”
Dong Le’ eyes widened with surprise. “Eh? I’m playing in the second game?”
“Yes.” Su Guangmo helplessly gestured to the soundproof room. “Cat God chose three arena games. All outputs in our team should be ready to play three games in a row.”
“Oh!” Dong Le nodded and immediately sat down.
Su Guangmo beckoned. “Cao Lang, Xiao Liu, it’s your turn.”
The two men looked at each other and went to the stage in a tacit manner.
Compared to the rookie Dong Le, Cao Lang and Liu Zili were old players who had been with Su Guangmo for many seasons. Their mentality was relatively stable. Despite the defeat in the first round, the expressions of the two players were calm. They walked to the contestant seats and logged into their accounts without saying anything.
Their teammates had already beaten the Zhuo Li combination into a residual blood state. Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang had less than 20% blood at this time. More importantly, Zhuo and Li had used their powerful skills to kill the previous opponents and their remaining skills weren’t much of a threat.
Many professional players watching the TV were aware that Flying Feathers might’ve lost in the beginning but the disadvantage wasn’t big. As long as the situation was steady, this gap was easy to regain.
Moreover, Flying Feathers had a special player, the blood kin assassin Cao Lang.
Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were the more famous assassin brothers in the professional league. Aside from their strength, the most important thing was the cousin relationship that the media wrote many articles on. They had the highest exposure among the assassin players in the league. Their tacit cooperation made many teams suffer losses and they were rated as the strongest assassin combination in the league by netizens.
In fact, Cao Lang’s personal strength wasn’t much worse than the Lou Zhang brothers but his style wasn’t the same.
Lou Wushuang was a calm and fierce assassin. Zhang Shaohui’s assassin was capable of letting out an explosive force of power. If they had a chance, they could even kill a full blood god.
Cao Lang was different. He was the best at ‘checking for flaws’, not assassination.
This was a typical knife type contestant. In a team fight, he sneaked around as an invisible person. As long as the opponents weren’t paying attention, he would suddenly come to take their heads.
Everyone knew that the Flying Feathers team had swordsmen as their main lineup. However, it was impossible for Flying Feathers to maintain a good result with just swordsmen. It could be said that Cao Lang’s role in the Flying Feathers team was no less than Vice-Captain Yu Pingsheng. His flexible lurking and fast sneak attacks could often exert great effects in team battles.
This person was introverted and never accepted interviews from reporters. His sense of existence was low and the audience wasn’t familiar with him. On the other hand, anyone who encountered Flying Feathers knew that he was a powerful person.
Yu Bing had commented on many games and was clear about the strength of this ‘invisible assassin.’ She saw that Cao Lang and Liu Zili were getting on stage and immediately said, “Cao Lang and Liu Zili, they are old partners in the Flying Feathers team. They shouldn’t give the Zhuo Li combination too many chances.”
Kou Hongyi agreed. “Cao Lang is the best at gaining heads. Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang are currently in a state of residual blood. Their heads should be quickly taken by him.”
Speaking of which, they saw the blood kin assassin secretly lurking behind the hunter Zhuo Hang. His knife descended a few times and took the head of the residual blood Zhuo Hang in one breath.
After killing Zhuo Hang, he immediately lurked behind Li Xiaojiang and killed the two people with the fastest speed. He showed the advantage of a blood kin assassin in the endgame harvest.
There were no shadows and traces. He had the name of a top assassin in the Miracle League for a reason.
The straightforward Kou Hongyi immediately said, “This is really a head harvester. He took less than a minute to take away the residual blood people.”
Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang couldn’t react to what happened. It was their first experience with being quickly assassinated by a top assassin. The two men glanced blankly at each other and turned back to the team.
Li Xiaojiang looked at Li Cangyu with embarrassment. “Captain, I, I wanted to stay longer and persist for a while. But that assassin was too, too, too fast…”
Li Cangyu saw the teenager trying to talk with a red face and couldn’t help smiling. He said, “It doesn’t matter. You performed well killing the first combination of Flying Feathers. Go to rest first.”
Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang sat in their seats, basking in the afterglow of the game just now.
Xiao Han suddenly walked by him and said, “You played well.”
Zhuo Hang glanced at him. “Do you only say these words when praising people?”
Xiao Han nodded earnestly and was about to explain when Gu Siming said, “This type of praise seems calm.”
Everyone laughed. It seemed that the teammates were used to Xiao Han’s strange Chinese.
Xiao Han scratched his head and decided to learn a few more lines of praise from Qin Mo.
Li Cangyu saw this happy scene and his mood relaxed. He was relieved that the teenagers didn’t look as nervous as when the match started. Flying Feathers’ Cao Lang was powerful but Canglan had even more powerful people! Li Cangyu thought this and beckoned to a laughing person. “Ah Shu, it is your turn.”
“All right!” Xie Shurong immediately stood up and took the initiative to pull Bai Xuan’s hand. “Milk God, look at my handsome performance!”
Bai Xuan was speechless. “Can you stop being so narcissistic?”
Xie Shurong showed a handsome smile and declared, “I call it confidence. Let’s go and provide them with some colour.”
Bai Xuan had to helplessly follow him.
Xiao Han seriously pondered on the meaning of ‘provide them with some colour’. He couldn’t figure out this sentence and sent a text message to Qin Mo.
Qin Mo was watching the live broadcast with this teammates in Wind Colour’s training room when he suddenly received a text message. [What does provide them with colour mean?]
He had just drank a mouthful of water and almost spat it out as he coughed violently.
Ling Xuefeng looked back doubtfully. “What’s the matter?”
Qin Mo smiled awkwardly. “It’s nothing.” He thought in his heart, ‘You told me to be the sparring partner of this mixed-race child and now I am being used as a Xinhua dictionary.’
Qin Mo endured the impulse to drop his phone and patiently typed out an explanation. [Provide them with colour is to let them know how powerful you are. It is usually used as fighting words before the battle starts.]
Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully and immediately learnt it. [Do you want to go to the arena this evening? I will provide you with some colour.]
Qin Mo: [……]
Two ellipses meant to be particularly speechless. Xiao Han was puzzled and typed: [Did I say the wrong thing?]
Qin Mo: [Can’t you concentrate on watching the game?!]
Xiao Han: [Yes.]
Xiao Han put away his phone and returned his gaze to the screen.