God Level Summoner
Chapter 365 - The Covenant of Time (5): Confession

Chapter 365 – The Covenant of Time (5): Confession

The warm of the lips caused Cheng Wei’s body to freeze. Tan Shitian took the opportunity to open his teeth and explore with the tongue. He gently swept over the teeth and the gums. His kiss was particularly gentle as if appeasing the other person.
His mouth was full of Tan Shitian’s familiar taste. Cheng Wei’s face became redder and redder. Reason told him that he should immediately push this person away but in the bottom of his heart, he had a strong attachment to Tan Shitian’s kiss. Thus, he couldn’t bear to do the ‘push’ action…
It was unknown how long the kiss lasted but Cheng Wei was dizzy. It wasn’t until he was about to suffocate that Tan Shitian let him go.
Cheng Wei lay on the bed with a flushed face and his wet eyes were dazed. His appearance was tempting to the extreme. If Tan Shitian didn’t have strong self-control, he would likely eat Cheng Wei dry right at this moment.
However, Tan Shitian saw this ignorant expression and was reluctant to hurt him. Tan Shitian took a deep breath and stabilized his emotions. Then he smiled and wiped the liquid on his lips before whispering, “Do you like it?”
Cheng Wei’s soul finally returned and he pushed hard at his person. He sat up on the bed and trembled with anger. “Tan Shitian, do you think it is fun to play with me? You are a bastard! I am your teammate, not a toy you’ve bought! Do you think this type of thing is very fun? How can you be so shameless?”
Cheng Wei’s mouth was very fast when he was scolding people and the speed was comparable to a machine gun. In ordinary circumstances, he could probably scold Tan Shitian for half an hour but today he felt terrible uncomfortable. Once he said these lines, his voice choked up and he couldn’t think of any more words. He could only stare angrily at Tan Shitian.
Tan Shitian didn’t have any awareness of his mistake at all. He saw Cheng Wei’s big eyes and reached out to gently patted Cheng Wei’s hair. He asked softly, “Why are you so angry?”
Cheng Wei quickly blew up and slapped Tan Shitian’s hand. Tan Shitian grabbed his finger and asked, “Tell me, why are you angry? Is it because I kissed you?”
Cheng Wei was stunned. In fact, his anger wasn’t because Tan Shitian kissed him.
Maybe he was a bit angry when Tan Shitian first started joking about this thing. Later, he was kissed by Tan Shitian many times and probably became used to it. He felt that kissing Tan Shitian was particularly comfortable.
Reason told him this wasn’t right. Tan Shitian was a man and the captain of the Time team. They could only be comrades who fought side by side. It was strange that his heart would jump fiercely every time he was kissed and he couldn’t control himself.
Tan Shitian’s kiss was like magic, letting him indulge and forget everything. Even when he dreamt, he remembered it repeatedly. Whenever he thought about it, his heart would beat faster.
Was he crazy? It was obvious that Tan Shitian was just teasing him but he was confused like an idiot.
Cheng Wei became more depressed and his original anger was replaced with sadness. He turned his head away from Tan Shitian’s gaze and spoke softly. “I will book a ticket back to Beijing tomorrow. There are the female members of Red Fox here and they can accompany you to play.”
Tan Shitian gently pinched Cheng Wei’s chin and turned his head. “Are you angry today because of Liu Xiang?”
Cheng Wei’s centre was poked and he became angry again. “Tan Shitian, why don’t you go find a girlfriend? So many beautiful women like you, there is no need to experiment with me. I also have self-respect…”
Before he could finish, he was forcefully hugged by Tan Shitian. “I’m not good and let you misunderstand.”
Cheng Wei pushed him but he was held tighter by Tan Shitian. Cheng Wei was originally small and being hugged like this, his cheek was pressed against Tan Shitian’s chest and he could clearly hear the other person’s heartbeat.
“Xiao Wei, I have a pure friendship with Liu Xiang. I won’t go to find a girlfriend. In fact, I have only kissed you. You are my first kiss and I’m not kissing you for experimentation…” Tan Shitian paused before continuing softly. “I want to kiss you because I like you.”
Cheng Wei listened foolishly and was stunned by the last words.
Tan Shitian smiled and reached out to pat Cheng Wei’s hair, whispering, “From small to big, I have never been close to anyone but you are different. Every time I see you, I want to hug you, kiss you, hold your hand and tie you to my side all the time… this is because I like you.”
Cheng Wei’s spirit finally returned and he blushed. “I am a man. D-Don’t joke around…”
Oh my god, Tan Shitian was confessing to him? Tan Shitian said he liked him? How could this be possible? He always thought that Tan Shitian kissed him as a joke. He didn’t expect Tan Shitian to say that he liked Cheng Wei.
“I’m serious. I’m not joking.” Tan Shitian’s eyes were gentle and deep, his tone extraordinarily sincere. “You just said that you are a man. If I don’t like you, would I kiss a man?”
“…” His words seemed to make sense? Cheng Wei frowned and didn’t know what to do.
“I didn’t tell you before because I was worried about scaring you. Now I really don’t want to endure anymore. I know that it is hard for you to accept. Don’t be afraid. I won’t force you to do anything. I just explained it to you today to let you understand that I like your heart.” Tan Shitian gently held Cheng Wei’s hand. “It was my fault for joking around about this type of thing. I didn’t think about your feelings. I’m sorry and promise to respect your wishes in the future.”
“Cheng Wei, I’m seriously asking you. Are you willing to be together with me like lovers?”
“…” Cheng Wei didn’t know how to answer this question. He was his first time being confessed to and he felt like he had suddenly been smashed with millions of lottery tickets. His head was completely a mess.
Cheng Wei was sitting there in a daze and it was obviously hard for him to digest. Tan Shitian smiled gracefully and let go of Cheng Wei’s hand. “You can rest assured, I won’t force you. Think about it and give me an answer later.”
“Yes…” Cheng Wei nodded awkwardly.
Tan Shitian arranged his hair and smiled. “Go to bed early.
His voice was so good and the gentle confession was enough to make the heart drunk.
The lights in the room turned off and it became dark. Cheng Wei lay in bed and couldn’t sleep.
Tan Shitian’s confession caused him to feel 70% shocked by the remaining 30% was an uncontrollable joy. He found that he didn’t reject Tan Shitian’s affection. On the contrary, he learnt that Tan Shitian wasn’t teasing him and wouldn’t look for a girlfriend and his mood became extremely relaxed and excited.
The person Tan Shitian liked was him. Tan Shitian wasn’t planning to find a girlfriend then couldn’t Cheng Wei always be with Tan Shitian? Tan Shitian would never leave him?
If he was angry, he could go find Tan Shitian to bicker. If he was happy then he could find Tan Shitian to go shopping, watch movies or simply play cards. If he was hungry, Tan Shitian would cook for him…
This life would be just as good as the past few years in the Time team. It was simple, warm and reassuring.
In fact, Cheng Wei never thought about what he would do if he one day left the Time team and the Miracle League. Would it be particularly boring?
However, if Tan Shitian was around, he wouldn’t be so confused about his future life.
His mouth hadn’t given a clear answer but Cheng Wei kept thinking about how good it felt to spend time with Tan Shitian. In his heart, he had already given the answer.
Due to insomnia last night, Cheng Wei woke up when it was almost noon. Tan Shitian wasn’t in the hotel room which made Cheng Wei feel more relaxed. At least he didn’t have to face the other person in this embarrassing state.
He ran to the bathroom to quickly wash his face and brushed his teeth. Then he sat on the bed and waited for Tan Shitian to come back. As if their hearts were connected, Tan Shitian opened the door and saw Cheng Wei sitting there. He sat next to him and looked at Cheng Wei softly. “Are you hungry? Let’s go have lunch first.”
Cheng Wei wondered, “Where did you go?”
“I want to buy tickets for a sightseeing event. We can go directly after eating.”
Cheng Wei was a bit embarrassed and scratched his head. “I overslept. Why didn’t you call me?”
Tan Shitian replied, “You lost sleep last night and I wanted you to sleep a bit more.”
“How do you know that I didn’t sleep last night?” Cheng Wei glanced at him with surprise.
“It is because I also found it hard to sleep.” Tan Shitian replied frankly as he smiled at Cheng Wei. “I confessed to someone for the first time and was worried about being rejected. Thus, I didn’t sleep well.”
Cheng Wei’s heart jumped. He immediately looked away and whispered, “The things you said last night. I don’t understand things about love. If you want, we can… try it first?”
Tan Shitian was stunned. His understood what Cheng Wei was saying and his heart felt ecstatic. He gently held Cheng Wei’s shoulder and his voice trembled with excitement. “Cheng Wei, do you know what you are saying?”
Cheng Wei scratched his head, his expression still a bit dazed. “I have only played games in the past few years and don’t know what it means by liking someone. In any case, I don’t want to see you with a girlfriend or see you kiss others. You want to be with me so let’s try it.”
This guy didn’t know about love? He had a strong desire not to ‘see you kiss others’ and still said he didn’t like a person?
Cheng Wei’s face showed he was troubled thinking about this complicated problem, like encountering a mathematical problem that couldn’t be understood. He was a bit stupid but was also straightforward and cute.
Tan Shitian knew that in apart from competitions and games, Cheng Wei was slow and ignorant about feelings. Now Cheng Wei felt jealous because Tan Shitian walked with other girls and his heart beat faster because of a kiss… this showed that Cheng Wei actually liked him. However, Cheng Wei hadn’t experienced this before and couldn’t distinguish his emotions.
Tan Shitian had been waiting many years for Cheng Wei to finally open up. How could he let go once it happened?
Tan Shitian reached out and held Cheng Wei gently. He smiled and said, “From today on, we will be together as lovers. You promised so you can’t feel regret.”
Cheng Wei also reached out and tentatively hugged the other person. He declared seriously, “I won’t regret it.”
Surprisingly, the feeling of holding Tan Shitian was wonderful. The refreshing and gentle atmosphere of Tan Shitian’s body was transmitted through the nose and warmed his heart.
Tan Shitian tightened his arms and even had the urge to cry. After joining the Time team, the most unexpected harvest was the person in his arms.
Perhaps Cheng Wei had many shortcomings but in Tan Shitian’s heart, this was the love he wanted to protect all his life.