God Level Summoner
Chapter 366 - The Covenant of Time (6)

Chapter 366 – The Covenant of Time (6)

Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei prepared to go out for lunch. As a result, Tan Shitian’s phone suddenly rang. Cheng Wei saw that the name on the caller ID was Liu Xiang. Yesterday, he had been depressed because Tan Shitian and Liu Xiang were too close but Tan Shitian clearly explained things last night. Now Cheng Wei saw Liu Xiang’s name and felt somewhat embarrassed.”
“Hello, Liu Xiang.” Tan Shitian picked up the phone calmly.
“Have you had lunch with Xiao Wei? I found a special restaurant near your hotel. You invited us for dinner last night so I should invite you for a meal.” Yang Muzi interjected next to her. “Tell them that the food in this restaurant is delicious! I’ve been there once!”
Tan Shitian looked at Cheng Wei and asked him what to do by mouthing it. Cheng Wei scratched his head and whispered, “Since Captain Liu kindly invited us to eat, we should go. It is too impolite to refuse directly.”
Tan Shitian nodded and replied on the phone. “Thank you, please send me the address and I’ll come over with Xiao Wei.”
He hung up the phone and pinched Cheng Wei’s face, asking in a low voice, “Are you eating Liu Xiang’s vinegar?”
Cheng Wei was embarrassed and exclaimed angrily, “Who is eating her vinegar? Don’t talk nonsense! Captain Liu is an excellent female player. Why are you guys always dragging her out as cannon fodder?”
Tan Shitian wanted to laugh but was afraid of Cheng Wei and forcibly held it back. He smiled and replied, “Okay, I was wrong.”
It was the usual bickering but the air seemed filled with a sweet flavour.
Cheng Wei’s heart beat faster and he turned to change his clothes. Previously in the dormitory, they were both boys and Cheng Wei hadn’t been uncomfortable changing clothes in front of Tan Shitian. He took off his pyjamas and put on a simple t-shirt, not noticing that Tan Shitian was watching behind him.
After changing his clothes, Cheng Wei turned back and wondered, “Are we going now?”
Tan Shitian took a deep breath and smiled before taking Cheng Wei’s hand. “Let’s go.”
Cheng Wei felt somewhat awkward and wanted to pull his hand back but Tan Shitian held it tightly. Cheng Wei no longer struggled and headed to the restaurant with Tan Shitian.
After arriving at the restaurant, they found out that Liu Xiang would leave Suzhou today to go to Hangzhou. The reason she invited Tan Cheng to lunch was also a polite farewell.
The private room had already been booked and Yang Muzi warmly invited the two people to sit down. Tan Shitian was worried that Cheng Wei would be unhappy and deliberately separated from Liu Xiang with an empty seat. He sat to Cheng Wei’s side and thoughtfully passed the dishes to Cheng Wei. He even peeled crab meat and placed it on Cheng Wei’s plate.
Liu Xiang smiled and said, “Captain Tan really takes care of people.”
Tan Shitian explained, “He doesn’t peel crabs. Previously in the Time team, he tried to eat crabs and made a mess, but he couldn’t obtain much meat. He struggled with the crab legs and I was almost anxious to death.”
Cheng Wei’s face turned red as he glared at Tan Shitian. “Can you not mention my black history!”
Tan Shitian immediately made a zipping gesture at his mouth and said, “Okay, I won’t say it.”
Liu Xiang saw this scene and couldn’t help laughing. There were rumours online that Tan Cheng didn’t agree and often argued. Now it seemed that Tan Shitian was always protecting Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei was more straightforward and didn’t consider the consequences while Tan Shitian was gentle and tolerate. Their personalities actually fit well.
After lunch, Liu Xiang took the initiative to pay the bill. They separated at the restaurant door. The female members of Red Fox headed to the station together while Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei went to see the famous Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou Gardens.
There were many tourists. They were all strangers but it would be difficult if people familiar with Miracle recognized the two of them. If they saw the two people holding hands, it would be very troublesome to explain. Tan Shitian was always measured when doing things and didn’t hold Cheng Wei’s hand in the crowd. The two men walked next to each other like ordinary friends and took photos when they met beautiful sights.
Usually, they were facing the computer all day and it was difficult to relax. Cheng Wei was very excited and held his phone to take photos non-stop. Tan Shitian saw his energetic appearance and couldn’t help smiling. In fact, the actual Cheng Wei was an easy person. Just give him something to eat and occasionally take him out to play and he would be particularly happy.
He was easy to satisfy. He had no ambition and didn’t care about luxury. Such a person lived simply and happily and this was the part Tan Shitian liked most about him. Tan Shitian liked to see Cheng Wei happy. This type of Cheng Wei made Tan Shitian feel that his mood was particularly clear, just like the blue sky above him.
The journey plan was 10 days. The two people played in Suzhou for a few days before diverting to Yangzhou and Hangzhou to have fun.
Once the journey was over, Tan Shitian took Cheng Wei back to Beijing. For the full 10 day trip, Cheng Wei didn’t need to worry about anything regarding tickets, hotels, attractions and places to eat. He just needed to follow Tan Shitian.
Sitting on the plane back to Beijing, the biggest feeling in Cheng Wei’s heart was that Tan Shitian was a very considerate person. It was really comfortable being with him!
The club was on holiday so returning to the dormitory wasn’t convenient. Tan Shitian thought about it and suggested, “In any case, the team will start training in two weeks. Do you want to go to my place to stay for a few days?”
Cheng Wei was a bit embarrassed. “Your place? How will I explain to your parents…”
Tan Shitian smiled. “My parents aren’t in Beijing. I live alone in my house so you don’t have to worry.”
Cheng Wei immediately became happy after hearing this and promised, “Okay, I haven’t been to your home yet!”
Cheng Wei followed Tan Shitian to a community with high-rise buildings that had over 30 floors. Cheng Wei might not understand Beijing’s housing prices but he could guess that a house here wasn’t cheap. In the end, Cheng Wei didn’t ask if Tan Shitian’s parents had given him this place or if he bought it himself. Cheng Wei just followed Tan Shitian into the elevator to the 30th floor.
The two bedroom, one bathroom house was decorated in a very simple style. The pictures hanging in the living room matched the surrounding furniture and was obviously chosen by the owner. The bedroom was very comfortable and warm. Apart from the large double bed and tailored wardrobe, there were no extra decorations. It was warm and simple.
There was also a room that was furnished as a study. The design of the study was simple and elegant. After entering, a desk with two soft chairs could be seen. The opposite side of the table contained a bookcase that occupied a whole wall. It was full of books and famous titles all over the world could be seen in one glance.
After looking around the place, Cheng Wei returned to the door of the study and was surprised. “Do you like reading books?”
Tan Shitian replied, “Yes, I usually take a look when I am free.”
Cheng Wei’s face was full of admiration. “No wonder why you know so much. I don’t like reading books. When I was young, I fell asleep as soon as I read any books.”
Tan Shitian imagining him holding a book and dozing off and couldn’t help rubbing Cheng Wei’s head. “You must’ve always been beaten up as a kid for being naughty, right?”
Cheng Wei was embarrassed. “How did you know?”
Tan Shitian just smiled at him. “Put away your luggage first and take a shower. I’ll go prepare dinner.”
By the time Cheng Wei came out of the shower, a hearty meal had been set up in the dining room.
The two people ate facing each other and Cheng Wei was feeling particularly satisfied. He really wanted to be together with Tan Shitian like this.
At 10 o’clock in the evening, Tan Shitian finished taking a shower and found that Cheng Wei was wandering around the house. He asked in a puzzled manner, “What are you looking for?”
Cheng Wei walked over. “Where will I sleep?”
Tan Shitian told him, “Sleep in the bedroom.”
“Then where will you sleep?”
Tan Shitian finally understood his thoughts and smiled. “I will also sleep in the bedroom. The bed is big enough, don’t worry.”
Cheng Wei just nodded. “Then I’m going to sleep.”
The two of them walked into the bedroom. Cheng Wei was lying in bed and about to go to sleep when Tan Shitian suddenly hugged him from behind.
Cheng Wei’s heart beat like a drum and he was too stiff to move.
Tan Shitian whispered, “Xiao Wei, I want to kiss you.”
This gentle voice couldn’t be refused at all. In any case, it wasn’t the first time kissing. Cheng Wei turned around and said with a red face, “This time I will kiss you.”
He had been ‘taught’ many times and Cheng Wei was eager to take the initiative. Tan Shitian heard this and his eyes lit up. His hands clung to Cheng Wei and he smiled. “Okay.”
Cheng Wei was excited and kissed him with a curious attitude. His movements were raw and bit rough but this simple kiss instantly ignited Tan Shitian’s desire that he had been suppressing for a long time.
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Tan Shitian stared at the person sleeping in his arms and his heart filled with happiness. He couldn’t help kissing Cheng Wei’s red lips and declared softly, “Xiao Wei, I love you.”
He finally had Cheng Wei.
In the future, he would use his full strength to protect the lover who trusted him.