God Level Summoner
Chapter 367 - Brothers’ Feelings (1)

Extra 2 Chapter 367 – Brothers’ Feelings (1)

After the World Competition, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui returned to Shenzhen. Since the Ghost Spirits team was on holiday, the club only had one security guard left. Thus, the two directly returned home with their luggage.
Both of Zhang Shaohui’s parents died at a very young age and he was taken in by a distant cousin. He stayed in this home for more than 10 years and although his blood relationship with his cousin was very distant, he always treated has as his aunt in his heart.
When the two people arrived home, Zhang Wen was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Zhang Shaohui smelt the delicious fragrance and curiously asked, “A good smell. Auntie, what are you making that is so delicious?”
Mother Lou smiled. “I am making your favourite braised pork ribs to five to the two of you.”
Lou Wushuang’s personality was cold and he rarely communicated with his parents. On the other hand, Zhang Shaohui was enthusiastic and honest, especially with his elders. After a long time, Zhang Shaohui was like this family’s own son.
Lou Wushuang entered the house and saw a man sitting on the sofa of the living room while reading a newspaper. He went over and greeted the man. “Father.”
Instead of going to a university, Lou Wushuang ran to the e-sports world with his cousin. Lou Wushuang’s father was so angry he almost got a heart attack but Lou Wushuang was stubborn and didn’t listen to his parents’ advice. His father had been worried and had little contact with his son in recent years. The relationship between father and son was very rigid.
It wasn’t until the Ghost Spirits won the championship under Lou Wushuang’s leadership that his father’s thoughts gradually changed.
This time, the Lou Zhang brothers represented the national team in the World Competition. Father Lou might not understand the game but he watched several live broadcasts with his wife. Every time he saw the brothers playing, he couldn’t help feeling excited.
Perhaps the older generation’s thoughts were too old. He didn’t understand the e-sports that young people played but since it received the approval of the state, it showed it wasn’t a bad business. His son had strong opinions from a young age and he should accept it.
Thinking of this, the man’s expression softened a lot and he glanced at his son. “Put away your luggage first and get ready to eat.”
“Yes.” Lou Wushuang placed his luggage in the bedroom, washed and returned to the table. Zhang Shaohui was already helping Mother Lou set up a table full of delicacies.
The family sat down to eat. Lou Wushuang’s face was as cold as always as he ate. It was Zhang Shaohui who excitedly told the two elders many things about the World Competition, laughing as Mother Lou praised him.
After dinner, Zhang Shaohui went to the kitchen to help cut a plate of fruit. Lou Wushuang headed to the living room and said, “Father, I have something to discuss with you.”
The son usually didn’t speak a lot but once he spoke seriously, it showed there was something important to discuss.
Father Lou took it seriously and asked, “What is it?”
Lou Wushuang told him, “I and Ah Hui have grown up and it isn’t convenient to live at home. I want to buy a house and move out.”
Zhang Shaohui heard this and immediately came over while scratching his head. “Brother, or I will move away…”
“Don’t interrupt.” Lou Wushuang scolded him and watched his father as he continued. “Our family’s home is too small. There are only two rooms and Ah Hui and I have been sharing a room. Two children can squeeze into a bed to sleep but now we are so big. The two of us can’t sleep in one bed, right?”
Mother Lou agreed. “You are right, I also think this house is too much. They are both over 20 years old and it will be difficult to live with elders when they get married.” She cut the apples as she spoke. “Let’s say that Ah Hui wants to find a girlfriend. Who will be willing to speak to him if they know he lives with his cousin’s family?”
Zhang Shaohui exclaimed, “It is still early. Brother should find one first…”
Lou Wushuang stared coldly at him and Zhang Shaohui immediately shut up. He sensed that his cousin seemed a bit angry but didn’t know the reason. He had to sit next to his cousin and stay silent.
“I have been saving up and there is enough to buy a house. I want to buy a two bedroom place and will first move out with Ah Hui for a while. Then we will think about the future.” Lou Wushuang’s expression was very serious and there was no way to refute his reasons.
Mother Lou expressed support. “This is good. Buying two sets at a time won’t cost as much money. You can first buy a place to move out. In any case, the two of you are young and can slowly earn money before changing to a bigger house.”
Zhang Shaohui glanced at Lou Wushuang and asked tentatively, “I also have some savings. Brother… should we buy it together?”
Lou Wushuang wasn’t angry this time and nodded. “Okay.”
Three people in the family agreed and Father Lou had nothing to object to. He could only say, “It isn’t a trivial matter to buy a house. Take a few real estate agents to take a look and compare before making a decision.”
“Rest assured, I’ll consider it carefully.” Lou Wushuang turned to Zhang Shaohui. “Tomorrow, go and look at houses with me. It is best to buy a place during this holiday.”
“Yes, I know!” Zhang Shaohui nodded and promised.
After taking a shower, the parents went to sleep first and Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui took successively took a bath. Zhang Shaohui found that it was really inconvenient for everyone to live together, especially when it came to bathing at night. It felt uncomfortable lining up with elders for the shower. At least in the Ghost Spirits team, he shared a double dormitory with Lou Wushuang.
They had lived together in this bedroom for more than 10 years. It didn’t feel crowded when they were young, only warm. Now the two 20 year old men really would be uncomfortable when crammed into one bed.
Zhang Shaohui saw his brother sitting on the edge of the bed and suggested, “Brother, I will take the floor tonight.”
“It is just a few days, Squeezing in is nothing.” Lou Wushuang pointed to the spot next to him. “Come over, I have something to say to you.”
Zhang Shaohui immediately walked over and sat down. “Brother, tell me.”
“The reason I want to move out isn’t to abandon you. Don’t misunderstand.” Lou Wushuang pushed up his glasses and stared seriously. “We are grown up and it is inconvenient to live with my parents. If it is our own home, we can casually wear shorts in the summer. However, if there are elders then we must be scrupulous in all aspects, whether it is playing games or watching TV. I am also worried about arguing with them. Do you understand what I mean?”
“Of course I understand!” Zhang Shaohui smiled. “I know that you wouldn’t abandon me. You have been treating me as a younger brother since childhood. How could you do that?” He wrapped an arm around Lou Wushuang’s shoulder to express brotherly affection.
Lou Wushuang turned a blind eye to it while thinking, ‘Who will treat you as a brother? The blood relationship between us is distant enough to be my great-grandfather’s generation!’
The blood relationship was so distant yet Lou Wushuang’s parents took in Zhang Shaohui to raise. In fact, it was because Lou Wushuang’s personality was too cold and he never played with other children. His mother was worried her son would experience problems and took in Zhang Shaohui to give him a companion.
Zhang Shaohui came home and Lou Wushuang’s personality really improved a lot. At the very least, he would smile. Whenever the two children played together, Zhang Shaohui would toss the toys while Lou Wushuang watched from the side but it was better than Lou Wushuang being alone.
After growing up together, Zhang Shaohui was like a small heater. He filled Lou Wushuang’s childhood and teenage years with sunshine and happiness, making him long inseparable from this brother.
It was just that this strong emotion that almost burned him had always been well hidden in his heart.
That night, Zhang Shaohui stubbornly slept on the ground. he felt that his height of 1.8 metres and his strength would definitely squeeze his brother, making Lou Wushuang’s sleep uncomfortable.
Lou Wushuang felt helpless as he saw Zhang Shaohui lying on the floor while covered in a blanket. Lou Wushuang really wanted to bring him up but knew this type of thing couldn’t be forced. Otherwise, it would be counterproductive.
The next morning, they finished eating and Lou Wushuang brought Zhang Shaohui to a real estate agency to express his ideas and requirements.
“I’d like it to be quiet. It is better if the community isn’t in the downtown area. The environment should be better. The size of the house doesn’t need to be too large. Two rooms sufficient for two people to live are enough.” Lou Wushuang spoke in a calm manner.
The sister assisting them asked seriously, “A place for two people to live, Mr. Lou, are you preparing a wedding house?”
Lou Wushuang replied lightly, “Yes.”
Zhang Shaohui scratched his head. His cousin was buying a house in advance for marriage? Then Zhang Shaohui would borrow it a while and once his brother got a girlfriend, he would move out. Zhang Shaohui thought this and felt relieved.
The agent seemed to be saying something to him. Lou Wushuang was forced to turn around and asked, “Do you like an elevator or a staircase?”
Zhang Shaohui’s senses returned and he was startled. “Eh?” What about him? Wasn’t Lou Woushang preparing a wedding house?
Lou Wushuang’s face was cold. “Would you like an elevator or staircase? Or do you want to buy a villa?”
Zhang Shaohui laughed. “This… Brother, you decide.” Then he went to Lou Wushuang and whispered, “Isn’t a villa expensive? I don’t think it is necessary to buy a big wedding house. A small house is warm and good enough.”
“I think so too.” Lou Wushuang nodded. “Then buy a place in a high-rise building. A good community with property management is better and the facilities should be perfect. I don’t want to pay money every month for the loan. A lump sum… how about your money?”
Zhang Shaohui immediately pulled out his bank card and handed it to Lou Wushuang. “No problem, here’s all my money for you!”
Lou Wushuang accepted the card and a hint of a smile appeared on his cold face.
There was a saying that accounts shouldn’t be settled between brothers. However, once Lou Wushuang asked for money, Zhang Shaohui didn’t hesitate to take out all his savings. This wasn’t something that ordinary people could do.
Did it mean the feelings between them had already surpassed ordinary brotherhood?