God Level Summoner
Chapter 368 - Brothers’ Feelings (2)

Chapter 368 – Brothers’ Feelings (2)

Lou Wushuang didn’t buy a house on a whim. He had long checked a lot of information and found a well-respected real estate agency. The agent’s work was very efficient and several houses that met his requirements were chosen in less than three days. Lou Wushuang took his brother to see a few properties and wasn’t very satisfied. The agent said they would continue to check and the two brothers returned home.
A long day of running around resulted in nothing. On the way back, Lou Wushuang was very cold. Zhang Shaohui knew he was in a bad mood and took the initiative to comfort him. “Brother, don’t worry. There is still a lot of time left on the holiday and I will accompany you to see and choose a good one.”
He just finished speaking when the phone rang. Zhang Shaohui picked it up and heard a gentle female voice. “Is this Zhang Shaohui? I’m Liu Ying, the monitor of Class 37. Do you remember?”
Zhang Shaohui smiled. “Class monitor, of course I remember!”
In high school, Lou Wushuang’s performance was excellent and he was assigned to a key class of the school. Zhang Shaohui naturally couldn’t be in the same class with his brother and Class 37 was an ordinary class. Zhang Shaohui’s grades weren’t very good but he got along with his class. He was on Class 37’s sports committee. He was tall, handsome, friendly and played basketball. He often helped girls carry things to the dormitory and was naturally very popular with girls.
It was just that Zhang Shaohui was unable of the love of the girls. Every day, he would go to the school gates to go home with Lou Wushuang. Lou Wushuang was cold and the sharp eyes behind the lens frightened people. Many girls wanted to express their affection to Zhang Shaohui but didn’t dare approach him because of the natural moving ice cube around him.
Lou Wushuang actually knew the thoughts of these girls. There were at least four girls in Class 37 who liked Zhang Shaohui. Once he heard Zhang Shaohui called ‘class monitor’ on the phone, his face immediately cooled down.
“Class reunion?” Zhang Shaohui was a bit surprised, “How many of them will be at this party? Ah Niu and the others are going? Well… I am also idle these days. Send me the time and place and I will come.”
Zhang Shaohui hung up the phone and explained to his brother, “It was my high school’s class monitor to organize a reunion.”
Lou Wushuang asked lightly, “Do you want to go?”
“Well, I haven’t seen them for two years after graduation. The party is in Shenzhen and quite a few people are going.” Zhang Shaohui’s tone was a bit excited. “Do you remember Ah Nui and the others? A few of my best friends in high school are going so I should join in the fun.”
HIs phone screen lit up. It was a text message with the time and address of the class reunion. Zhang Shaohui replied that he received it and then there was a message stating that the class monitor had added him to the class group on WeChat.
The class group of Class 37 had 40 people as members. There was actually so many.
“Wow, the whole class is here!” Zhang Shaohui exclaimed while typing. “Brother, do you remember my class monitor? She was the school flower of that year.”
“Yes.” Lou Wushuang replied lightly but the image of the girl who secretly followed Zhang Shaohui with a red face appeared in his mind and he couldn’t help feeling annoyed.
At the class reunion, would all the girls who secretly loved Zhang Shaohui in the past confess to him?
Should he hurry and start? Otherwise, what if his stupid younger brother was taken away by someone else?
Lou Wushuang frowned as he considered the timing. Zhang Shaohui was excitedly chatting with his old classmates in the WeChat group and didn’t realize his brother’s strangeness.
At noon the next day, Lou Wushuang received news from the agent that a house owner was going abroad and wanted to get out as soon as possible. The house type fit Lou Wushuang’s requirements and he should take a look.
Lou Wushuang drove with his brother to check and sure enough, there were no disappointments.
The house size was small but the layout was reasonable. It faced the north and south and had plenty of natural light. The living room and dining room were very spacious. There were two bedrooms. One was the master bedroom with a double bed and the other was a child’s room. The bathroom was large in size and even had a large bathtub.
It could be seen that the furniture had just been moved in and was very new. The label on the bathtub wasn’t torn and it had obviously never been used.
The agent introduced it. “Mr. Lou, this house was newly renovated for a young couple. They originally planned to move in after getting married this month. However, due to changes in the man’s business, the couple decided to go abroad together to develop. They don’t have many relatives in China and it is useless to keep the house. It is too much trouble to rent so they entrusted it to our company to sell as soon as possible.”
“Yes.” Lou Wushuang nodded and carefully examined the furnishings of the house.
According to the agent, the couple had to go abroad just after decorating the wedding house. It was a wedding house so the decorating style was warm and sweet, just in line with his heart.
He originally wanted to buy an empty place to decorate himself but the design to construction would take at least three months. After ordinary furniture, he would have to wait another month. Then after all the furniture was set up, he had to ventilate it. He would only be able to move in by approximately the Spring Festival of net year. Now this renovated wedding house in front of him was cheap and ready-made.
Lou Wushuang thought about it and asked, “What is the owner’s offer?”
The agent reported a price and explained after seeing that Lou Wushuang’s expression didn’t change. “It is a new house with fine decorations so the price is slightly more expensive. After all, the owners selected the furniture and the materials are a relatively good brand. The environmental protection and quality can be assured. The house has been installed and if you buy it, you can move in directly.”
Lou Wushuang nodded and praised, “The house is really good.”
He wasn’t good at communicating with people since he was a child, not to mention bargaining. Zhang Shaohui was worried his brother would agree immediately and stepped forward. “This house is good but the price is too expensive. If you talk to the owner about a 10% discount, we will consider it.”
The agent was a bit embarrassed. “10% is a bit…”
Zhang Shaohui mentioned, “They just need money for going abroad. Not to mention that such an expensive house won’t necessarily be sold. If the price is right, we can pay it off in one lump sum. This will also save them some trouble, right?”
The agent and Zhang Shaohui started to bargain. Lou Wushuang didn’t like to argue with people and turned to the bedroom.
The house was located on the 26th floor. He stood in front of the floor to ceiling windows and the view was very wide. He could imagine standing here at night and overlooking the bustling city of lights.
Lou Wushuang really liked this place. He turned to the agent and said, “I will consider this house. Take to the owners about my brother’s advice on the price. If appropriate, we can do the transfer formalities in the next few days.”
It was rare to encounter such a simple buyer. The agent nodded and promised to go back to talk to the owners.
That evening, the agent sent a message stating that the owners agreed to sell at the discounted price. It was very difficult to find a buyer who would pay a one-time lump sum for such an expensive house. It was clear that the owners were urgent to go abroad and wanted to get this done. Both sides hit it off. Lou Wushuang had always been vigorous in his work. In a few days, the real estate contract was signed and he was ready to move in.
Most of his daily necessities with Zhang Shaohui were in the dormitory of the Ghost Spirits team. Their room at home mainly contained childhood toys, textbooks from the student era and many things that weren’t needed at a new home. Lou Wushuang simply packed up a few clothes, stuffed a photo album locked in his drawer into the box and moved into his new home with Zhang Shaohui.
It happened to be night when they moved in. Zhang Shaohui saw the bustling night scene from the windows and cried out excitedly, “Brother, you are really visionary. This house is a bargain buy.”
Lou Wushuang replied, “It is our luck.”
“Of course, your luck has always been good!” Zhang Shaohui turned around and asked, “Are you hungry? Let me go and cook.”
Zhang Shaohui went to the open kitchen to make dinner and Lou Wushuang took a shower in the bathroom.
Once he came back, he found that Zhang Shaohui had cooked rice, garlic and cabbage, braised eggplant, fried bamboo shoots and seaweed egg soup. It was very simple home cooking. Zhang Shaohui’s cooking wasn’t the best but for Lou Wushuang, these dishes were very appetizing.
He was able to have dinner with Zhang Shaohui in their own home. The image he imagined for many years and repeated in his dreams had finally come true, making him uncontrollably excited.
However, in front of Zhang Shaohui’s calm gaze, he had to suppress the strong desire in his heart and calmly bow his head to eat.
They finished eating and Zhang Shaohui started to unpack. Lou Wushuang owned the place and the master bedroom was naturally given to him. Zhang Shaohui was a guest and ran to the child’s room.
He was just a bit worried…
The original owners of the house clearly planned to have a child as soon as possible after marriage. The child’s room was very cute. The wallpaper was covered with robot cats and the curtains filled with ABC letters. The bed in the room was also a light blue child’s bed. The tall Zhang Shaohui couldn’t sleep in this child’s bed at all. His knees would directly hang out and look particularly funny.
Lou Wushuang looked at him lying on the child’s bed and couldn’t help smiling. “You aren’t a child, why are you running to the child’s room Just sleep in the master bedroom.”
Zhang Shaohui was embarrassed. Isn’t there only one bed in the master bedroom?”
Wasn’t one bed good? They could sleep together. Lou Wushuang thought this in his heart but the surface was calm. “First squeeze in with me. The double bed is very large and we will have no trouble speaking. Wait a few days for me to demolish the child’s room and then I will buy you a big bed.”
His brother’s words made sense. Zhang Shaohui nodded and promised. “Okay!”
That night, Zhang Shaohui didn’t sleep on the floor and slept with Lou Wushuang in the double bed.
There was only one quilt on the bed but the large size meant they wouldn’t be crowded when sleeping. Zhang Shaohui was heartless and soon fell asleep. Lou Wushuang lay in bed and couldn’t sleep at all after feeling the familiar atmosphere of the man beside him.
After a while, he noticed that Zhang Shaohui was sleeping and Lou Wushuang was bold enough to take the initiative. The sleeping Zhang Shaohui became aware of a cold body close to him and took the initiative to reach out and bring his brother into his arms.
Lou Wushuang was suddenly held in a warm body and couldn’t help narrowing his eyes comfortably.
Lou Wushuang’s body had been cold since he was small. As a child, he used to rely on Zhang Shaohui to warm up. After a long time, Zhang Shaohui was used to holding his brother to sleep and conveying warmth through his body.
Zhang Shaohui subconsciously hugged Lou Wushuang in his sleep and this made Lou Wushuang’s heartbeat speed up. He couldn’t help leaning into Zhang Shaohui’s arms and his cold face was unusually gentle.
Lou Wushuang took a deep breath to stabilize his heartbeat. Then he reached out and hugged his brother’s strong waist.
This was his man and no one was allowed to covet him.