God Level Summoner
Chapter 369 - Brothers’ Feelings (3): Drunk

Chapter 369 – Brothers’ Feelings (3): Drunk

Early the next morning, Zhang Shaohui was woken up by a ringtone. He found that his brother was sleeping very well in his arms and immediately pressed the phone, replying shortly. “It is inconvenient to answer the phone. Say it in WeChat.”
The other side soon sent a message in WeChat. [Today’s reunion is at 5:30 in the restaurant. I will send you the address of the restaurant. Don’t forget!”
[Rest assured, Class Monitor.] Zhang Shaohui replied only to look down and find that Lou Wushuang had opened his eyes and was staring in confusion. His brother was frosty and looked difficult to approach but only Zhang Shaohui knew that he would be confused for a while every morning after waking up. His face had many interesting expressions during this time.
“Brother, you woke up?” Zhang Shaohui noticed his brother was holding him for warmth and asked, “Are you cold? Recently, it has started to cool down. I will turn on the heater when going to sleep.”
“Yes.” Lou Wushuang finally woke up completely. His eyes restored their sense of reason and he let go of Zhang Shaohui’s arm. As he got out of bed, he asked, “Is the class reunion today?”
“Yes, how did you know?”
“I saw it last time Liu Ying texted you.” Lou Wushuang put on his glasses and changed clothes. “What time is it? I’ll drive you.”
“5:30 in the evening.” Zhang Shaohui smiled. “Brother, wash your face first. I’ll get you breakfast.”
Lou Wushuang watched him turn towards the kitchen and clenched his fists. This younger brother had accompanied him through childhood and adolescence and would accompany him to the next life.
No matter how good these girls were, he would never let his brother go.
In the evening, Lou Wushuang drove Zhang Shaohui to the location of the class reunion.
A girl in a pure white dress stood at the door and saw Zhang Shaohui getting down from the car. She greeted him warmly. “Is this Zhang Shaohui? I haven’t seen you for two years and you’ve grown taller!”
Zhang Shaohui smiled back. “Class Monitor, you have also become more beautiful!”
The girl in front of him was really beautiful. She had been beautiful since high school and had a cheerful personality. She was business-like when acting as the class monitor and teachers and students were very fond of her. Lou Wushuang also had an impression of her.
Liu Ying saw the man sitting coldly in the car and asked, “That is?”
Zhang Shaohui explained, “My brother, he sent me over.”
“Oh, Lou Wushuang right? Do you want to eat together?”
Lou Wushuang replied lightly, “Okay.”
Zhang Shaohui and Liu Ying were both stunned by the words.
Anybody could tell that Liu Ying’s words were only polite. Lou Wushuang was also an alumnus so Liu Ying had politely asked to eat together. Then he should say ‘no need.’ After all, this was a gathering for Class 37 and it was very strange for Lou Wushuang from a different class to enter.
Zhang Shaohui didn’t expect his brother to actually agree. His brother usually hated this type of noisy occasion? How was he so abnormal today?
He hadn’t figured out what was going on when Lou Wushuang found a parking spot and came to Liu Ying. “I know some students in your class. Do you mind if I eat together?”
Liu Ying immediately replied, “Of course I don’t mind! Some people brought their boyfriends and girlfriends so today is lively!”
There were indeed people who brought their other half but Zhang Shaohui was the only one who brought his brother!
Lou Wushuang’s appearance surprised many people but due to the large scale of the reunion, half of Class 37 came and there were almost 30 people if their family members were added. The class monitor booked three tables and everyone chatted while eating. The atmosphere was fun.
A boy who had a good relationship with Zhang Shaohui in high school came over and patted him on the shoulder. “I didn’t expect you to be so good and actually represent the country in a world competition! I followed your Weibo two days ago and the number of fans is really scary!”
Zhang Shaohui was embarrassed and scratched his head. “This is my luck.”
Liu Ying ran over and joked, “How about Vice-Captain Zhang give me an autograph? Your brother happens to be here today and my boyfriend is a diehard fan of the Ghost Spirits team!”
The students of Class 37 were particularly lively in their school days. Liu Ying took the lead and a group of people followed suit. In particular, the boys toasted Zhang Shaohui one by one. Zhang Shaohui’s ability to drink was good but he couldn’t cope with so many people joining and soon became drunk.
Originally, Liu Ying’s plan was to go KTV to sing after dinner. It was rare to get together after graduation and if they didn’t play all night, she would be sorry for the students who rushed from far away. Zhang Shaohui couldn’t help giving everyone face and followed.
In the KTV room, those who loved singing grabbed the microphone while those who didn’t love to sing played the turntable game. Zhang Shaohui’s luck was particularly bad today. The turntable always stopped in front of him to punish him, letting him drink or giving him a dare.
This time it was a dare and the classmate next to him cheered. “Casually find a person to kiss!”
Zhang Shaohui was drunk and his mind was somewhat confused. He asked in a daze, “F-Find who?”
Someone suggested, “Find the one you think looks the best!”
Lou Wushuang didn’t like this excitement and sat quietly in a corner, as if completely isolated from the noisy scene. Class 37 loved playing but they weren’t familiar with him and didn’t dare go to bother him.
At this time, Lou Wushuang suddenly got up and walked over. It happened just as Zhang Shaohui was looking for the target of his dare. A familiar figure appeared in his blurred vision and his brother’s cold breath gave his brain burned with alcohol a strange comfort. He didn’t hesitate to hold the other person and kiss him.
The noisy KTV room became quite and the classmates were dumbfounded. They were shocked by Zhang Shaohui kissing his brother and the atmosphere became awkward.
Zhang Shaohui was so drunk that once he felt the soft lips and the refreshing taste of the person in his arms, he wanted to integrate with the other side.
Thus, he hugged the other person tighter and was very involved.
There was silence as the group of people staring with wide eyes didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, there were no e-sports reporters or else Zhang Shaohui’s bold kissing of his brother would be turned into headline news.
A moment later, Lou Wushuang with bitten lips finally pushed away Zhang Shaohui. He turned to Liu Ying and said, “My brother is drunk and has lost his mind. I will take him back first.”
Liu Ying quickly replied, “Yes, today he did drink too much, cough cough… you should go back first.”
Lou Wushuang nodded and dragged his younger brother away.
After returning home, Lou Wushuang dragged Zhang Shaohui into the bathroom, took off his clothes and turned on the shower to wash off the strong booze from Zhang Shaohui’s body. Zhang Shaohui was smashed by the water and opened his eyes, looking at Lou Wushuang with a wronged expression.
Lou Wushuang helplessly rubbed his head and whispered, “Who told you to drink so much? Do you want to drown in wine?”
Compared to his complaining mouth, his hands were gentle as he took a tower and carefully dried the other person’s body. However, as his fingers slipped to the lower body, Lou Wushuang’s breathing suddenly became hurried…