God Level Summoner
Chapter 370 - Brothers’ Feelings (3): Care

Chapter 370 – Brothers’ Feelings (3): Care

Zhang Shaohui woke up the next morning feeling very wrong. Last night he was too drunk and didn’t remember clearly what happened. Zhang Shaohui rubbed his pained temples and wanted to sit up from the bed. As a result, he was shocked to find that he was holding someone in his arms.
The man was sleeping soundly and the quilt slipped down to reveal his naked upper body.
The morning sun shone through the window and illuminated his white and smooth skin, which was covered with green and purple hickeys. It seemed to remind Zhang Shaohui of last night’s fierceness.
Zhang Shaohui was stunned. He noticed that both of them were naked and his scalp became numb.
Wasn’t this a mess after drinking?
In addition, why did the person in his arms look like his brother?
Zhang Shaohui endured the urge to vomit blood and gently pushed the person in his arms. Lou Wushuang was awakened by his movements and opened his eyes, voice hoarse. “What’s the matter?”
“…” Zhang Shaohui felt like he was struck by a thunderbolt as his entire body stiffened.
It really was his brother.
He never expected for this type of thing to happen after becoming drunk. He saw the hickeys on Lou Wushuang, realized he made a big mistake and suddenly became confused.
“Brother, I-I-I was drunk last night…” Zhang Shaohui almost sounded like he was crying. “I-I don’t know what I did…”
After hearing the familiar voice in his ears, Lou Wushuang finally woke up completely. He endured the discomfort coming from behind him, put on his glasses and said lightly, “Don’t you remember? It’s fine, you can take it as if nothing happened.”
His tone was calm as usual but his voice was extraordinarily hoarse. His lips were red and swollen, apparently ravaged. The act of sitting up made his body clearly, showing the roughness he had been through last night.
Zhang Shaohui wasn’t an idiot and quickly reacted to what he had done.
If he thought carefully, the depths of his mind remembered holding and kissing a person. Later, it seemed he did it several times. The details weren’t clear but the joy that his body tasted remained in his mind. The feeling when he combined with the other person as like being in heaven. He might’ve been drunk but he couldn’t forget it.
Zhang Shaohui wasn’t a person with a chaotic private life. On the contrary, he was more honest in his respect. he had been clean in these years and wanted to leave his first time for his future wife. He was a very responsible person and if the other party was a girl, maybe he would kneel on the spot to propose. However, the other person was his brother. What should he do?
He saw Lou Wushuang frowning as he endured the pain and Zhang Shaohui was distressed. He immediately turned over and knelt down in front of Lou Wushuang, slapping his own face.
“Brother, I was wrong! I’m a bastard!” He cursed himself while slapping his own face. “How can I do something like this? I’m a beast! It isn’t enough for me to die 10,000 times! Brother, cut me directly. I have no face to see you!”
“…” This honest fool. Lou Wushuang wasn’t afraid to say that he seduced Zhang Shaohui first but after seeing Zhang Shaohui sincerely apologizing in front of him, Lou Wushuang’s heart was cut by a knife.
Obviously, Zhang Shaohui only regarded him as a brother. After he was drunk, he forced his brother. In his mind, this was an unforgivable mistake so he would kneel down and admit it.
Lou Wushuang hoped that Zhang Shaohui would give him a kiss after waking up in the morning and ask if he was in pain, not sincerely admit his mistake.
The more sincere his attitude, the more it proved that everything yesterday was just a ridiculous mistake.
Lou Wushuang had long expected that it might become an irreversible situation after waking up in the morning but once he really saw it, Lou Wushuang still felt pained.
He was also a person with self-respect. Last night, he disregarded his pride and hugged Zhang Shaohui. Now he only ‘I’m wrong,’ No matter how sincerely Zhang Shaohui apologized, the heartache was a type of silent irony.
Lou Wushuang was silent for a long time before finally opening his mouth. “Get up, I don’t blame you.”
Zhang Shaohui beat himself up and his cheeks were swollen. Nevertheless, he couldn’t relieve his guilt. In particular, he saw Lou Wushuang’s pale expression and really wanted to keep slapping himself.
“Are you okay?” Zhang Shaohui found that Lou Wushuang wasn’t very comfortable and stood up nervously. “I was drunk last night. Did I hurt you?”
“I’m fine.” Lou Wushuang said so but he couldn’t hide the frown caused by pain.
“I’ll pour some hot water for you first.” Lou Wushuang’s voice was hoarse and his throat was obviously sore. Zhang Shaohui immediately helped him lie down, wrapped a towel around his body, gave him a cup of warm water and then ran to the kitchen to make porridge to eat.
Lou Wushuang ate the porridge but he had no spirit. His exhausted body mad him want to sleep. He ate the porridge, closed his eyes and lay down.
The stunned Zhang Shaohui sat on the bed and looked at him. They might’ve grown up as brothers but Zhang Shaohui had never seen Lou Wushuang show such a side. The hickeys on his body were still vivid, forming a strong visual contrast with his white skin. This made him feel strangely sexy and beautiful to the extreme, tempting others to commit sins.
After becoming aware that he was staring at his brother, Zhang Shaohui shivered and slapped his thighs to wake himself up. Lou Wushuang kept frowning and seemed uncomfortable. Zhang Shaohui was worried. He reached out and touched Lou Wushuang’s forehead, suddenly becoming shocked.
Lou Wushuang actually had a fever!
Zhang Shaohui immediate turned to find some antipyretics. He searched but there was only daily medication in the house. Zhang Shaohui had to change clothes and went to the pharmacy downstairs. Once he walked halfway, the phone rang. It was Liu Ying’s call. Zhang Shaohui picked up and heard the girl in his ear ask softly, “Ah Hui, are you awake? Are you okay after last night?”
“…” He was fine. He was just drunk and did that to his brother!
Of course, Zhang Shaohui didn’t dare say these words and replied in a perfunctory manner. “I’m fine.”
Liu Ying seemed to sigh with relief. “That’s great. You were drunk last night and kept holding onto your brother. He seemed angry when he left last night… did he beat you up?”
“…” Zhang Shaohui wanted to cry. He would prefer that his brother beat him up so that he felt better. However, his brother did nothing but forgave him. Now his brother was lying in bed with a fever.
Zhang Shaohui was ashamed and replied casually, “It’s nothing. Cough, help me talk to the other students. I was drunk last night and my mind was clear. Let everyone laugh at me!”
Liu Ying was understanding. “Never mind, other people went crazy after drinking more than you! You are fine. I’ll hang up first and get in touch later!”
“Goodbye, Class Monitor.” Zhang Shaohui hung up and found a roadside pharmacy, skillfully selecting antipyretics. As he passed by the ointment area, he stopped and hesitated for a moment. The clerk thought he couldn’t find the medicine and came over to ask, “What do you need to buy?”
Zhang Shaohui stammered with a red face. “It’s just… well, it’s swollen and…”
The clerk nodded and gave him a box of ointment. “It’s good for external use. Apply it two times a day.”
Zhang Shaohui picked up the ointment like it was a hot potato and turned away. The clerk cried out to him, “Sir, you haven’t paid!”
“…” Zhang Shaohui came back and paid using a credit card in an embarrassed manner. He quickly ran away under the clerk’s strange gaze.
Zhang Shaohui was worried about Lou Wushuang and rushed back home. He poured water into the antipyretic and lifted the blanket to look at the wound behind Lou Wushuang.
It was really red and swollen and seemed painful. The visually striking effect made Zhang Shaohui’s face turned red. It was hard to imagine that he actually ravaged his brother’s body last night.
Strangely enough, he saw Lou Wushuang lying defenseless in front of him, sexy body revealed as well as the secret areas and Zhang Shaohui’s heartbeat inexplicably increased…
He tentatively touched the place with his index finger and Lou Wushuang immediately curled up in pain.
Zhang Shaohui felt some heartache and gently applied the ointment. He was worried that only applying outside wouldn’t work and endured his awkward heart as he slowly stretched his finger and carefully coated the inside.
He was unaware of how gentle his eyes were when he was staring at Lou Wushuang.