God Level Summoner
Chapter 371 - Brothers’ Feelings (3): Moving

Chapter 371 – Brothers’ Feelings (3): Moving

Lou Wushuang slept all day and only woke up at 7 in the evening. Once he opened his eyes, he saw Zhang Shaohui sitting on the edge of the bed with a worried expression. Lou Wushuang frowned and wanted to get up. Zhang Shaohui immediately reached out and supported him, asking nervously, “Brother, do you feel better?”
“Yes.” Lou Wushuang spoke with a hoarse voice. “I’m thirsty.”
“I’ll go and pour water for you.” Zhang Shaohui hurriedly poured a glass of warm water and handed it over. Then he gently touched Lou Wushuang’s forehead with the back of his hand and found that the fever had receded, letting him release some of his worries.
Lou Wushuang bent his head to drink the water and Zhang Shaohui didn’t know what to say. The atmosphere was awkward and Zhang Shaohui didn’t speak again until his brother finished the water. “Do you still want to drink? I’ll go and pour some more.”
“No.” Lou Wushuang placed the cup on the bedside table.
Zhang Shaohui saw the cold expression on his brother’s face and scratched his head, looking a bit helpless. Lou Wushuang ordered, “Go and make me something to eat.”
“What do you want to eat?”
Lou Wushuang had almost recovered all of his physical strength but he was disheartened by Zhang Shaohui’s apology and didn’t want to talk to this person. Apart from his hungry stomach, the suggestion to eat was to send this person away as soon as possible, lest the two of them remain silent and the atmosphere worsened.
Zhang Shaohui went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for a few dishes according to the taste that his brother usually liked. After going home, he moved in the kitchen. He was worried that his brother’s injuries wouldn’t help easily and made soup, stir-fried shrimp and added a stew to help with digestion. Then he went to the bedroom to call Lou Wushuang to eat.
Lou Wushuang went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. He followed the smell towards the dining room. As he walked, he touched his pained back and frowned. Zhang Shaohui immediately reacted by actively bringing over a cushion for the chair.
Lou Wushuang felt awkward when he saw the cushion. His cheeks slightly reddened but he pretended to sit without incident. A blush appeared on the man’s fair face and he looked particularly charming under the warm light of the restaurant. Zhang Shaohui was so stunned that his hands shook and he almost spilled the fish soup.
He hurriedly took a deep breath to stabilize his heartbeat before handing the bowl full of fish soup to Lou Wushuang. “Brother, you haven’t eaten all day. Drink more soup since it has good nutrition.”
“Yes.” Lou Wushuang drank the fish soup. The soup moisturized his lips and made the originally red and swollen lips become fuller in colour and more kissable. Behind the cold glasses, Lou Wushuang’s eyes were slightly swollen because he obviously didn’t sleep well last night.
This Lou Wushuang was very different from the popular captain of the Ghost Spirits team. Zhang Shaohui suddenly wanted to take good care of him.
Zhang Shaohui felt strange. Perhaps it was due to the incident last night that surpassed brotherhood. The intimate body connection meant he felt wrong starting from this morning.
Previously, he only had respect for his brother when he looked at Lou Wushuang. However, today he saw Lou Wushuang and felt this person was particularly beautiful and sexy.
It was different from the serious and cold Lou Wushuang of the past. This Lou Wushuang made him uneasy and he couldn’t help recall holding this person last night.
Zhang Shaohui thought this and couldn’t help his body heating up. At this moment, Lou Wushuang finished the fish soup and placed the empty bowl on the table. The slight sound of the porcelain bowl touching the table pulled back Zhang Shaohui’s mind. He immediately realized that he was disrespectful to his brother in his mind and this was unforgivable!
Zhang Shaohui timidly glanced at the cold Lou Wushuang across from him. He was silent for a moment before speaking in an embarrassed manner, “Brother, I, I think I’ll move out…”
Lou Wushuang’s hands stiffened and slightly trembled. He almost couldn’t grab the shrimp and he had to quickly withdraw his hand to place the chopsticks on the table.
He painstakingly bought such an expensive marriage house and wanted to live with Zhang Shaohui in this world of two people. He felt the extravagant hope that Zhang Shaohui could live with him for a lifetime…
However, reality gave him a hard slap in the face.
After last night, Zhang Shaohui immediately apologized and wanted to move. This showed that Zhang Shaohui didn’t have him in Zhang Shaohui’s heart at all. Zhang Shaohui only thought of him as a brother and teammate rather than an intimate lover.
Since the other party took the initiative to move, Lou Wushuang couldn’t make him stay. He took a deep breath and held back the bitterness in his heart as he pretended to be calm. “Okay, it is too late today so you can move out tomorrow.”
“Yes, that’s fine.” Zhang Shaohui scratched his head, saw his brother’s pale face and wanted to kill himself.
In fact, he wanted to move away because his heart was completely chaotic.
He didn’t know what was going on. He only knew that he couldn’t return to the calm of the past when facing Lou Wushuang.
His eyes would uncontrollably stick to the other person and his mind couldn’t help thinking about the fierceness of last night. He recalled the man who clung to him and groaned which was a stake contrast to the Lou Wushuang he usually knew. Zhang Shaohui was clearly sober but he felt like he was dreaming. This couldn’t continue!
If he went on like this, he would go out of his mind and he might do something out of the ordinary…
Zhang Shaohui made the decision to move away so he could calm down.
That evening, Zhang Shaohui slept in the child’s bed. His mood was disturbed and he tossed and turned to the early hours of the morning with images that weren’t suitable for children. The person in his arms was very warm and he remembered that he was very cold. He had to hold the other person many times. At the end of the dream, the person’s face clearly appeared in front of him. It was Lou Wushuang.
Zhang Shaohui instantly woke up and was covered in a cold sweat.
He scolded himself for bullying his brother in the dream. On the other hand, he couldn’t help remembering the deep feelings of the dream. The two contradictory emotions mixed together, making him confused. After sitting in bed for a moment, Zhang Shaohui got up and packed his bags.
It was slightly bright and the door to Lou Wushuang’s bedroom was closed. Zhang Shaohui couldn’t rest assured about the food problem and went to the kitchen to give Lou Wushuang a nutritious breakfast. He was worried that Lou Wushuang had a fever again so he gently pushed open the door, tested the body temperature and then pulled open the quilt to look at the wound.
The redness and swelling had subsided but it still hadn’t healed. Zhang Shaohui found the ointment and patiently smeared it again. Once this was done, it was already 7 in the morning. Zhang Shaohui looked at his sleeping brother and felt particularly complicated.
To be honest, he was reluctant to leave. Since Lou Wushuang’s proposal to buy a house together, he had been looking forward to living alone with his brother. He could eat with his brother every day, watch the game together or play games online. It was more freeing than when they were in the team.
It was a pity that it didn’t last long. He had just moved in when he made an unforgivable mistake due to drunkenness…
He had no face to wait any longer and didn’t dare appear in front of Lou Wushuang.
The distressed Zhang Shaohui reached out and helped tidy up his brother’s hair before placing the quilt back on. Zhang Shaohui stared deeply at Lou Wushuang, clenched his fists and forced himself to turn and walk away.
Lou Wushuang woke up when the sky was already bright. It was raining outside and he saw the breakfast on the dining room table. The suitcase belonging to Zhang Shaohui was removed from the study and Lou Wushuang could only feel sad.
He still remembered when Ah Hui first came to his house. The child had just lost his parents but was very strong. After seeing Lou Wushuang, the child called him ‘brother’, big eyes filled with trepidation. It seemed he was worried that Lou Wushuang wouldn’t like him. Lou Wushuang was hit by the sincere and bright eyes and took the initiative to share his toys.
From that day on, they became nominal brothers.
Zhang Shaohui’s personality was optimistic and he soon adapted to Lou Wushuang. The two elders were busy at work and left the children to play together at home. Zhang Shaohui was around Lou Wushuang all day.
Lou Wushuang had a high IQ since childhood and wasn’t interested in childish games played by his peers. Thus, he had no friends and his childhood was very lonely. Since Zhang Shaohui came to his house, he was always with the follower who shouted ‘Brother’ with a big smile on his face. Zhang Shaohui showed him all types of fun things and gave him delicious food.
He was a bit silly but Lou Wushuang couldn’t refuse the sincere smile.
Time passed and Lou Wushuang became used to the company. He even felt very warm around Zhang Shaohui.
At the time, the conditions at home weren’t good. The two of them shared one bed in the bedroom. Lou Wushuang was afraid of the cold and Zhang Shaohui’s body temperature was high. Lou Wushuang happily held him as a heater and winter was no longer as cold as before.
This habit continued until middle school when the two people grew up quickly. However, Lou Wushuang’s habit of holding his younger brother while sleeping didn’t change.
It wasn’t until his ignorant puberty that his brother appeared in Lou Wushuang’s dreams.
Lou Wushuang was very scared the first time the dream occurred but he gradually accepted his own sexual orientation. However, he learnt to keep a certain distance from Zhang Shaohui and to hide this emotion in his heart.
Later, Zhang Shaohui wasn’t admitted to a good university and was dug up by an e-sports manager. Lou Wushuang followed him and joined the Ghost Spirits team, becoming the terrifying Lou Zhang combination in the Miracle League. They experienced the ups and downs of the Ghost Spirits team together and worked hard to bring the second-rate Ghost Spirits team to the championship.
For so many years, Zhang Shaohui was literally his life.
The friendship between the two people who grew up together and the love that was deeply hidden for many years was finally over. It felt like Lou Wushuang’s bones were breaking and pain shot through his heart.