God Level Summoner
Chapter 378 - Ghost Vice-Captain (3)

Chapter 378 – Ghost Vice-Captain (3) Motivated
Since opening up and telling Su Guangmo about his mental illness, the relationship between Yu Pingsheng and Su Guangmo obviously became closer. Yu Pingsheng still didn’t dare to approach other members of the team but in front of his brother, Yu Pingsheng wasn’t as shy as before. He was willing to speak to his brother, especially if there were problems with the game. Yu Pingsheng liked to ask questions and Su Guangmo would patiently explain it to him.
Master Song Yang was still busy with the team and only paid attention to the training of his two apprentices when the pressure wasn’t so great. The thing that surprised Song Yang was that Yu Pingsheng made rapid progress and gradually seemed like an e-sports player. His foundation wasn’t as solid as Su Guangmo but the talent he showed couldn’t be ignored.
This season, Xu Luo led the Time team with his strong white magician control style and won the championship. Flying Feathers didn’t get any trophies and Song Yang inevitably felt a bit lost. However, he saw his two apprentices seriously training and was full of hope for the future of the Flying Feathers team.
The holiday period soon arrived. Song Yang called everyone for a simple summary meeting before letting them go home to rest.
That night, Yu Pingsheng was packing when Su Guangmo suddenly came to his bedroom and asked, “What are your plans for the holiday?”
Yu Pingsheng replied, “Go home.”
Su Guangmo smiled. “Isn’t it boring to spend all day at home. Do you want to go travel with me to play?”
Yu Pingsheng most hated lively occasions and didn’t he have to see people when travelling? He thought of this and rejected his brother’s invitation. “I won’t go…”
Su Guangmo saw his embarrassed expression and stepped forward, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’m taking you to a place with few people. Let’s just go with the two of us. We don’t need to follow a tour group and will drive by ourselves.”
“Self-driving tour?” Yu Pingsheng glanced at his brother with surprise. “You can drive?”
“Yes, I got my driver’s license last year and there is a car at home. Let’s drive by ourselves.”
This proposal made Yu Pingsheng feel a bit warm. After all, he had never been to distant places because of his personality. The books described all these great places and he also felt yearning. It was just that he hated places with a lot of people as well as following a tour group filled with strangers. The image was terrible. If they were driving themselves then he didn’t need to worry about communicating with others.
Yu Pingsheng nodded and asked, “Okay. What do I need to bring?”
“It is enough to bring clothes, toiletries and your ID card.”
“Yes.” Yu Pingsheng went back to packing his suitcase. Su Guangmo saw him seriously folding his clothes and couldn’t help smiling slightly.
Su Guangmo loved going around to travel everywhere from an early age. It was very interesting to see the local cuisine, listen to the local dialects and look at the different scenery. Whenever he couldn’t find a companion, he would go alone. Now he had a quiet and obedient younger brother. He would never be bored if he brought his younger brother with him on the road.
Moreover, Yu Pingsheng didn’t like to communicate with others. He always stayed at home and this made him lonelier. By taking him to see the world outside, it was an opportunity to alleviate the psychological problem.
After making a good plan, Su Guangmo went back to prepare his luggage and book the hotels in advance.
Su Guangmo chose Inner Mongolia for the final destination of his self-driving tour. Yu Pingsheng had been living in the coastal cities of the south and Su Guangmo wanted to take this younger brother to see the vast prairie in the north. Sure enough, Yu Pingsheng was very interested in the grasslands. After hearing Su Guangmo’s plan, his eyes lit up and he was very happy to follow his brother.
They arrived at the underground garage and Su Guangmo opened the trunk of the car and helped Yu Pingsheng with his luggage. It was a black off-road Land Rover. It was very big and the shape was domineering. When Yu Pingsheng was bored, he also liked to look at cars on the Internet. He knew the value of this car and couldn’t help being a bit surprised. “Is this your car?”
Su Guangmo smiled. “It is my father’s. I tricked him to let me borrow it for a few days. Come on, get on the car.”
Yu Pingsheng wanted to sit in the back but Su Guangmo let him sit in the passenger seat. The two men fastened their seat belts and Su Guangmo started the car, causing the music to turn on. The rock music with a strong rhythm shocked Yu Pingsheng. Su Guangmo glanced over at him and asked, “Is it too noisy?”
Yu Pingsheng nodded and Su Guangmo thoughtfully changed it to a more soothing song.
The two people drove from Kunming to the expressway. After Qujing and Puan, they went to Guiyang City. They stayed here for one night. The next day, they tasted the local cuisine of Guiyang before driving to stay at Chongqing in the evening.
Yu Pingsheng didn’t understand anything and just followed his brother. This was the first time he left the province and everything he saw and heard along the way felt particularly novel.
He could walk, stop and do anything he wanted. Yu Pingsheng never thought he would experience such a leisurely trip.
The 18 year old Su Guangmo was particularly proficient with the tour. He knew everything from the city to stay in, the maximum speed and where to go to eat local food. Yu Pingsheng really admired him.
Once they arrived at the hotel in the evening, his worried mother sent him a text message asking about the journey. Yu Pingsheng replied: [I have my brother and it is very smooth. We have already arrived in Chongqing and Brother said that we will stop in Xi’an next.]
Mother Yu was very happy that her son could go out and play. [Listen to your brother’s words. He is more knowledgeable than you. In addition, stay close to him and don’t wander off!]
Yu Pingsheng replied: [Don’t worry.]
Su Guangmo saw him texting and joked, “Is Auntie worried that I sold you?”
Yu Pingsheng looked up and spoke seriously, “No, I told Mother that you are very good.”
Su Guangmo smiled. “That isn’t necessarily the case. Perhaps I will take you out to do bad things.”
Yu Pingsheng looked confused. “What bad things?”
Su Guangmo saw the clear eyes and suddenly felt that his throat was a bit dry. He coughed and said, “It’s nothing. Let’s go to sleep.”
Yu Pingsheng nodded and lay down in bed. His breathing soon evened out as he entered his dreams.
His breathing was so shallow that Su Guangmo could hardly feel anyone around him. This younger brother had a low sense of existence and seemed to be integrated into the air. He was as quiet as a ghost.
He might have serious communication problems but he was smarter than the average person and had a very high hand sped. God closed one door for him but also opened a window for him.
This teenager was so special that Su Guangmo couldn’t ignore him. Su Guangmo unconsciously found that he could no longer look away.
The two people finally arrived at Inner Mongolia a week later. Su Guangmo drove to Horqin Prairie because he wanted Yu Pingsheng to experience the real grassland scenery. Yu Pingsheng excitedly stared out the window at the vast prairie. He didn’t say anything but the brilliance of his eyes couldn’t be concealed.
Su Guangmo smiled and asked, “Is it beautiful?”
Yu Pingsheng nodded. “Yes.”
“I’ll take you to more fun places after the holiday.”
Yu Pingsheng continued to nod. “Yes.”
Su Guangmo’s smile widened and he told Yu Pingsheng, “Tonight, I’ll take you to eat delicious barbecue and then we will experience sleeping in a yurt on the prairie.”
His words caused surprise to appear in Yu Pingsheng’s eyes.
Su Guangmo stopped the car and took Yu Pingsheng to a tourist reception point as he exchanged a few words with the owner. The Mongolian person was very enthusiastic and took the two of them to eat roasted lamb. Su Guangmo also drank a bottle of the local specialty wine. Yu Pingsheng didn’t drink the wine. He tried a mouthful, found it too spicy and changed it for a bowl of milk tea.
After eating and drinking, the two of them strolled around the prairie before returning to the yurt to sleep. This yurt was relatively small but it was enough for two teenagers.
There was a plastic skylight above them, allowing them to see the vast night sky of Inner Mongolia. The two men lay side by side on the quilt. The surroundings were very quiet and the sky studded with stars was above their heads, making it feel like there were only the two of them in the world. Such a scene made Su Guangmo feel particularly romantic and it was easy to think of words like ‘watch until the end of time.’
He turned his head and saw Yu Pingsheng gazing at the night sky with serious eyes. His eyes were black, bright and contained no impurities, just like the brightest stars in the dark sky of this grassland.
Perhaps it was because of the wine but Su Guangmo’s body suddenly felt hot. The physical reaction of an adolescent boy was particularly fierce and he temporarily found it hard to control himself. Su Guangmo found that he had turned over and pressed against his younger brother. Yu Pingsheng stared at him with confusion.
Yu Pingsheng’s lips were blocked and the teenager’s kiss contained a trace of recklessness. Yu Pingsheng’s mouth opened with surprise, allowing Su Guangmo’s tongue inside, followed by the taste of the spicy wine.
Yu Pingsheng knew Su Guangmo had been drinking today and pushed him hard with a red face. “Brother, let go of me… oh…”
Su Guangmo only felt that his heartbeat was as fast as a drum and Yu Pingsheng’s soft lips fascinated him. The taste of kissing this person was better than imagined, so that he almost couldn’t control himself.
Yu Pingsheng’s push allowed him to gain his mind. Su Guangmo let go of the other person and pretended to be drunk as he whispered, “I want to do bad things after I drunk and I can’t control it. What should I do?”
The just kissed Yu Pingsheng’s breathing was rough. His face was red as he gasped. This appearance made Su Guangmo want to kiss Yu Pingsheng and have even more intimate contact.
This was the most exciting time during puberty for the 18 year old teenager. It was difficult to stop but Su Guangmo immediately turned away to his original position. He took Yu Pingsheng’s hand and whispered, “I just drank too much and don’t know what I was doing. Don’t be angry with me?”
His voice was very gentle. Yu Pingsheng was silent for a moment before nodding. “Okay.”
Su Guangmo reached out to gently hold this person, whispering, “Nights on the prairie are very cold. I will hold you to sleep.”
Yu Pingsheng’s body was stiff but Su Guangmo’s arms were special. The warmth and gently strokes along his back made Yu Pingsheng’s sense of rejection gradually subside. He knew this wasn’t quite right but he never had close contact with anyone since he was a child. It was Su Guangmo who tried to open his closed heart and he didn’t hate Su Guangmo’s touch. On the contrary, Su Guangmo holding him made him feel safe.
Yu Pingsheng closed his eyes at this thought and quietly nestled in his brother’s arms.
Su Guangmo stared at the teenager sleeping in his arms and his heartbeat suddenly lose its frequency. If he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing then how should he explain his heartbeat?
During this time, he had always protected Yu Pingsheng as his brother. It wasn’t until now that he realized he didn’t want to protect this person as his brother. He wanted to take this person for himself
Yu Pingsheng didn’t think too much about the kiss. He just thought that his brother was drunk and found the wrong person. The trip made him very tired and he quickly fell asleep in his brother’s arms.
The teenager slept very well. A layer of fog appeared on his white skin, his lips were soft and rosy, his eyelashes were long and thick and his shallow breathing made him look particularly docile.
Su Guangmo took a deep breath and reluctantly admitted that he was tempted by this younger brother who was as quiet as a ghost.