God Level Summoner
Chapter 379 - Ghost Vice-Captain (4)

Chapter 379 – Ghost Vice-Captain (4)

This was a fresh and exciting journey. Yu Pingsheng had never experienced such a fun holiday since he was a child. As they left Inner Mongolia, he stared at the vast grassland reluctantly.
Su Guangmo turned on music in the car and smiled. “Next season’s holiday, I will take you to Dunhuang to see the desert. In the winter, we will go to the north to see the snow. There are many fun places in the country and I’ll take you. It is much more interesting than you staying at home.”
Yu Pingsheng nodded. “Yes, thank you Brother.”
Su Guangmo thought about ‘you are such a good person’ was probably added after this sentence? The simple Brother Yu didn’t know that his ‘good person’ was actually moving to monopolize his holidays.
Su Guangmo knew that he was tempted by this younger apprentice brother but he wasn’t in a hurry. Yu Pingsheng’s psychological obstacles had only slightly improved. If he rushed things then he was afraid Yu Pingsheng would completely close off his heart and refuse to talk to Su Guangmo. This would be a bad thing.
This type of thing should be slow, subtle and long-term, making the feelings more secure.
They were still young and their future was very long.
The two people returned to the team around the Spring Festival. There was still a few days until training resumed and Su Guangmo deliberately revealed that his parents were abroad and he would be home alone. Yu Pingsheng hesitated for a moment before inviting him, “Do you want to go back to my house for New Year?”
Su Guangmo was overjoyed and immediately agreed. “Yes!”
This younger brother with communication problems made Su Guangmo feel very depressed. He wanted to take this opportunity to visit Yu Pingsheng’s home and look at his parents. Perhaps the psychological problem was caused by the family environment.
Mother Yu heard her son say he would bring his brother back for New Year and was so happy she almost sobbed. This was the first time her son was bringing back a friend! Her son finally had a friend!
Su Guangmo drove with his younger brother to Lijiang, which was where Yu Pingsheng grew up. However, his home wasn’t in the ancient town of Lijiang but a high-rise community with a good environment in the new city.
The surprising thing was that the moment Su Guangmo entered the door, Mother Yu treated him like a VIP. “Come in quickly. You are Brother Su right? My son isn’t very good at speaking and I’m thankful for you looking after him.”
Su Guangmo was flattered and waved his hand. “Auntie, there is no need to be polite. Taking care of my younger brother is what I should do.”
Mother Yu pulled him to sit down at the table. Father Yu placed the dishes he worked hard to make and the table was full of New Year dishes. Yu Pingsheng saw this and eagerly sat the table, waiting to eat.
Mother Yu scolded him. “Go get your brother chopsticks.”
“Oh.” Yu Pingsheng moved to the kitchen.
Mother YU smiled. “My son had no friends from a young age. He is very introverted, doesn’t speak and doesn’t know the etiquette for entertaining guests. Please teach him in the team.”
“The team doesn’t have many rules and he is very comfortable there.” Su Guangmo politely smiled. “In fact, he is particularly clever and his progress is very fast. There is also me and no one dares bully him. Auntie, you can rest assured.”
Mother Yu heard this and smiled. She had been afraid that her son would be bullied outside. It was great that he had a brother to protect him. Yu Pingsheng came back with the chopsticks and Mother Yu immediately gave Su Guangmo a dish. “Come on, eat more!”
Yu Pingsheng bent over to eat, occasionally glancing at Su Guangmo’s bowl. Su Guangmo thought this sneak peek was cute and gave him a piece of ribs. “Eat more.”
“Yes.” Yu Pingsheng bowed his head. After hesitating for a moment, he learnt from his mother and gave Su Guangmo a piece of shrimp, whispering, “Brother, you love to eat shrimp.”
Mother Yu was so moved she almost cried. She had to secretly turn away her head to wipe at the corner of her eyes.
It was the first time she saw her son helping others.
Yu Pingsheng had been living in his own world since he was young. He regarded others as air and was as quiet as a ghost when walking. Sometimes if he was hungry, he would quietly walk behind people to get food and then retreat to his room to eat. Mother Yu was often startled by her own son!
Now after training for more than one month in the Flying Feathers team, her son had changed.
He finally had some ‘character’, making Mother Yu feel that he was no longer so cold and far away.
This was an excellent phenomenon. According to the psychiatrist, Yu Pingsheng should try to open his heart and not be so isolated from the world. It seemed this older brother had a great influence on him.
After the meal, Mother Yu asked Yu Pingsheng to help his father wash the dishes. She called Su Guangmo to the living room and said, “When he was born, he didn’t cry very much. I didn’t mind at the time and thought he was well-behaved. By the time he was three, he could walk. Other children would chase their parents, ask their parents to hug them and find their parents if they are hungry. However, my son only quietly hid in the corner with his toys. Sometimes, I would go to hug him and there was no reaction on his face. I realized that something wasn’t right.” Mother Yu paused, her voice choked up. “When I took him to the hospital, the doctor said he had autism and it was difficult to cure. Long-term psychological intervention was needed. If it wasn’t handled well, he would probably become suicidal…”
After seeing that Mother Yu was so sad she couldn’t speak, Su Guangmo patted her back. “Auntie, it’s all passed. Brother is just a bit different from everyone else and there is no need to put pressure on him.” Su Guangmo’s hand became firmer as he whispered, “Believe in me. I will make him feel like the Flying Feathers team is his home.”
Mother Yu nodded gratefully.”It is great that he can have a brother like you in his life!”
Su Guangmo guiltily looked away and pretended to smile. “Auntie is too kind. He is my younger brother and I should protect him!”
Yu Pingsheng’s house didn’t have an extra room and Mother Yu arranged for the two of them to stay in Yu Pingsheng’s bedroom.
An average boy’s bedroom was messy but Yu Pingsheng’s room was neat and clean. Apart from the bed, table and wardrobe, there was nothing. There were no photos of beautiful women on the walls and even the book on the table were as neat as a bookstore.
Su Guangmo looked over the room before sitting on the bed. Yu Pingsheng seemed a bit perturbed and Su Guangmo smiled at him. “Come over. Aren’t you going to sleep?”
Yu Pingsheng hesitated a bit before slowly walking to the bed. Su Guangmo raised the quilt and let him lie on the bed. Then he stretched out his arms to gently hold Yu Pingsheng.
The person in his arms stiffened and Su Guangmo stroked his back. “Don’t be afraid, I just want to hug you. Don’t feel any pressure, okay?”
Yu Pingsheng was silent before finally relaxing, his eyes staring curiously at Su Guangmo.
Su Guangmo’s heart beat faster and he suppressed the impulses of his body as he touched Yu Pingsheng’s hair. “Is it so uncomfortable?”
Yu Pingsheng hesitated before shaking his head.
“Then contact with me isn’t annoying, right?”
Yu Pingsheng nodded seriously.
Su Guangmo was amused by Yu Pingsheng’s serious expression and his heart softened. He suddenly felt that the person in his arms was a treasure that God gave him and had the urge to hold Yu Pingsheng for a lifetime.
However, he couldn’t help feeling some guilt when he thought of Mother Yu’s grateful eyes.
If he and Yu Pingsheng were really only apprentice brothers, he could accept Mother Yu’s gratitude with a clear conscience. The problem was that he liked this person and wanted this person to be his. If Yu Pingsheng’s parents knew his mind, they wouldn’t entertain him like a VIP and would sweep him out of the house.
Of course, these things only needed to be considered after a long time.
The current Yu Pingsheng was still young. For Su Guangmo, the first task was letting his brother happily become a member of the Flying Feathers team and not be so closed off.
That way, Su Guangmo had the confidence to face Yu Pingsheng’s parents if he had to tell them about the change in feelings one day. It was because he was sincere to Yu Pingsheng and had the confidence to take care of this person for the rest of his life.
After the Spring Festival, Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng returned to the Flying Feathers team. Song Yang and the other players also arrived.
The second season of the Miracle Professional League was about to start. Song Yang decided to let his apprentice Su Guangmo debut in advance. Su Guangmo might be a newcomer lacking experience but his amazing talent and high tactical awareness couldn’t be tolerated. If he joined the main lineup then he might bring a new vitality to the Flying Feathers team.
With the support of the old members of Flying Feathers, Su Guangmo was included in the list of main players.
The second season finally started and as a newcomer, Su Guangmo followed his master to the professional league. The home game was naturally in Kunming but away games meant having to travel to the venues. This meant being separated from Yu Pingsheng.
Su Guangmo was very worried about the situation of his younger brother and proposed to his master to take Yu Pingsheng with them. Song Yang politely refused. “The leader has already booked the hotel based on the number of contestants in the Flying Feathers team. In addition, your younger brother isn’t solid enough right now. He will debut formally next season and it is a waste of time for him to follow us everywhere. It is better for him to stay in the team and train well.”
His master’s words were reasonable but Su Guangmo was worried.
Every time he followed the team, he would send a text message to chat with his brother. He was really worried about this quiet person and wished he could make a cloth bag and tie Yu Pingsheng to his body.
Su Guangmo remembered his younger brother in his heart but he didn’t slack off in the game. His swordsman was radiant as soon as he debuted and he fully displayed the heroic swordsman. He killed many ace players with the sword in his hand and his reputation grew over time. Many people said he was the successor of Sword God Song Yang.
However, Flying Feathers’ strength this year still couldn’t match Wind Colour.
The Wind Colour had Ling Xuefeng and Yuang Shaozhe and this was the most powerful period of the double summoners play. On the other hand, the Time team who won the championship the first season had worse results because their captain Xu Luo’s state wasn’t as good as before. Ghost Spirits’ assassin, Mo Quan was unpredictable and often used the maps to invisibly kill people. The FTD team’s Li Cangyu’s tactical ideas were superior and people couldn’t predict them. The regular season’s team rankings were always changing and the competition was particularly fierce.
Based on a comprehensive view, the team with the overall highest strength was Wind Colour and Flying Feathers. However, Su Guangmo had just debuted. He was still young regarding the game and wasn’t as calm and decisive as Ling Xuefeng.
Song Yang was eager to train a few more ace players. Yu Pingsheng was a good talent but he had difficulties communicating. Fortunately, among the people who joined the guild, there was a teenager who caught his attention. The young boy named Xie Shurong was different from the heroic Su Guangmo and the introverted Yu Pingsheng. Xie Shurong was very young but he was sharp and aggressive. His style of play was particularly fierce.
Song Yang almost immediately took a fancy to the style of this boy. He recruited Xie Shurong to the Flying Feathers team and accepted him as a disciple, so that Yu Pingsheng could communicate with him and do the basic training first.
Su Guangmo returned after playing an away game and saw a very sunny young boy in the training room behind Yu Pingsheng. HIs voice was crisp and clear. “Second Brother, can I call you Brother Yu? Second Brother always reminds me of Journey to the West!”
Yu Pingsheng nodded. “Yes.”
Xie Shurong continued. “Brother Yu, is the food at our team’s canteen delicious?”
Yu Pingsheng was stunned, obviously not expecting to be asked this question. He hesitated for a moment before replying uncertainly, “It should… be delicious?”
Xie Shurong was excited. “Great! I will go the canteen to find something to eat!”
Then he rushed out of the training room like the wind.
Su Guangmo rubbed his temples and asked Yu Pingsheng, “Is that Master’s new apprentice?”
Yu Pingsheng’s eyes brightened at the sight of Suddenly and he gave a rare smile. “Brother, you came back.”
Su Guangmo saw the smile and the unhappiness in his heart was swept away. “Did you miss me?”
As he spoke, a voice was suddenly heard behind him. “I heard that Big Brother came back? Who is he?” It was obviously Xie Shurong who went halfway before hearing the players in the training camp say that Su Guangmo was back.
Su Guangmo turned and looked at him. “It’s me. Are you Master’s new apprentice?”
Xie Shurong grinned and greeted him. “Yes! My name is Xie Shurong. Hello Older Brother!”
Su Guangmo nodded. “Today the canteen has braised pork ribs, garlic eggplant, Yuxiang shredded pork and green pepper scrambled eggs. If you go late then the ribs will be taken.”
He just finished when Xie Shurong rushed towards the canteen without hesitation.
This energetic little brother ran away without a trace. Su Guangmo smiled slightly and said, “Our younger apprentice brother is a foodie. He will be easy to handle If he chats to you then I will draw him away with food.”