God Level Summoner
Chapter 380 - Ghost Vice-Captain (5)

Chapter 380 – Ghost Vice-Captain (5)

In the middle of the second season, the Flying Feathers team was ranked second in the regular season’s standings. It seemed there was hope for the championship. However, Song Yang’s heart was very clear. Flying Feathers was a little bit away from the championship.
At present, the main attackers in the Flying Feathers team were him and his apprentice Su Guangmo. The level of the other players could only be considered as intermediate and the entire team’s output, support and momentum were inferior to the Wind Colour team. The thing that truly worried Song Yang was that his state had started to decline. His reaction speed was far below the previous season.
As the captain, he had to think of a way out for the Flying Feathers team before retiring.
During the mid-season holiday, Su Guangmo wanted to take Yu Pingsheng for a self-driving tour. As a result, Song Yang suddenly kept the three apprentice brothers in the team. He had Yu Pingsheng and Xie Shurong practice as swordsmen, forming a three swordsmen strong melee style.
Xie Shurong himself liked to play the swordsman and this decision was natural. He happily agreed. Since Yu Pingsheng came to the team, he had been consolidating his basic training. He played all six Miracle races and the more than 20 classes from start to finish. He hadn’t yet determined his class.
He was used to playing a berserker in the online game. However, now his master proposed the tactical idea of three swordsmen cooperating and Yu Pingsheng was too embarrassed to refute. He nodded and agreed.
From that day onwards, Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng and Xie Shurong became the next successors of Flying Feathers and received Song Yang’s training. Su Guangmo was the main attacker, Xie Shurong would look for opportunities to harvest heads and Yu Pingsheng would help from the sidelines. The three of them trained together and developed a higher tacit understanding.
It was just that Su Guangmo often followed the team to play in the field. Whenever their eldest apprentice brother left, Xie Shurong and Yu Pingsheng would train together. Yu Pingsheng didn’t like to talk and always sat quietly in the corner without any sense of existence. Xie Shurong was a sharp teenager who abused people he met in the game. He especially loved to kill healers.
Sometimes when Xie Shurong won 10 games in a row, he could turn excitedly to report his record with Yu Pingsheng. “Brother, I won again! It is 10 in a row!”
As a result, his older brother only blankly replied with, “Yes.”
Xie Shurong continued looking for praise. “Brother, do you think I’m good?”
Yu Pingsheng nodded calmly. “Yes.”
Xie Shurong, “…”
His excited mood was watered down by the uneventful answer.
Over time, Xie Shurong felt that chatting with this stuffy brother was boring and he no longer looked for Yu Pingsheng. Yu Pingsheng was glad that this little brother wasn’t being noisy and the communication between the two people during daily training was pitiful.
However, every time Su Guangmo came back, Yu Pingsheng would become different from usual. He would look at Su Guangmo with bright eyes and ask some questions seriously. Brother Yu’s voice was actually very good and his soft tone gave Xie Shurong extra comfort. He couldn’t help thinking, ‘Brother Yu is so strong! He has a lot to say to Eldest Brother but he only has one word for me.’
Every time that Yu Pingsheng asked questions, Su Guangmo would answer patiently, just like a gentle and generous brother.
Xie Shurong envied the atmosphere of their communication. He couldn’t help finding Su Guangmo and asking a bunch of questions. “Eldest Brother, if I meet the other side’s core output and healer on the field, which would should I kill first?”
Su Guangmo replied, “Think for yourself.”
Xie Shurong raised his eyebrows in a disgruntled manner. “Brother Yu asked you so many questions and you would answer patiently. I just asked one question and you told me to think for myself. Am I a stepdaughter?”
“Su Guangmo told him, “Of course, you’re not a stepdaughter.”
Xie Shurong was happy for two seconds until Su Guangmo added, “You are charging the phone.”
“…” Xie Shurong angrily turned away.
Yu Pingsheng found that Su Guangmo loved teasing this little brother and making him angry. Yu Pingsheng asked doubtfully, “Why do you want to make Ah Shu angry?”
Su Guangmo smiled. “He is like a little wolf who hasn’t grown up. He bares his teeth all day. Don’t you think this is funny?”
In Su Guangmo’s view, the sharp Xie Shurong was like a wolf who hadn’t grown up. The little wolf didn’t know how to cover up his sharp claws. Such a straightforward and lovely teenager meant that Su Guangmo treated him as a younger brother. Thus, he would tease Ah Shu because he knew Ah Shu wouldn’t really be angry.
Yu Pingsheng was different. Su Guangmo put him at the apex of his heart. Forget bulling Yu Pingsheng, he just wanted to hold this person in his hands.
Xie Shurong was yelling about his eldest brother’s eccentricity but he didn’t know that Su Guangmo wasn’t eccentric. It was just that the meaning of the two apprentice brothers was different. A younger brother could be reprimand and argued with. However, a loved one could only receive unlimited tolerance and warmth.
Xie Shurong said his eldest brother was eccentric but he didn’t take it to heart. After all, by the time he came to the Flying Feathers team, Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng had been training together for half a year. Xie Shurong came late and it was natural that their relationship wasn’t as deep as his two elder brothers. It was enough that the three people could cooperate in the game.
Time flew by and it was the playoffs of the second season. A few games had a blowout score, especially the semi-finals between Flying Feathers and Ghost Spirits. Song Yang failed to keep up with Su Guangmo at a crucial moment and he was assassinated by the hidden Ghost Spirits captain, Mo Quan. The Ghost Spirits team took the opportunity to tear through Flying Feathers’ defense and win.
Flying Feathers, who was originally the most promising champion, lost in the semi-finals and eventually only won third place. Song Yang directly announced his retirement afterwards. For a player who once stood at the top of the professional league, he didn’t want to leave this way. However, the chose to let go because he was unwilling to let his existence become a burden on the team.
Sword God Song Yang’s retirement caused a stir. Many reporters were worried that Flying Feathers’ results would plummet after losing Song Yang. In the midst of these doubtful voices, the league ushered in the offseason of the second season. Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng and Xie Shurong consciously didn’t go home. They stayed in the team and trained hard over the holidays, making the cooperation between them more tacit.
Once the third season started, Song Yang brought a surprise to the Miracle League.
Flying Feathers’ new lineup of three swordsmen was like a sharp sword piercing the sky!
At the beginning of the regular season, the cooperation between the three brothers was still slightly unpolished. Then as more matches passed, the three people’s attack power and tactical thinking progressed rapidly. Su Xie joined forces to kill many top gods while Yu Pingsheng protected the two attackers.
The Flying Feathers team smashed into the finals in one swoop and unexpectedly won the championship!
At the awards ceremony after the match, Su Guangmo stood with Yu and Xie and thanked their teacher Song Yang for his training. The three teenagers stood side by side while holding the championship trophy. Su Guangmo’s smile was confident and suitable to be a captain. Yu Pingsheng’s smile was quiet and his black eyes were bright. Xie Shurong’s smile was dazzling and contained his unique youthful spirit.
This picture of Flying Feathers’ Three Musketeers became a classic scene of the Miracle League.
However, the good times didn’t last long. Less than a week since Song Yang left the Flying Feathers team, there was a conflict between the three apprentices.
The cause of the conflict was Yu Pingsheng.
After a season of competition, Yu Pingsheng found himself more suitable for a berserker. In the past, he didn’t dare oppose his master’s orders. It was only with his eldest brother that he dared to say his thoughts.
For a person with a communication disorder, it wasn’t easy to express his thoughts. It was definitely a deliberate decision and combined with Yu Pingsheng’s cleverness and seriousness, Su Guangmo didn’t hesitate to agree.
Unexpectedly, Xie Shurong strongly opposed this and the brothers had a big fight.
Xie Shurong felt that his eldest brother was eccentric and impulsively left Flying Feathers. After leaving the country, he deleted the contact information of his two older brothers. By the time Su Guangmo calmed down and wanted to call his youngest brother back, it was too late.
This change became a knot in Yu Pingsheng’s heart. He always felt that he forced away Ah Shu but he couldn’t express it and could only feel anxious.
Su Guangmo was helpless. In fact, he was the one who made the biggest mistake. He was furious at Xie Shurong’s harsh words to Yu Pingsheng. In the final analysis, he did favour Yu Pingsheng.
In a family disagreement on certain concepts, if the younger brother and wife were arguing, a normal person would favour their wife and blame their younger brother. Su Guangmo made an instinctive reaction but he hurt Xie Shurong who had no knowledge of matters.
Su Guangmo blamed himself for a few days and finally plucked up the courage to coax back his greedy little brother. Unfortunately, he heard news that Xie Shurong had signed a contract with the foreign ICE Club. The little wolf who hadn’t grown up was too proud to turn back and Su Guangmo had to wish him the best from a distance.
The era of Flying Feathers’ Three Musketeers was a flash in a pan. The ending was very hasty.
Since Ah Shu left, Flying Feathers became a melee team led by Su Yu. It was no longer as glorious as the Three Musketeers period but it was one of the most stable giants of the Miracle League.
In the following years, Su Guangmo’s swordsman and Yu Pingsheng’s berserker cooperate more and more tacitly, forming a characteristic combination of a fierce attacker and quiet guardian. Su Guangmo’s powerful swordsman became popular and he was called the ‘Emperor’. Meanwhile, Yu Pingsheng became the ghost vice-captain that Flying Feathers fans liked.
Flying Feathers’ captain and vice-captain had an excellent relationship. Su Guangmo took Yu Pingsheng with him everywhere and Yu Pingsheng was used to following him. The two of them were inseparable.
Su Guangmo was very clear that he did this to let Yu Pingsheng become accustomed to him.
Once Yu Pingsheng became used to him and couldn’t do without him, he would confess and Yu Pingsheng wouldn’t resist.
In the sixth season, Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng met Ah Shu in the online game as he prepared to return to China. The heart knot was finally resolved. At the end of the season, Ah Shu returned to China to form a new team with Cat God while Su Guangmo took Yu Pingsheng on a self-driving tour.
This time, the destination was Harbin. Su Guangmo wanted to fulfill his past promise with his brother to take him to see the scene.
It happened to be snowing heavily when they arrived at Harbin. Yu Pingsheng looked through the window brightly at the vast white world outside. In the distance, high-rise buildings, street lights and trees were all covered with snow, making this northern city like a fairy castle by with ice and snow.
Su Guangmo parked at the hotel and took Yu Pingsheng to see the snow. The outside temperature was very low and pedestrians were wearing down jackets. Yu Pingsheng grew up in the south and obviously hadn’t adapted to the temperature here. His frozen face was red but it was difficult to hide the excitement in his eyes. He obviously liked this ice and snow world.
It was just that his fingers were too cold…
He just thought this when warmth came from his hand. Yu Pingsheng turned his head and saw Su Guangmo holding his hand and stuffing it into his pocket. “The weather is too cold and I don’t want my hands to be frozen.”
“Yes.” Yu Pingsheng didn’t think there was anything wrong with this and let his brother quietly lead him.
Over the years, Su Guangmo had often made physical contact with him. They held hands and hugged and this type of action had long been taken for granted. He was no longer repelled like when he was young. Yu Pingsheng even felt that his brother’s hands and embrace were very warm.
The two people walked along the street like this. They gazed at the view while chatting. Once they were hungry, they found a local specialty restaurant to eat.
It was an easy and pleasant day. Once they returned to the hotel, it was already late. The light of the streetlights caused the snow on the ground to have a dazzling layer of silver.
Yu Pingsheng walked with his head down as he listened to the rhythmic sound of their feet stepping on the snow.
Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, rolling up the snow and hitting a person’s face. Yu Pingsheng was frozen and shrank back. Su Guangmo immediately stopped and asked, “Are you cold?”
Yu Pingsheng nodded. “Yes.”
Su Guangmo smiled and took Yu Pingsheng into his arms.
Yu Pingsheng nestled in his arms and eagerly drew on the temperature of his brother. The surroundings were very quiet and he could even hear their heartbeats. Yu Pingsheng was about to say something when Su Guangmo’s low and gentle voice was heard above his head. “Brother, Ah Shu always said that I was eccentric. In fact, he isn’t wrong. I saw him as a younger brother but I saw you…”
He paused and Yu Pingsheng looked up curiously. “As what?”
Su Guangmo smiled and planted a light kiss on Yu Pingsheng’s forehead. His eyes were soft enough to melt the snow. He stared into Yu Pingsheng’s eyes and emphasized.
“As a lover.”