God Level Summoner
Chapter 388 - Working Together for a Lifetime (2)

Chapter 388 – Working Together for a Lifetime (2)

Li Cangyu returned to China and separated from Ling Xuefeng at Beijing Airport. He had to go back to Changsha with his teammates while Ling Xuefeng was going to Shanghai. The two of them agreed to meet in Shanghai three days later.
Once in Changsha, the Canglan team organized a press conference. Li Cangyu graciously introduced the preparations for next year and answered many questions. However, he didn’t talk about the mysterious lover. Even if a reporter asked, he only smiled and told them, “I will announce it once the time is ripe. It is still early.”
This attitude made his teammates very curious, especially Xie Shurong. On the way back to the dormitory, he wrapped himself around Bai Xuan and asked, “You have know Cat God for so many years and should be clear about what type of person he likes. Can you tell me who his girlfriend is?”
Bai Xuan smiled. “I also don’t know.”
He always thought that Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng didn’t have an ordinary relationship but this was just his guess. There was no evidence and Li Cangyudidn’t want to announce it. Thus, Bai Xuan wouldn’t mention anything.
Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang were also very curious about their captain’s family. They asked Xiao Han and Xiao Han looked blank. “Master has a girlfriend? Why didn’t i know?”
Only Uncle Zhang was calm about this. He had an expression of ‘it doesn’t matter’ and ran to his studio to process orders. He had been busy a season and wanted to relax by doing his old work for a few days.
Li Cangyu took the attitude of ‘ignoring’ his teammates’ curious eyes. He only needed to be a good captain and it wasn’t necessary to explain personal feelings to his teammates.
Li Cangyu was anxious to meet Ling Xuefeng so he immediately flew to Shanghai after finishing his work in Changsha.
Ling Xuefeng drove to the airport to pick him up. Li Cangyu wore sunglasses to avoid the paparazzi and once he entered the car, he greeted Ling Xuefeng with a sigh of relief. He directly asked, “Did you miss me?”
Ling Xuefeng looked over in a serious manner. “I was thinking about you.”
“I’m pretty much the same.” Li Cangyu laughed.
For the past few days, reporters had been following them tightly. In order to avoid being recognized by reporters, Ling Xuefeng deliberately rented a car that was a low-key Buick. Li Cangyu appreciated this care.
“Can we go back to your house? There are many reporters behind us.” Li Cangyu asked as he put on his seat belt.
“It doesn’t matter, I’ll get rid of them.” Ling Xuefeng glanced coldly in the rearview mirror and stepped on the gas pedal, driving out of the parking lot.
His driving skills were superb and after a few turns, he left the stunned reporters behind him.
Li Cangyu smiled with relief. “It is like having an affair.” The car had just arrived at an intersection and Ling Xuefeng stopped because of the red light. Li Cangyu looked at the handsome man’s face and reached out to touch Ling Xuefeng’s fingers. “Don’t mind it. We might have to sneak around now but one day, I will give you a name.”
Ling Xuefeng held his hand and whispered, “What is the name?”
Li Cangyu came over and spoke in the other person’s ear. “Wife.”
Ling Xeufeng couldn’t help smiling as he thought, ‘What to do? Our hearts are connected like this. I also want to call you wife.’
The green light came on and Ling Xuefeng didn’t say anything more as he drove back home.
Once they arrived home, they started to pack for their holiday in the Maldives before sleeping early. Of course, both of them didn’t do anything unusual and just slept in the same bed.
The next day, they flew from Shanghai to the Maldives.
Ling Xuefeng had booked a holiday villa on the beach in advance. Li Cangyu walked around the villa and was very satisfied. There were huge floor to ceiling windows in the living room and bedroom, allowing them to see the sea outside. It was truly a place for a holiday as every step was a scene. The blue sky and sea made people feel relaxed and happy.
Li Cangyu took off his shoes and lay barefoot on the sofa in the living room, squinting at the beautiful scenery outside the window. At this time, it was near dusk and the golden light of the setting sun shone through the large ceilings, giving warmth to the warm and Li Cangyu’s body was coated with a soft halo.
Ling Xuefeng suddenly felt that the relaxed Li Cangyu on the soft had put away his sharp claws and was like a big cat lazing around in the sun.
This was really sexy to the extreme.
Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help walking over and sitting down. He leaned over and kissed Li Cangyu who responded enthusiastically.
The two people were alone in a villa abroad and didn’t have to worry about reporters or being interrupted by teammates. Their kiss was more enthusiastic and intense.
Li Cangyu was very active in this respect while Ling Xuefeng was gentle and strong. This kiss was like a contest on the arena. It was equally divided and they both were sweaty.
At the end of the kiss, both people were a bit breathless as they smiled at each other.
Li Cangyu whispered in Ling Xuefeng’s ear, “Go and take a bath? This holiday villa must have a double bathroom.”
“Good.” Ling Xuefeng’s voice was a bit hoarse. He took Li Cangyu’s hand and led this person to the bathroom.
The size of the bathroom didn’t disappoint Li Cangyu. It was a luxurious bathroom more than 20 square metres and the bathtub was large enough for two people along with a spacious glass shower. Ling Xuefeng filled the bathtub with water while Li Cangyu quickly took off his clothes and went into the shower to have a quick wash.
He wasn’t shy at all about taking a shower in front of his lover.
Ling Xuefeng watched him shower through the glass. Numerous crystal clear water drops flowed along the slender neck, smooth back and then falling along the straight hips and legs.
His heartbeat sped up and followed the rhythm of the water. Ling Xuefeng’s body was becoming hotter and the desire that had been long suppressed broke through its shackles. His lower body soon hardened.
Li Cangyu finished the shower and found that Ling Xuefeng had filled up the bathtub. He walked over and lay in the bathtub with a smile. “Do you want to take a shower first and then come and bathe with me?”
No one could refuse such a straightforward invitation.
Ling Xuefeng immediately took off his clothes and took a shower. Li Cangyu leaned on the bathtub and enjoyed the sight of the beautiful man washing. The more he saw, the more pleased he became. Ling Xuefeng’s figure was really great.
Moments later, Ling Xuefeng turned off the shower and stepped into the bathtub, lying down with Li Cangyu.
Li Cangyu smiled and touched the other person’s eight pack. “You look so slim but you have all these muscles after undressing. How did you train this?”
Ling Xuefeng grabbed his hand and spoke in an extraordinarily low voice. “Don’t touch it.”
Li Cangyu continued to touch this person and commented, “Your body is great.”
At this moment, his finger touched a hot and hard object and there was the clear feeling of blood pulsing. Li Cangyu immediately realized what he touched and quickly retracted his hand.
However, Ling Xuefeng wasn’t willing to let go of the person who ignited every part of his body. He turned Li Cangyu and pressed Li Cangyu under his body, whispering, “What did you touch? Why don’t you continue?”
“Cough.” Li Cangyu wasn’t shy in this respect but he had no experience. It was his first time encountering Ling Xuefeng’s thick lower body and it felt a bit strange. He originally only thought about cultivating feelings in these few days before trying to further their physical relationship. He didn’t expect it to happen when taking a bath together.
Ling Xuefeng usually looked very cold but once his desires were ignited, they weren’t easy to extinguish. Li Cangyu was worrying about it when he was kissed.
Ling Xuefeng’s tongue dove straight in and the kiss was very direct. It was a declaration of ownership as his tongue moved aggressively in Li Cangyu’s mouth. Ling Xuefeng’s breath encroached on Li Cangyu’s mind and this feeling was very comfortable. Li Cangyu couldn’t help reaching out to hug the other person’s waist.
After the kiss, Ling Xuefeng watched Li Cangyu with deep eyes. His eyes were particularly deep as something suppressed was rushing out. “Cat, I want you. Can I?’
Li Cangyu was startled. However, his wife was so active. How could he retreat?
The virgin LI Cangyu was a bit nervous about joining with Ling Xuefeng. His heartbeat was extremely fast and he took a deep breath to make himself as calm as possible. He gazed into Ling Xuefeng’s eyes and replied, “Yes, we will try it.”
Then he turned Ling Xuefeng over and kissed Ling Xuefeng’s eyes. He was about to continue going down when he was turned around. Ling Xuefeng had rolled them back to the previous position.
In just half a minute, it became you press me and I press you. The water in the bathtub was sprinkled all over the floor. Then Ling Xuefeng placed his knees between Li Cangyu’s legs so that Li Cangyu couldn’t move.
The man stared at him gently and whispered, “Let me do the physical work.”
Ling Xuefeng smiled. “It would be nice for you to lie down and enjoy it.”
Li Cangyu thought, ‘Is he going to serve me with his mouth. My wife is really warm!”
It wasn’t until Ling Xuefeng covered his hand in shower gel and touched his back hole that Li Cangyu woke up and grabbed this person’s wrist. “This isn’t quite right?”