God Level Summoner
Chapter 389

Chapter 389 – Working Together for a Lifetime (3)
This wasn’t right.
Li Cangyu always regarded Ling Xuefeng as his wife. Thus, he should take the initiative to embrace the other person. How did he become the one lying down at the critical moment? There was some confusion in his mind. Li Cangyu glanced at Ling Xuefeng with a puzzled expression. This expression was like Ling Xuefeng suddenly waking him up from a dream.
Ling Xuefeng’s lips curved slightly as he leaned over and kissed the other person’s eyes. He whispered, “You don’t like being below?”
Li Cangyu replied seriously, “Yes, I want to be on top.”
“Okay.” Ling Xuefeng nodded and turned Li Cangyu over, separating his legs and letting him sit on Ling Xuefeng. His upright desire rubbed lightly against Li Cangyu’s back hole as he protested, “I didn’t mean it like this…”
Ling Xuefeng knew and asked, “What did you mean?”
Li Cangyu spoke bluntly. “I want to hold you.”
“I want to hold you too.”
The two people looked at each other and smiled. At this moment, they actually had another ‘heart and soul connection.’ What to do? Were they going to fight every time they went to bed? Then the winner would be the one above?
This method would really ruin the atmosphere. LI Cangyu thought about it and proposed, “Should we rotate it every time?”
There was no need to make him angry at this time and Ling Xuefeng simply agreed, “Okay.”
Li Cangyu smiled with satisfaction. This time you will be on top first. Next time, it’ll be me!”
Li Cangyu was usually busy playing games and didn’t have too much information about sex. If their first time wasn’t harmonious then it wouldn’t be beneficial to their relationship. Ling Xuefeng seemed to know more about this and he could do it first. Then Li Cangyu could learn and progress from Ling Xuefeng. It wouldn’t be too late to take back the initiative.
Li Cangyu thought very carefully but he completely ignored the fact that if he tasted the sweetness once, he might not want to change it later.
Ling Xuefeng was given permission and didn’t rush. He just slowly kissed along Li Cangyu’s neck.
This was the first close contact between the two of them. Compared to the eagerness to resolve physical desires, Ling Xuefeng seemed more mature. His foreplay was rich and gentle because he wanted to make his lover feel comfortable.
He kissed all the way down the neck to the chest. Ling Xuefeng stuck out his tongue and rubbed the tip on the left side of the chest, causing Li Cangyu’s body to tremble.
Ling Xuefeng opened his mouth along the tip and gently bit, licked and sucked it. Li Cangyu had never been treated like this before. He intellectually felt it was very strange but he physically enjoyed it. The strange numbness was transmitted to his mind and he couldn’t help closing his eyes.
Ling Xuefeng finished the left side and deliberately didn’t go to the right. Instead, he whispered in the other person’s ear, “Is it comfortable?”
Li Cangyu honestly sent his right nipple to Ling Xuefeng’s mouth and replied bluntly, “It is very comfortable. This side also wants it.”
Ling Xuefeng really loved this honest and straightforward Li Cangyu. He immediately smiled and latched onto the right nipple, gently licking it.
His chest really felt too comfortable. Li Cangyu leaned back against the bathtub. He knew that a man’s lower body would be very pleasurable when licked but he didn’t expect his chest to be a sensitive point.
The action of changing his position made the water in the bathtub overflow to the ground. Ling Xuefeng licked his chest before continuing downwards. He saw Li Cangyu’s erect penis and didn’t hesitate.
“Oh..” Li Cangyu couldn’t help gasping.
He usually resolved this with his right hand but how could his hand compared to Ling Xuefeng’s lips?
The sensitive organ was drawn into Ling Xuefeng’s mouth and the flexible tongue moved over the tip. The fresh and strange stimuli made Li Cangyu arch his waist and groan comfortably.
“Oh… um…”
Ling Xuefeng listened to the low groans and worked his tongue and mouth harder. He slowly swallowed this organ while repeatedly licking the sensitive tip.
Such a strong stimulation made Li Cangyu reach out to hold the back of his person’s head, his groans becoming more intense.
“Um…ohh… mmm…”
His eyes gradually became misty as pleasure filled his entire body thanks to Ling Xuefeng. Li Cangyu felt his body floating, like being on a cloud, as his sensitive penis was wrapped in a warm mouth and meticulously served.
They were both men and Ling Xuefeng knew a man’s body well. He always met Li Cangyu’s needs. His tongue was flexible and powerful and once he poked the tip of the penis, Li Cangyu tasted an ecstasy he never experienced before.
Ling Xuefeng sucked hard and the other side completely surrendered.
After climaxing, Li Cangyu held the edge of the bathtub and gasped roughly.
He had never experienced such a thrilling pleasure. It was like his soul was separated from his flesh. His body was floating but his mind was blank.
His upper body was covered with kiss marks and when he leaned against the bathtub, he revealed his body to Ling Xuefeng. The long and straight legs were still wrapped around Ling Xuefeng’s waist and the back hole was exposed to him. Li Cangyu was tempting to the extreme.
Ling Xuefeng’s breathing became heavy and he leaned over to kiss the red lips, whispering, “Is it pleasurable?”
Li Cangyu regained his senses and touched Ling Xuefeng’s chin, replying honestly, “It is especially pleasurable.” Then he took the initiative to kiss Ling Xuefeng, as if rewarding this person for his excellent performance.
“Then I will make you feel pleasurable again.” Ling Xuefeng smiled and squeezed some liquid onto his hands. He spread it around Li Cangyu’s back hole before gently inserting a finger.
Li Cangyu perceived something foreign entering his body and twisted a bit. Ling Xuefeng instantly hugged his waist with his left hand and whispered, “Don’t move. Believe in me, okay?”
“Yes.” LI Cangyu immediately stayed still and opened his legs even further.
Just now, Ling Xuefeng was willing to use his mouth to please Li Cangyu. How could Li Cangyu not open up? Since Ling Xuefeng said it was would be pleasurable, he would certainly believe this man. Just like on the field, he was willing to hand his back to the other person without any doubts.
Ling Xuefeng’s hot eyes stared at Li Cangyu’s slender legs and he kissed Li Cangyu’s body, planting a series of kiss marks on the inner thigh.
Don’t look at his usual serious coldness. This time, Li Cangyu almost couldn’t stand his enthusiasm.
Li Cangyu was a bit itchy from being kissed but he didn’t push the other person away. Instead, he reached out to hold Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder, closed his eyes and quietly enjoyed this strange joy.
The lubrication of the liquid allowed the fingers to increase to two. Ling Xuefeng kissed his lover over and over and patiently expanded the tight inner wall. The hot temperature made Ling Xuefeng linger and just putting his fingers in caused a great sense of satisfaction to rise in Ling Xuefeng’s heart.
The fingers in Li Cangyu’s body increased to four. Li Cangyu wasn’t very comfortable but since he gave the initiative to Ling Xuefeng, he chose to trust this man. He was silent despite there being some discomfort.
However, Ling Xuefeng’s observation ability was first-class. He saw Li Cangyu frown slightly and knew this person was uncomfortable. He instantly stopped his movements and gently stroked and kissed the other person to distract him.
Li Cangyu was deceived by the kiss and temporarily ignored the strangeness behind him. Ling Xuefeng patiently finished the foreplay and the extremely hard organ arrived a the entrance and was slowly inserted.
“Um…” Ling Xuefeng’s penis was thick and hard. Once it was inserted, there was a sudden pain, like Li Cangyu’s body was being torn from inside. Even so, LI Cangyu had been strong from an early age and never back down when encountering difficulties. He felt pain at this time but was too embarrassed to mention it. He could only grit his teeth.
Ling Xuefeng saw the sweat on Li Cangyu’s forehead and stopped, hugging this person in a distressed manner. His eyes were extraordinarily gentle as he spoke, “If you are uncomfortable then call out. There is no need to pretend in front of me. Relax, okay?”
HIs hoarse voice contained a different type of sexiness and his gentle eyes made Li Cangyu feel particularly at ease.
This pain wasn’t unbearable. Li Cangyu took a deep breath and let himself relax before smiling. “Come on.”
He grabbed Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder and took the initiative to sit down. Gravity caused his body to sink onto Ling Xuefeng’s thick penis, gradually swallowing it into his body.
This scene was completely seen by Ling Xuefeng. The stimulation of his senses made Ling Xuefeng’s impulses fierce. He hugged Li Cangyu’s waist and started a fierce rhythm. The water in the bathtub was beaten to the ground due to his movements. The sounds mixed with Li Cangyu’s repressed gasps made the atmosphere in the bathroom particularly ambiguous.
“Ahhh… um…”
It was unknown which place Ling Xuefeng hit but a sudden numbness came from the depths of the body. Li Cangyu’s waist softened and his legs could barely support him. Ling Xuefeng quickly raised this person and lowered him down on his penis again.
Li Cangyu’s gasps overflowed from his mouth and his black eyes were covered with a haze. The strange numbness mixed with the milk pain and strong joy, rising to his mind and eclipsing the soul.
He never thought that being hugged by a person could be so comfortable and he came. Li Cangyu didn’t feel the least bit shy. In his opinion, it was natural to enjoy sex with his lover. He honestly followed his physical instincts, hugging Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder and begging directly, “Further, come in… a little stronger…”
Such a straightforward demand was the best agent for Ling Xuefeng. Ling Xuefeng’s eyes deepened and he turned Li Cangyu over, pressing Li Cangyu under his body. He raised Li Cangyu’s legs and placed them on both sides of the bathtub, forcibly inserting himself deep inside this person’s body.
Li Cangyu’s voice was tinged with an erotic hoarseness and the way it rose at the end was particularly attractive.
Ling Xuefeng sped up his movements, touching the sensitive point in the depths of Li Cangyu’s body every time. Li Cangyu’s gasps became fiercer as his lower body was raised and held by Ling Xuefeng.
The two people were sweaty as their bodies tangled together but they were reluctant to let go of each other.
Li Cangyu was struck by Ling Xuefeng and couldn’t stand it, coming once again. At the same time, Ling Xuefeng also reached climax and released into Li Cangyu’s body.
Finally, he had completely possessed this man he had been secretly in love with for many years. Ling Xuefeng was filled with a strong sense of satisfaction. The climax made his mind a bit chaotic but the eyes of his loved ones were clearly imprinted. The face faded from a youthful boy to a handsome man. Today’s Li Cangyu was still sexy and fascinating.
He let Li Cangyu pant for a while. Ling Xuefeng calmed down from his climax and kissed the other person, whispering, “Is it pleasurable? I didn’t like to you?”
Li Cangyu was like a full cat as he lay in the bathtub. He nodded and replied honestly, “Yes, it was an unprecedented experience.”
Ling Xuefeng asked, “Do you want to try another position?”
“Do you still have strength?”
“Of course.” Ling Xuefeng answered with practical answers, turning Li Cangyu and making him kneel at the edge of the bathtub. Then he violently entered from behind, letting Li Cangyu emit a quick groan.
“Um… you really… hmm…”
The bathroom was soon filled with gasps that made a person blush and heartbeat accelerate.
They did it from dusk until it became dark, as if trying to fuse their souls together.