God Level Summoner
Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Meeting

The hour hand was pointing to 12 o’clock and Li Cangyu’s flight was about to arrive. Waiting for the person you loved was a very wonderful experience. Ling Xuefeng sorted out his messy thoughts and looked down at his watch, tidying up the collar of his suit with slender fingers.
He usually didn’t wear this type of formal outfit when training in the team. But when he came to see Li Cangyu today, he dressed himself up, shaved his beard and wiped his shoes. Ling Xuefeng was filled with confidence but in front of his beloved, he still wanted to show his best self.
This man’s appearance was impeccable and handsome. Due to his indifferent expression, there was a suffocating temperament around him that people didn’t dare approach. He stood as still as a statue, like a movie star.
The people around him looked at him with curious or stunned eyes but Ling Xuefeng ignored them. His deep eyes were only focused on the exit flight.
Li Cangyu finally appeared!
Ling Xuefeng’s eyes suddenly lit up.
Li Cangyu wore a comfortable T-shirt and slim jeans on the flight. It was casual clothing but it was difficult to hide his unique temperament. The 23 year old Li Cangyu was old enough to retire from the e-sports industry but he was very young in this crowd. He was tall and well-proportioned, with a pair of straight long legs making him particularly eye-catching.
His nose, lips and eyes weren’t particularly good but the combination of facial features were good-looking. In particular, when he laughed, there was a type of sunny handsomeness.
Li Cangyu’s gaze swept over the crowd and quickly locked on the target before moving over here.
Ling Xuefeng’s heart beat violently as he saw Li Cangyu stepping towards him, enough that he could hear his own heartbeat.
Li Cangyu walked very quickly and arrived in front of Ling Xuefeng in the blink of an eye. He looked Ling Xuefeng up and down and said, “You are wearing a suit. I almost didn’t recognize you.”
Ling Xuefeng answered him with a tight hug.
Li Cangyu wasn’t very surprised at being hugged. Whenever they met before, this guy would always come to hug him. Li Cangyu hugged him and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “I really troubled you. There was no need for you to pick me up from the airport.”
This sentence was obviously platitudes. If it was really troublesome then why run to Shanghai?
“There is no need to be so polite.” Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help smiling as he whispered, “Are you hungry? I’ll take you to eat fish.”
“Okay!” Li Cangyu immediately replied positively.
This attitude was really like a big cat following fish.
The two of them headed to the parking lot together. Li Cangyu saw the black Audi in front of him and couldn’t help saying, “This is a nice car.”
“Would you like me to give it to you?” Ling Xuefeng asked.
“Forget it, my driving skills are terrible.” Li Cangyu sat in the passenger seat.
“Should I accompany you to a driving school when you’re free?”
“Say it later.” Li Cangyu was lazy. He liked looking at cars but he had no interest in driving. “It is said that it is harder and harder to get a driver’s license. I have to buy a car and parking space. The car also has to be maintained. It is really troublesome. I would rather take a taxi directly.”
‘In fact, I can be your driver…’ Ling Xuefeng suppressed this sentence and sat in the driver’s seat, leaving the airport.
The two of them hadn’t seen each other for a long time but some friends had such a deep understanding that it wasn’t uncomfortable despite the long time span.
Once the car was steady, Li Cangyu casually asked,”Isn’t the second round of the regular season about to start? Don’t you have to go back to training today?”
“There is the vice-captain.” Ling Xuefeng said, “He is currently in charge of the team’s training.”
“Ah, Yan Ruiwen is really more careful than you.” Li Cangyu lamented. “Remember when Vice-Captain Yuan retired when he was only 18 years old? Now Yan Ruiwen is the vice-captain. Things are a lot easier for you with things helping.”
“Aren’t you the same? You have Bai Xuan to help and you even took him to New York with you.” Ling Xuefeng said.
“I didn’t take him. Xiao Bai has a serious stomach problem.” Li Cangyu explained, “I went to New York to see my dad and show him Bai Xuan’s stomach problems.”
Once the explanation was over, he felt a bit strange. Why was he explaining these things to Ling Xuefeng?
Li Cangyu touched his nose and smiled, moving his gaze to look outside the window.
Ling Xuefeng looked over and saw his side profile. It was masculine and handsome, with a tall nose and deep facial features that gave off a masculine sexiness. The contrast with his red lips and white skin was very big, making him seem like a type of safe man that girls liked.
But from his point of view, Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help thinking about… kissing him.
Li Cangyu seemed to perceive eyes on him and turned away. Ling Xuefeng immediately shifted his gaze.
The car filled with silence. Li Cangyu hadn’t slept well last night so he simply closed his eyes and went to sleep.
“Lazy cat, wake up and get out of the car to eat.”
A low voice that contained a hint of tenderness suddenly entered his ears.
Li Cangyu opened his eyes and looked into Ling Xuefeng’s deep eyes. He slept very well in the car and hadn’t even dreamt. He didn’t know why. Perhaps Ling Xuefeng just made him feel safe.
When they played together in the Miracle League, many players were 17 or 18 year old peers who especially loved to play. They often went out for dinner after a game. Every time, Ling Xuefeng would sit next to him and give him fish. This type of quiet care made Li Cangyu feel particularly warm.
The two of them had many years of friendship. They might be the most powerful opponents in the arena but Li Cangyu had no defense against Ling Xuefeng. For him, Ling Xuefeng was one of the most trustworthy people so he could sleep peacefully beside Ling Xuefeng.
Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling at Ling Xuefeng. “Cough, I’ve been affected by jet lag the last few days and actually fell asleep.”
Ling Xuefeng spoke softly, “If you feel tired after eating, do you want to sleep all afternoon?”
“We’ll talk about it again later.”
He unbuckled his seatbelt as he said this and wanted to open the door. He had slept too much and wasn’t completely awake. As a result, he slammed his head into the roof of the car.
Ling Xuefeng immediately reached out to his forehead. “Are you hurt?”
Li Cangyu said helplessly, “It isn’t painful at all. I was just disoriented from waking up.”
Ling Xuefeng looked at him carefully. The sound just now had been particularly loud but fortunately, it wasn’t serious. Li Cangyu’s forehead was just a bit red and it should be fine after a while.
Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help sighing with relief.
In the next second, his back suddenly straightened. It was because his actions made the distance between the two people very close. Ling Xuefeng was half pressed against Li Cangyu’s body and there was only one inch between their faces. If they just leaned forward slightly, they could directly kiss.
He saw his own reflection in Li Cangyu’s black eyes and Ling Xuefeng paused for a moment, his heartbeat ringing in his ears.
Li Cangyu didn’t move, he just quietly looked at the other person. Ling Xuefeng always felt that this smart cat seemed to see something but Ling Xuefeng didn’t want to confess that he liked this person yet. He moved away and said, “Let’s go eat.”
“Yes.” Li Cangyu didn’t question it and left the car.
The two of them entered the restaurant together. This store specialized in pickled fish and was quite famous. It was peak lunch hour and there were people waiting in line. Ling Xuefeng had booked in advance so after giving their names, the waiter took them upstairs to a private room.
The waiter asked, “We use live fish here. How many pounds do you want?”
Ling Xuefeng looked at Li Cangyu, “Is four pounds enough?”
Li Cangyu replied, “Six pounds.”
Ling Xuefeng nodded and said to the waiter. “Listen to him and give us six pounds.”
The waiter, “…”
The two of them wanted to eat such a big fish?
Once the fish was ordered, Li Cangyu made a satisfied expression. Ling Xuefeng asked, “Do you want anything else?”
Li Cangyu said, “No, I’ll only eat fish.”
Ling Xuefeng ordered two other vegetable dishes before handing the menu back to the waiter.
A large pot of pickled fish arrived. The six pound fish really looked spectacular. Li Cangyu immediately started. The store chosen by Ling Xuefeng was very good. The fish was fresh and tender while the pickled taste was good. Li Cangyu was very satisfied when eating.
Ling Xuefeng saw him burying his head to eat fish and couldn’t help smiling.
Li Cangyu was truly a big cat who couldn’t move when seeing fish.
Li Cangyu didn’t like to talk during a meal. He only concentrated on eating fish and finally finished the big pot after half an hour. Ling Xuefeng accompanied him and ate the vegetable dishes, filling his stomach.
Li Cangyu wiped his mouth with satisfaction and smiled. “You have paid off the pickled fish you owe me. Next time, let’s eat steamed bass.”
He deliberately emphasized the words ‘steamed bass’.
Ling Xuefeng pretended to be calm as he replied, “No problem, next time I will cook for you at home.”
It was still early when the two of them left the restaurant. Li Cangyu said he was going to find a Chinese medicine doctor recommended by his father and Ling Xuefeng willingly drove him.
The old Chinese medicine practitioner listened to Li Cangyu’s description and gave him some medicines to regulate the gastrointestinal tract. He instructed Li Cangyu to drink it every day on time and it would be effective in one month.
Li Cangyu thanked him, took a few packs of medicine and walked out.
After returning to the car, Ling Xuefeng asked, “A treatment for stomach problems? Is this medicine for Bai Xuan?”
Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes, my father said that this is better for Xiao Bai’s stomach problems than Western medicine. I’ll bring some back this time to help him.”
Bai Xuan and Li Cangyu were really as close as brothers. Previously, Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help being jealous but he later found out that Li Cangyu only regarded Bai Xuan as a friend and no longer minded.
“It is still early. Do you want to go to my place for a while?” Ling Xuefeng asked.
“Is it convenient to go to the Wind Colour team?”
“We aren’t going to the team, it is my house.” Ling Xuefeng said, “I bought a small place here.”
“Okay.” Li Cangyu couldn’t help feeling curious. “I haven’t been to your new home.”
Ling Xuefeng had bought a small two bedroom place. He didn’t like a house with too much space because it would look very empty. This house was located in the high-rise area and the property was very good. The layout of the north-south house was very reasonable.
The two rooms, one of which was the master bedroom with a bathroom, was very large. Ling Xuefeng placed a king size bed inside and removed a side wall, installing a big wardrobe. The other slightly smaller room was refurbished into a study. There was a wall-mounted bookcase and a brand new desktop computer placed on the big table in the middle.
The living room and dining room was decorated in a simple and stylish manner but the wallpaper was in warm yellow tones, making the whole house look clean and warm.
Li Cangyu wore slippers and agreed with Ling Xuefeng’s taste. This man might look cold and serious but he was very careful. He always knew how to take care of people, making them feel warm and not embarrassed. This was a very rare thing.
Wouldn’t his future wife definitely be happy living in this cozy home?
He was just thinking this when Ling Xuefeng suddenly asked, “What do you think about the decorating style?”
“It is very nice.” Li Cangyu praised. “I’m not very good at this. You are more careful than me when it comes to the home.”
The praised Ling Xuefeng was in a good mood. He brought Li Cangyu to his bedroom and said, “If you are sleepy, sleep for a while. I will send you to the airport at night.”
Li Cangyu readily took off his coat and got on the bed. He smiled and said, “I really am sleepy. I’ll take a nap first and leave at 7 o’clock.”
Ling Xuefeng had a dreamlike feeling when he saw Li Cangyu sitting on his big bed with a smile. Ling Xuefeng wanted to rush over and kiss him until he was breathless.
However… Li Cangyu was really sleepy and didn’t take long to fall asleep.
Ling Xuefeng forcibly controlled the thoughts in his heart.
He watched Li Cangyu sleeping quietly and couldn’t help getting a warm feeling in his heart.
Was it because Li Cangyu trusted Ling Xuefeng that he could sleep so peacefully in this bed?
‘Li Cangyu, this trust you have given me, I will never let you down.
So before you readily accept me, I won’t do anything that makes you resent me.
For you, the most important thing at the moment is the Miracle Professional League. You have longed for the Miracle League’s trophy for so long. It is your obsession and your greatest dream. I will support your decision and never affect your progress.
Come back, my Cat God.
I am here, waiting for the king to return.’