God of Cooking

God of Cooking

God of Cooking
Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Unexpected Fame (1)
While Kaya’s team went through their troubles, Martin welcomed a guest. It was Emily Porter.
Of course, the two of them speaking to each other wasn’t a strange sight. After all, it was a producer and a judge, but the reason why Emily approached Martin wasn’t because of the show.
Emily beamed.
“It’s been a long time since we met without a camera, Martin.”
“I know, but what brings you here? Are you here to give me your consent to my proposal?”
In response to Martin’s anticipation, Emily shook her head, but Martin didn’t show his disappointment as he asked, “Then…?”
“Since we’re both busy people, I’ll just get to the point. I’ve been thinking about your proposal, about the tasting program after Grand Chef.”
“If you’re telling me about that, it sounds like you have some kind of condition.”
“You got it. You’re quick. I want Min Joon.”
Martin showed a strange face in response. The fact that she wanted Min Joon could mean lots of different things, but there was no need to interpret it differently. Martin wasn’t the type to misunderstand. Martin asked, “Is it because of his tasting abilities?”
“Yes. You said the cast hasn’t even been decided yet. Can you add me and Min Joon in there?”
“But I don’t know if Min Joon…”
“That’s not for me to worry about. Isn’t it the producer’s job to cast?”
Emily was right. Martin thought for a moment. Beyond Cho Min Joon’s will, he had to think about the chemistry. The program that Martin came up with was one that would gather all of the famous food critics and making them go on vacation, but…
‘Would Min Joon fit in there?’
It was true that he had a good palate. His tongue was so sensitive that he could compete with a professional critic, but despite that fact, Cho Min Joon wasn’t seasoned yet. He felt anxious making Cho Min Joon appear as a food critic.
And Emily sensed Martin’s anxiety right away.
“I know it’s different from your original plan. It’ll take a different turn, but it’ll still be fun.”
“I agree. Beyond Min Joon’s abilities, he has star qualities.”
“Then I’ll wait for your favorable response. Please let me know.”
“Sigh… Something else to think about.”
“What do you mean? Do you have other things on your plate?”
In response to Emily’s question, Martin sighed. He answered in a tired voice, “There’s been a problem on Kaya’s team. To be exact, there’s some disharmony.”
“I’ve been anxious too. Kaya’s a good chef but not her personality. Who did she fight with this time?”
“Peter Gray.”
Emily nodded in understanding. Peter had typical skills but an interesting personality. Although his skills were typical, he still had the basics down. Those who were still here were reasonably talented, but compared to others, he was lacking, and Peter probably knew this himself.
It wasn’t weird that their personalities clashed. Emily said, “But that doesn’t really matter, right? From your standpoint, disharmony makes for good content. Shouldn’t you be happy?”
“For the program, yes. But this show centers on the contestants. If a bad vibe spreads among them, their attitude and emotions will be conveyed through the screen. It’s not good in the long-run.”
“I see. So you’re trying to look out for their mental health, huh?”
Martin nodded. At that moment, Emily fell deep into thought before clapping her hands.
“Come to think of it, Episode 4 is airing today. What’s it about? The contestants will have different moods today depending on what it’s about.”
Martin answered with an awkward smile.
Cho Min Joon and his other team members gathered in the waiting room after dinner. Peter must have been curious about the broadcast as well because he came back from storming off. It made sense that all the other team members came out as well. Cho Min Joon jabbed Marco on his side with his elbow.
“What are you making?”
“That’s a secret. I’m not supposed to tell.”
“Hey, that’s not fair. It’s obvious. You’re making dessert, right?”
Marco didn’t answer. At that moment, Anderson grabbed Marco’s arm and helped him up. Anderson then looked at Cho Min Joon with a cold look in his eyes.
“Don’t spy on us.”
“Yeah, you’re trying to obtain information.”
“What parts of the meal we’re making isn’t that big a deal.”
“Who knows? Then what are you making?”
Cho Min Joon started to answer before he knitted his brows.
“Why should I tell you if you won’t tell me?”
“Forget it. I’m not curious.”
Cho Min Joon scoffed and turned around. Anderson let out a cold laugh and then dragged Marco away.
“Don’t hang out with the other team. That guy’s not good.”
“W-wait… S-sorry, Min Joon. I’m off.”
Cho Min Joon showed a shocked face as Anderson and Marco walked off. Anderson was always like that, but he felt betrayed by Marco. He felt as though his best friend in school went off and befriended his enemy.
“You’ve been abandoned.”
Chloe teased him from the side. Cho Min Joon laughed and answered, “That’s not true.”
Cho Min Joon looked back at Chloe. She was dressed up in a striped bandana and a white and red floral dress. He wasn’t so sure what to think of her fashion. She looked like a Korean girl from the 80s. Cho Min Joon spoke with an awkward voice, “Nice dress.”
“Really? This is my favorite.”
She would have been sad if he told her it looked weird. Cho Min Joon sighed out of relief and changed the subject.
“Where’s Peter?”
“I think he’s better now, but he’s still a little sad.”
“That’s good. I hope he doesn’t run into Kaya.”
“Even if they do, they won’t go close to each other.”
“Yeah, he doesn’t come to me either.”
Cho Min Joon shrugged. Peter was actually more sad toward Cho Min Joon than Kaya. After all, he criticized him and even gave him a 5. He might have thought people didn’t like him. Chloe sighed.
“You said what you needed to. You did the right thing.”
“I never said I regretted it.”
“But you look a little sad.”
“Not really.”
“Okay then.”
Chloe smiled. It was a smile he couldn’t hate. Cho Min Joon closed his mouth and turned back. The show was starting.
The 4th episode was about the finals. It started with the surprised faces of the contestants at the Grand Chef House. There were many familiar faces on the screen.
A scene showing the judges’ introductions passed, and then it was the catfish. In the midst of many surprised faces in front of the wriggling catfish, Cho Min Joon looked very calm. Chloe exclaimed and jabbed Cho Min Joon on the shoulder.
“Did you see that? You were just on TV.”
Cho Min Joon answered calmly with his eyes still on the TV, and then they saw just how fierce the mission actually was. There were many contestants who got kicked out while they were cleaning the fish. Since 100 contestants went down to just a few dozen, the ones who were still here were proud that they made it through.
Meanwhile, Cho Min Joon’s face popped up, but it wasn’t just for a moment like last time, but it was a long bit of him cooking. He was frying the catfish peel and making the puree sauce. Other than him, there was also Kaya, Anderson, and Kaya being showed on the screen. Cho Min Joon sighed and said, “… We’ll probably be talked about on the internet.”
“You don’t like that?”
“I don’t like it, but I’m kind of anticipating it, too. I wouldn’t hate it if it’s good, but you know how hurtful the mean comments can be.”
“Then imagine how hard it is for Kaya. She would have been better off if the internet didn’t exist.”
In response to Chloe’s remark, Cho Min Joon looked at Kaya. She was glaring at the TV from afar. Was she nervous? Cho Min Joon whispered to Chloe, “Go next to Kaya. If I go, she’ll get mad.”
Chloe got up and sat next to Kaya. She didn’t get annoyed at Chloe. She actually showed a slight smile before it faded. She might have been hoping Chloe would come.
The broadcast was soon over. There were good and bad comments about each contestant, and then the Grand Chef logo popped up before the screen turned black. When the contestants started getting up, the screen lit up again showing the cooking station.
And at that moment, Cho Min Joon let out a sigh. The person on the screen was Kaya. They must have obtained the sound from their mics because all that could be heard from the TV were the sound of dishes clanking as well as Kaya and Cho Min Joon’s voices.
“It’s good.”
“Yours, too.”
Following their short comments, the show ended. Cho Min Joon was taken aback. Why did they edit that portion like a movie scene?
Hugo, who was sitting in front of him, turned around. He smirked as he said, “It’s good.”
“Yours, too.”
Another voice could be heard after Hugo’s. It was a voice that came from very close. As soon as he turned around in shock, it was Carlos staring at Cho Min Joon. Cho Min Joon grimaced as he said, “It was edited in a weird way.”
“Carlos. Did you hear something?”
“What? The sound of lying?”
“The sound of having no conscience.”
“… You’ll see once it happens to you.”
Cho Min Joon spoke in an empty voice. Carlos and Hugo smiled and teased him some more. At that moment, Joanne ran over in shock. She was wearing high heels.
“L-look at this. It’s in the rankings!”
“… Who?”
Cho Min Joon asked in worry. Joanne showed him her cellphone in response. Cho Min Joon’s face stiffened up. The names at the top of the online portal search ranking looked familiar.
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