Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 1479

Chapter 1479: Untitled
“What?!” Mrs Zuo couldn’t believe her ears. “How dare that Feng Wu?!”
Mrs Dugu smirked. “That girl thinks she has His Royal Highness’s favor, so she’s so full of herself now. She’s even bold enough to disrespect Her Majesty!”
Mrs Zuo clicked her tongue. “That Feng Wu is so arrogant. I bet His Majesty hates her so much now!”
Mrs Dugu nodded. “If Her Majesty can’t be treated, Feng Wu is going to get the blame. When that happens, no matter how His Royal Highness tries to protect her, she’s still going to die.”
The two ladies weren’t the only ones talking about it.
Everyone gathered together in twos and threes, worried about the empress dowager’s illness while feeling excited over the rumor about the Feng clan.
And all they talked about was —
If the empress dowager died, what kind of situation would Feng Wu be in?
Countless people couldn’t wait to see Feng Wu in trouble.
It just so happened that Feng Wu came back at that moment.
She was carrying a basket on her back, and it was filled with branches with dark green leaves that gave off a faint fragrance.
“Look! Feng Wu is back!”
“It really is her! How dare she come back now?!”
“She’s so going to die!”
Feng Liu had been waiting outside the outpost for Feng Wu. As soon as she saw her, she ran toward her at top speed.
“Feng Wu!”
Feng Liu’s eyes spat fire. She glared at Feng Wu, as if trying to burn Feng Wu to ash with the fury in her eyes.
Feng Wu frowned a little, glanced at her, and tried to walk around her.
However, Feng Liu wouldn’t let her leave.
“Feng Wu, you’re too ashamed to see me, aren’t you?! You can’t even meet my eyes!
“Feng Wu, do you know how outrageous you’ve been?!
“Feng Wu, I don’t care what happens to you, but why would you incriminate the entire Feng clan?!
“Feng Wu, what happened to my father is all your fault!”

Knowing that she couldn’t defeat Feng Wu, Feng Liu could only follow her as she complained.
But Feng Wu couldn’t even be bothered to look at her.
Until —
“Feng Wu!” A cold voice rang out behind them.
Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and turned around. It was indeed Feng Yiran.
“Come with me!” Feng Yiran led her away. “Father has been removed from his office because of you, and he’s been badly injured. Don’t you feel guilty at all?”
Feng Yanfeng?!
Feng Wu thought about her fence-sitting uncle.
She had no affection for that uncle, but Feng Yanfeng could still be a useful pawn in the future, so she knew that she should visit him.
“Lead the way,” Feng Wu said coldly.
The Feng clan was no longer one of the nine major families, and they weren’t ranked very high either. Therefore, their living quarters were quite far from the center.
Feng Yanfeng was sulking when Feng Wu arrived.
“Father, Feng Wu is here!” Feng Yiran led Feng Wu to Feng Yanfeng.
Feng Yanfeng felt a pang in his chest.
Feng Wu! She was the reason behind everything!
At that thought, Feng Yanfeng stared at Feng Wu in disbelief, and his gaze reminded her of icy blades.