Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481: Untitled
“Feng Wu, go to hell!”
His voice was so loud that it was like a thunderclap in the ears of the others.
Wow —
People were already talking about what was going on with the Feng clan, and they were even more curious now.
Lord Mu was in charge, and he quickly headed over.
Since Lord Mu was here, so were Master Zuo and Master Dugu.
All three were people Feng Yanfeng had tried to befriend recently, but he wasn’t happy to see them now.
Lord Mu couldn’t care less. He told Feng Yanfeng when he arrived, “Old Feng, let’s talk like civilized people. Shouting won’t solve anything.”
Master Zuo glanced at Feng Wu and smiled at Feng Yanfeng. “Feng Wu is only a kid now, and she needs more guidance. Don’t rush it.”
Feng Yanfeng almost choked on his own breath.
“That brat! She, she…” Feng Yanfeng almost couldn’t breathe. “The empress dowager’s life is hanging in the balance, but she went off to have fun! She’s trying to ruin our clan! I won’t have it!”
Feng Yanfeng struggled to his feet and grabbed Lord Mu’s hand. “My lord, you and the other officials are going to be my witnesses today! I’m going to make an announcement as the head of the Feng clan!”
Feng Yanfeng glared at Feng Wu and stressed each word: “From now on, Feng Wu isn’t a member of the Feng clan anymore!”
That announcement was unexpected but predictable at the same time.
“Old Feng —” Lord Mu said calmly, “Let’s talk it over. I’m sure we can solve this. Removing her name from the clan is such a big deal that you have to be sure!”
Lady Wang and the others looked expectantly at Feng Yanfeng.
They had waited for this day for so long!
Both Master Zuo and Master Dugu tried to make Feng Yanfeng reconsider his decision.
However, Feng Yanfeng shook his head decisively. “No, I’ve given it enough thought already. Feng Wu has to be kicked out today!”
Master Zuo shook his head and sighed. He then shot a warning glance at Feng Wu. “Kiddo, what are you doing just standing there? Do you really want to get your name removed from the clan and become a lonely soul with no one to depend on? You should be pleading with your uncle right now!”
To have one’s name removed from their clan was such a big deal that everyone was convinced that Feng Wu would panic, but —
Feng Wu just stood there with the sunlight behind her.
The look on her face was very calm.
And she was completely unperturbed.
She smiled a little and asked quietly, “Are you going to remove my name from the clan?”
All eyes were on her.
Feng Wu smirked. “Do you think you can do that just because you want to?”
Everyone’s stomachs lurched.
That was so arrogant!
“Feng Wu, I’m your uncle and the head of the clan. I have the right —”
“The head of the clan? For now. You don’t know what will happen in the future.” Feng Wu smirked.
“You —” Feng Yanfeng wanted to say something else, but Feng Wu waved him off.
“We’ll talk about it later; we’ll see who gets kicked out in the end.” Feng Wu sounded impatient. “I don’t have time for this. Wait until I’m not busy.”
She left after those words.
Just like that.
Everyone watched in disbelief as she walked away.