Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 1720 - Face-slapping, Round 8 (3)

Chapter 1720: Face-slapping, Round 8 (3)
“I saw Sefiro just then,” said Little Phoenix. “She’s in the northwest, less than 5km away.”
Princess Sefiro?!
To Feng Wu, that was great news!
She had been a little worried just then, fearing that Six wouldn’t know who Catnine was and would kill him too. With Sefiro around, however, things would be a lot easier.
“I’ll go to her now!” Feng Wu ran in Sefiro’s direction, as fast as a shooting star.
She wore a skullcap and clothes made from handspun cloth, for that was what she had worn the last time Sefiro saw her as Catnine.
Right now, Six was bewildered.
Given enough time, he would make a full recovery, but to hunt down the prince, he had to get up when he was still in a lot of pain.
He had been able to sense the prince at first, but for some reason, he suddenly lost track of him.
What was going on?
Six frowned.
He paused, did a scan with his mental power again, and still found nothing.
His frown grew bigger.
If he couldn’t find the prince, what about that girl? Six remembered that a girl was with the prince.
The prince didn’t know formations, nor did he have any bombs on him. So, that girl had to be behind all this.
Why wasn’t the prince the one with the bombs? Because if he was, he wouldn’t have stayed behind.
It almost drove Six crazy to recall what happened!
He had brought all his men with him on this mission.
There had been thirty assassins, and ten had died during the battle against the prince’s men. However, that sacrifice had been expected and necessary…
But with the other twenty men… Six gritted his teeth and wanted to skin the girl alive!
Compared with the prince, he hated the girl more!
“Come out! Now!” Six yelled at the top of his lungs.
His terrifying voice was earsplitting and resonated in the valley.
It was so loud that it made the ground shake!
Feng Wu was moving from one cliff to another, and the sound made her stumble. She almost fell off.
“Little Feng Wu, steady!” Little Phoenix cried out.
Feng Wu steadied herself. “I know, I know.”
Little Phoenix said, “Judging by the sound, Six is about 10km away, while Sefiro is only 1km from us! Keep it up! We have to get to her before she meets up with Six. Otherwise, they’ll easily suspect you!”
Feng Wu nodded and picked up speed.
Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
She felt the trees falling behind on either side of her.
“We only have 100 meters left!” Little Phoenix reminded her.
Feng Wu nodded and slowed down. Soon, she saw Sefiro, who was sitting against a tree.
And Sefiro was in a rather miserable state.
Her neck had been cut by Feng Wu earlier, who had used Sefiro’s own blade to do it.
And the blade was poisonous.
Needless to say, Sefiro had smeared the antidote on her wound immediately, but to her frustration, the wound was still unbearably itchy.