Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 1829 - Feng Wu the Secret Operator (1)

Chapter 1829: Feng Wu the Secret Operator (1)
“Oh my god!”
Feng Xun looked from the item in the lattice to the crowd, and he almost choked.
“Isn’t this…”
Fearing that the others might want to take it from him, Feng Xun immediately picked up the sword.
“Gosh, that really is the Purple Sun Sword! That’s right! It’s the real thing!” Feng Xun cried out.
Those behind him were as shocked as he was.
“It can’t be! Why is he so lucky?”
“74 doesn’t sound lucky at all!”
“Well, it seems that we’re the unlucky ones…”
The crowd was speechless.
When Feng Xun finally recovered from his astonishment, his reaction was —
“Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahahaha —”
“It’s the Purple Sun Sword! It really is! I’m so lucky!”
Everyone looked at Feng Xun as if he had lost his mind.
Sefiro couldn’t help but ask, “Hey, Feng Xun, how did you find the Purple Sun Sword?”
Everyone else looked curiously at him as well.
Feng Xun feigned a hesitant voice, “Do you really want to know?”
Dugu Yamo said, “My dear young lord, just tell us. We all want to know. Please tell us.”
Feng Xun said, “It’s very easy, actually. Just pray in your head and ask Feng Wu to help you. That was what I did.”
“Ask Feng Wu for help?” Sefiro and Dugu Yamo traded angry looks.
“I’ll never ask for her help, even if I find nothing!” Sefiro snorted.
Dugu Yamo thought the same.
Feng Xun shrugged. “Fine, whatever.”
Xuan Yi was next. Before he rolled the dice, Feng Xun shouted at him, “Xuan Yi, Xuan Yi, remember to pray to Feng Wu. It really works. Maybe you’ll find the Blowing Snow Sword.”
Xuan Yi rolled his eyes and found Feng Xun ridiculous.
He injected the spiritual essence and rolled the dice.
Feng Xun was concerned. “If you won’t ask Xiao Wu for help, I will. Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, please help Xuan Yi find the Blowing Snow Sword. It’ll suit him perfectly! Please!”
Sefiro rolled her eyes at Feng Xun, finding him rather idiotic.
The others were speechless as well.
However —
When Xuan Yi opened the door —
Everyone drew in their breaths.
They saw a meter-long sword that was completely white.
“Oh my god!”
“This isn’t happening!”
“How can this be?”
“Is this really happening?”
“That’s impossible!”
“That’s too big a coincidence!”

Everyone was astonished and couldn’t stop making surprised sounds.
Xuan Yi was equally surprised. It took him three seconds to finally recover from the shock. He then turned around and stared at Feng Xun.
Feng Xun was equally quiet.
Because what was in that lattice was none other than the Blowing Snow Sword itself!
Xuan Yi took it out and held it with both hands.
The meter-long sword was a snowy white color, and the blade gave off a chilly air.
The sword suited him perfectly!