Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 1830 - Feng Wu the Secret Operator (2)

Chapter 1830: Feng Wu the Secret Operator (2)
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It looked as if the sword had been built just for him.
Despite his great joy, the look on his face remained unchanged and one couldn’t tell how he felt. However, his trembling fingers on the hilt of the sword illustrated how excited he was.
When Xuan Yi walked up to Feng Xun with the sword, Feng Xun grabbed the Blowing Snow Sword and sighed in amazement. “This is such a great sword!”
The others were all speechless.
Of course the Blowing Snow Sword was a great sword!
But Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were both unbelievably lucky. According to the list on the wall, both swords were the most precious treasures in this hall.
There were eight five-star treasures here, and they had found two in such a short time!
Feng Xun glanced at Xuan Yi and looked pleased. “What did I tell you? Pray to Feng Wu, and you’ll find anything you want! If I hadn’t prayed for you, you would never have rolled the number for the Blowing Snow Sword!”
The others rolled their eyes at Feng Xun, since they all believed that it was thanks to Xuan Yi’s own luck.
Feng Xun said confidently, “Just wait and see. We’ll find the Purple Sun Swordplay and Blowing Snow Swordplay later. It’ll be perfect!”
Xuan Yi only shook his head with a wry smile, because he didn’t believe it.
He wasn’t the only one. The others shook their heads as well, thinking that Feng Xun was imagining things.
“Forget it. You already used up all your luck when you found the swords. You can’t possibly find the swordplays as well!”
“Feng Xun, stop bragging. If you can find those two things, I’ll kneel at your feet!” Dugu Mengxi smirked.
“Well, if you say so. I’ll mark that down.”
Dugu Mengxi smirked. “You don’t own this place. I don’t believe that you can find them as well!”
Crossing his arms, Feng Xun sounded very pleased. “Sure, I don’t own this place, but maybe Xiao Wu does!”
“Phhh —”
The others all laughed.
Behind the shelves —
The white fairy watched as Feng Wu cheated for Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, and heard Feng Xun praying to Feng Wu until the two of them found the swords…
She then turned to Feng Wu with a smile. “That silly boy is quite funny. I guess all silly boys are like that.”
Feng Wu rolled her eyes again.
The white fairy poked Feng Wu’s arm with a finger and said, “Do you think other people will pray to you for your help?”
Feng Wu said, “Apart from Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, everyone here holds some kind of grudge against me. It’s just a matter of how much they hate me. They’ll never ask for my help!”
The white fairy said, “You never know. Just wait and see.”
Back in the treasure hall —
Ranmil was next to roll the dice.
She had skin as white as milk, and she was as elegant as a snow lotus. The people of the grassland had great respect for her, and she had left quite a good first impression on Feng Xun.
Therefore, Feng Xun reminded her, “Your Highness, I should remind you: If you want a particular treasure, you should ask for Feng Wu’s help.”
Ranmil looked over her shoulder and smiled at Feng Xun, but she didn’t ask for Feng Wu’s help.
Feng Xun frowned. “You won’t find anything like this.”