Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 2240 - Untitled

Chapter 2240: Untitled
“Consort Ranmil, how much information did you memorize?” Feng Wu looked at her with a smile.
Ranmil said arrogantly, “More than you.”
Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and came up with a plan.
She wanted to test Ranmil to see if she really had connections with the Dongsang Kingdom.
At that thought, Feng Wu picked up the notebook that had everyone’s notes in it and glanced at Ranmil. “Who should go first? You or me?”
Ranmil had her own plan. She smirked and said, “I can remember more than you. If I go first, you won’t have anything to write down.”
Feng Wu said, “Is that so? In that case, I’ll start first, Consort Ranmil.”
Ranmil gritted her teeth. She felt that Feng Wu was deliberately calling her “Consort Ranmil” in front of Jun Linyuan.
Feng Wu then started filling in the gaps in the notes.
She could fill in all the blanks, but…
Why should she? She could keep the completed list to herself. Why should she share it with everyone else?
Therefore, she pretended she was having a difficult time remembering everything.
She left out the dead ones. Of the surviving 30 or so people, only a dozen or so had names.
Feng Wu used green ink. She scratched her head when she reached the 14th man and eventually put down her pen.
“That isn’t much.” Ranmil flipped through the pages. “Feng Wu, aren’t you supposed to have a very good memory? You’ve written down so little.”
Feng Xun was equally perplexed.
It was normal that he couldn’t remember much, but if Feng Wu had really learned Level 7 inscriptions when she was six, she should have an excellent memory.
She should be able to remember much more. Had she held back the information?
Feng Wu remained calm despite Ranmil’s mocking.
She said, “Well, I had a difficult battle up on the mountain and almost died. I haven’t fully recovered yet. That’s why I can’t remember much.”
“That was quite impressive, fighting a Spiritual King. I didn’t expect to see you come back alive,” Ranmil said casually.
Feng Wu screamed inwardly.
How did Ranmil know that?
She turned to Feng Xun, who shook his head in bewilderment.
He and Xuan Yi had followed Feng Wu here after they left the mountain. He hadn’t had time to tell anyone about the battle.
Ranmil gave Feng Wu one more glance without saying another word.
What was she supposed to say? Praise Feng Wu for her fast improvement? Of course she would never do that.
Ranmil spared no effort in trying to discourage Feng Wu.
She took the notebook and started writing in purple ink.
Her pupils contracted when she saw the 13th person. She remembered that the man was called Zou Dapeng, and he was a spy who worked in the intelligence department. He was an expert assassin with a flame-shaped birthmark on his back…