Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!
Chapter 964 - Going together

Chapter 964: Going together
Imperial Doctor Zhong seemed to have thought of something and then suddenly said: “I know a man who drives Gu. I saw him last month.”
Last month, someone came to see him for treatment. He was a young man with a handsome face and worn-out cloth.
He had just returned from the Imperial Hospital at that time. He blocked him at the gate of his house and said that his old mother was seriously ill. The doctor in the hospital can’t do anything. He had no choice but to ask him for help.
Seeing his pitiful look at the time, he couldn’t bear it, so he told him to bring his mother over.
But who knows that the young man shook his head vigorously and said that his mother was too sick to move. He begged him to come to his home for treatment.
When the housekeeper heard this, he scolded him on the spot and sent him away.
Later on, he appeared in front of his mansion for several days, begging him again and again. Seeing the young man’s filial piety, he agreed to go there.
He thought that young man lived in the west of the city, where the poor families gathered. But who would have thought that he actually lived outside the city? And he doesn’t live in the suburbs outside the capital, but in Fengyu Mountain, which was 20 miles away from the capital.
The medicine boy and the coachman who also came complained to him. He had to persuade with a few words, saying that since they came, no matter how far away it was, he should help others and take a look.
It wasn’t until he entered the young man’s house that he realized that something was wrong. The utensils and things inside looked weird.
The old woman was very sick, but can be cured by medicine. He prescribed the medicine and gave him an ingot of silver so that he could take care of his mother.
The young man was very grateful, so he confided the truth to him. He said that his mother was a Gu cultivator, but he was a Gu-killer.
He himself was very disgusted with such things, but the young man was a good person, so he didn’t say much.
As soon as this incident passed, he quickly put it behind his mind. He only remembered it now.
Bai Zhi looked surprised: “Can you take me to him? I want to see him immediately.”
Imperial Doctor Zhong nodded immediately: “I don’t know the way, but my coachman must remember the way. Let’s go together.”
Imperial Doctor Xu also said: “Yes, yes, let’s go together. I will also come with you.”
Imperial Doctor Zhang also clamored to go, but the other didn’t have the courage. They get scared just by hearing it. They had only seen it once, but their scalp still tingled until now. So how can they stand to go to the house of the Gu cultivator?
Bai Zhi didn’t force them. If they want to go they will go. What’s the point of forcing people to go?
Besides, the more people involved in this matter was not a good thing.
Things are valued for their quality rather than their numbers. She finally understood a little bit, why the age of these imperial doctors was not much different from Imperial Doctor Xu and Imperial Doctor Zhong, but these two were in charge of the Imperial Hospital, and not them.
A group of people came out of the Imperial Hospital and drove two carriages straight to Fengyu Mountain outside the capital.
When they arrived at Fengyu Mountain, it was already afternoon. Although the sun was strong, the wind was very cold.
Especially the wind in the mountains was extremely cool.
At the foot of the mountain, Imperial Doctor Zhong immediately remembered the way. After all, it was a section of the road with his own feet, and there was only one way to enter the mountain.
Wei Xuan lives in the middle of the mountain.
It hasn’t rained for a long time. The road in the mountains was dry, which made it easy to walk. In addition, this mountain was not steep, but a forest with a slope.
In half an hour, they found Wei Xuan’s home. The house was made of several planks of wood being intact together. The small yard has a fence with chickens and ducks in it. There were also clothes hanging outside to dry. It was no different from an ordinary farmhouse.
Only Imperial Doctor Zhong, who had been inside known that there was something in that seemingly simple room.