Gourmet of Another World
Chapter 1115 - Teleport to Earth Prison Countdown

Chapter 1115: Teleport to Earth Prison Countdown
Translator: Zenobys, CatatoPatch
“A condition?” Bu Fang’s words surprised Realm Lord Di Tai.
He didn’t think that Bu Fang would have a condition.
“Little Bu Bu, what are we? Why would we talk about some condition…” Realm Lord Di Tai gently whipped his hair, grinning.
Bu Fang looked at him blankly.
“Go and turn right… I won’t see you off,” said Bu Fang. Then, he turned around and was about to lift up the kitchen’s curtain to get inside.
However, Realm Lord Di Tai stopped him.
“Little Bu Bu, you’re becoming more hot-tempered. It’s not right. You know, with this temper of yours, you won’t marry a good wife,” Realm Lord Di Tai mumbled.
However, facing Bu Fang’s sharp eyes, Realm Lord Di Tai had to shut his mouth.
“My condition isn’t difficult. It’s actually simple…” Bu Fang said.
Indeed, his request wouldn’t be a big deal to Realm Lord Di Tai.
“What condition? Tell me.”
Bu Fang looked at Realm Lord Di Tai, the corner of his mouth twitching as he rubbed his chin.
“I heard that the Immortal Cooking Realm has a list of immortal flames. I want to know about the immortal flames that haven’t been owned yet. If you can provide me with at least three flames, I will help you,” Bu Fang said.
It was true that Bu Fang’s request to Realm Lord Di Tai wasn’t actually a request. He just wanted to know the whereabouts of those immortal flames, so he could find them.
Now, as he had gained the ability to fuse immortal flames, he wouldn’t let the chance to fuse more flames slip away.
The more immortal flames he could merge with, the more powerful his flame could be, advancing to even higher levels.
Perhaps, after fusing with all of them, he would have the most powerful immortal flame in the ranking!
“Immortal flames without their owner… that won’t be difficult to arrange. I will ask Ya Ya to sort it out. When you come back, I’ll give it to you with both hands,” Realm Lord Di Tai said seriously.
Bu Fang didn’t say anything more. He nodded, and the restaurant fell into silence again.
Nethery wanted to say something but didn’t. She couldn’t figure out what Bu Fang was thinking.
Perhaps Bu Fang didn’t know how dangerous the God Vanishing Mountain was. After all, the ignorant feared nothing.
However, as the Netherworld Woman who had been living in Earth Prison for a while, she understood clearly how terrifying the forbidden lands were.
“Bu Fang…”
“You don’t need to talk me out of it. I’ve made up my mind. Trust me… I won’t do anything I’m not certain about.” Bu Fang interrupted Nethery’s words, smiling at her.
Nethery was bewildered. Then, her originally cold face became even colder as she gave Bu Fang a nod.
She trusted Bu Fang.
“Little Bu Bu, of course, I won’t let you go to Earth Prison empty-handed. The forbidden lands are very dangerous, so how could I let you foolishly go there?” Realm Lord Di Tai said with a smile.
His hand shook once, shooting out jets of light. In the next instant, several jade talismans emerged in his hand.
After giving the jade talismans to Bu Fang, Realm Lord Di Tai exhaled in relief and said, “These are some life-saving jade talismans. In case you run into a formidable opponent, use them to protect your life. Of course, you can also summon me. I can come and run away with you.”
Bu Fang didn’t babble or try to be polite. His mind flickered, and he collected the jade talismans one by one.
In cases like this, he didn’t need to say nonsense.
After Bu Fang put away the talismans, he placed both of his hands on the table and calmly stared at Realm Lord Di Tai. “Anything else?”
Realm Lord Di Tai seemed to be a little embarrassed, looking somewhat meek as he glanced at Bu Fang.
“Little Bu Bu… With our friendship, can you give me some Bursting Pissing Beef Meatballs? I don’t need many. A dozen is okay,” Realm Lord Di Tai blinked.
“No… Go away. If you ask again, I’ll call Lord Dog,” Bu Fang rolled his eyes.
Realm Lord Di Tai was speechless.
“You stingy little rascal…” he mumbled. He had said all he wanted to say. Even if he stayed, he didn’t have anything else to do.
Thus, he said goodbye to Bu Fang and stood up.
Actually, there were so many matters needing his attention right now, so he couldn’t stay any longer. Otherwise, to have more of Bu Fang’s Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, he could just hug the table’s leg and refuse to go.
“Little Bu Bu, when will you depart?” Realm Lord Di Tai furrowed his brows and asked.
He hoped that Bu Fang could depart early and collect the water from the Spring of Life soon. Otherwise, he wasn’t sure how long the Immortal Cooking Realm could stand.
According to his estimation, the Immortal Cooking Realm could endure for around a month more.
After one month, the entire Immortal Cooking Realm would collapse.
Moreover, one month later, the seal that the Divine Chef had placed would be on the verge of breaking apart. At that time, the bronze gate wouldn’t be able to stop the Nether Prison’s experts any further.
Thus, if the Immortal Tree’s spirit still remained in slumber, it would spell a true calamity to the Immortal Cooking Realm.
“I’m going to prepare some stuff first, then I will depart tomorrow,” Bu Fang said.
Realm Lord Di Tai’s eyes brightened. He studied Bu Fang and gave him a nod. Then, he pushed the doors of the restaurant and left.
The doors creaked open and closed with a low thud.
“We’re counting on you.”
Although Realm Lord Di Tai’s voice arose, he had already gone far away.
The atmosphere in the restaurant resumed its quietness.
“I want to go too.” Nethery’s black eyes gazed at Bu Fang.
Bu Fang pursed his lips and stooped to collect the bowls. His firm refusal gave her no way to protest.
Nethery furrowed her brows. She said nothing and just stared at Bu Fang.
“You have a curse in your body… Also, it’s easier for me to do it alone,” Bu Fang frowned and said.
Nethery didn’t believe in Bu Fang’s ghost stories!
She understood that Bu Fang was worried about her being taken away by Ying Long’s experts. After all, she had a curse. Although Bu Fang’s dishes could suppress it, their effects diminished as time went by.
Once Ying Long finds out, she wouldn’t be able to leave the Earth Prison.
Her red lips parted as she huffed, exhaling white smoke.
Bu Fang’s mouth twitched once. Reaching his hand across the table, he patted Nethery’s head. “Be nice and wait for me. When I come back, I’ll cook you good food.”
Then, he picked up the empty bowls, moved the curtain of the kitchen aside, and entered.
Nethery pouted. She wasn’t pleased at all.

When Realm Lord Di Tai returned to the fifth layer, he immediately issued a thunder-like order, which united all the Immortal Chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm.
They needed to join hands in order to resist the beast horde.
Then, many experts came to the city wall and attacked the savage beasts.
As intimidating attacks bombarded them, the beasts roared, shrieked, and died.
Many people saw Realm Lord Di Tai in his golden armor. Wielding a kitchen knife, he slashed as if he had just descended from the skies, causing many beasts to turn into mush under this blade.
Realm Lord Di Tai, who advanced steadily and seemed invincible, brought hope to the Immortal Chefs.
At the same time, more commotions were occurring in the Immortal Cooking Realm.
A group of monstrous chefs had started to challenge Immortal Chefs everywhere to a Chef’s Challenge, which ended up with the Immortal Chefs losing their Heart of Cooking Path and their right to cook.
This crisis left the entire Immortal Cooking Realm reeling. However, it didn’t last long.
Realm Lord Di Tai came, taking all the Nether Chefs away.
He gave the Immortal Chefs time to breathe.
The experts in the Immortal Cooking Realm felt safer as they could finally ease their minds.
Realm Lord Di Tai was the heart and bones of the Immortal Cooking Realm. As the Immortal Tree was dying, they could only depend on the Realm Lord, who would direct them out of this catastrophe.
Jin Luo and the others didn’t want to cause trouble.
After all, the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm was a half-step Sacred Realm expert. Although they had a noble status in Nether Prison, they didn’t dare to act rashly against such a powerful expert.
Of course, they were waiting to see the moment the Immortal Cooking Realm would completely decline.
Then, they would make their move.
No matter what, the Immortal Cooking Realm had so many Immortal Chefs with countless Hearts of Cooking Path. Once they snatch them, their Heart of Cooking Path would reach the full Nine Revolution status.
Moreover, this sort of Nine Revolution wasn’t the troublesome one that Liu Mo Bai used to have.
Thus, Jin Luo and his Nether Prison fellows had quieted down, waiting to see the events unfold in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Realm Lord Di Tai suddenly appeared in the Immortal Tree space.
At this moment, the space had become a big ruin, with dark skies above a ravaged place.
In the distance, the radiant Immortal Tree was halved, becoming a ruin too.
The Immortal Tree’s spirit was in a deep slumber.
Moreover, the slumbering Tree Spirit was gathering all the energy in the Immortal Cooking Realm to ensure that the Immortal Tree wouldn’t wither.
Of course, this action was synonymous with destroying the wall in the East to fix the wall in the West. It wouldn’t solve the root cause of the problem.
Once the Immortal Cooking Realm has been drained of all of its energy, the Immortal Tree’s spirit would die in its sleep.
The Immortal Cooking Realm would decline completely…
Realm Lord Di Tai’s sleek, golden hair fluttered in the wind as he lifted his head, looking far away.
In his eyes, a massive tree stood silently in the distance.
The aura of death surrounded the tree. With every breath, he could see dots of light gathering.
“Watching it walking step after step to annihilation… It doesn’t feel good at all. I hope Little Bu Bu can bring me hope.”
Realm Lord Di Tai took a deep breath, then opened his hand.
Two Immortal Tree seedlings with radiance crawling around hovered above his palm.
They were the Immortal Tree’s seedlings, and also the embodiment of their hope.

First Layer, Immortal Cooking Realm
It was late at night.
The night scenes in Immortal City were still splendid.
Bu Fang pushed the doors of the restaurant open and walked out. Wearing the Vermillion Robe, his sleeves fluttered with the wind.
Tonight, Bu Fang’s goal was to take a walk around Immortal City.
He was well-prepared for the trip to Earth Prison’s God Vanishing Mountain the next day to find the Spring of Life.
At the moment, he wanted to witness the splendor and wealth of the Immortal Cooking Realm.
If he didn’t find the Spring of Life and end up failing the mission, the beautiful things in the Immortal Cooking Realm would vanish like smoke, leaving nothing behind.
Bu Fang wasn’t worried that the Immortal Chef Little Store would disappear. Since the system built the restaurant, it wouldn’t be demolished.
However, at that time, such a scene of prosperity would no longer be here.
Bu Fang sighed.
The Immortal Cooking Realm was very hot during the day and bitterly cold at night.
Bu Fang parted his lips, and his breath came out as white vapor.
Lately, the weather in the Immortal Cooking Realm had become unusual.
Bu Fang walked out of the small alley, heading towards the long street.
The first time he came to the Immortal Cooking Realm, he saw the vibrant and bustling long street.
As the night grew, it became so cold.
However, along the street, the atmosphere was extremely lively. The street was well-lit and filled with the cries of hawkers.
Bu Fang could hear flames sizzling and woks stirring.
The air was filled with a sweet aroma.
A soup dish was boiling, making sizzling sounds. Some people were rubbing their hands and blowing on them to warm up. When they put ingredients into the pot, they looked on with anticipation.
This was the hotpot that Bu Fang had brought over to this world.
Stunned, Bu Fang turned and watched.
This was the first restaurant in the city that sold the dish he had created.
Now, there were so many restaurants selling his dishes, though their levels and tastes couldn’t be compared to his.
However, their restaurants were packed with customers, which startled Bu Fang.
Flap. Flap.
In the sky, snowflakes began to fall and flutter like white feathers, covering the world.
It seemed like everything was blanketed with a white, cotton cloth.
Bu Fang raised his hand and felt the cold snowflakes landing on his palm, slowly melting. His cold face somewhat changed.

He lifted his head as snowflakes fell around him.
Under the night sky, the magnificent and colorful lights were being reflected on these snowflakes.
The sight was too splendid to behold.
“So beautiful. If this beautiful scene is gone, it’ll be a big regret,” Bu Fang muttered.
After some time, he randomly chose a restaurant and took a seat.
“Ah, customer, what do you want to order?”
The owner of the restaurant saw the new customer and walked over to serve him. However, a moment later, the owner gasped in surprise.

“Wow?! Owner Bu?! Why are you here in my humble restaurant? Er Zi! Bring the menu, we have a distinguished customer!”
When the owner discovered that Bu Fang was the new customer, he immediately became flustered.
Of course, Bu Fang was very famous in the first layer.
Bu Fang’s mouth twitched as he received the menu and ordered one dish.

The restaurant was rather popular.
Even though the dish wasn’t as delicious as Bu Fang had imagined, the atmosphere in the restaurant was rather pleasant and nostalgic.
It reminded him of the bustling and lively scenes of the restaurants in his previous life.
All of a sudden, he had a hope that those images would never disappear.
“I will try my best to find the Spring of Life… Even if it’s not because of Realm Lord Di Tai, it’s good to do that for these restaurants,” Bu Fang sincerely thought, making up his mind.

The next day, the sky was clear.
The snow had stopped after the night was gone.
The temperature in the Immortal Cooking Realm rocketed!
Bu Fang was standing inside his Immortal Chef Little Store.
Clasping his hands, his eyes were calm as white light dots scattered above his head.
The serious voice of the system echoed, “Teleport Formation completed. Starting the countdown to teleport to Earth Prison. Three… Two… One… Initiating teleport…”