Gourmet of Another World
Chapter 1168 - 1168 The Ruthless Whitey“s White Jump!

1168 The Ruthless Whitey“s White Jump!
Whitey stepped on Shrimpy and shot like lightning toward the crowd, holding the War God Stick in one hand. Lightning arcs jumped across the stick’s surface and soon darted up its arm. Its body exuded a strong murderous aura, and its eyes had turned red, as if flames were burning in them, making it look very scary.
In a flash, Whitey crashed into the crowd.
A group of Nether Prison experts shouted and began to attack. All kinds of energy attack condensed of Nether energy rained down on Whitey, trying to shatter it in an instant.
Whitey was just a puppet. However, none of them dared to look down on any puppet.
There were nine clans in Nether Prison, including the Giant Devils, the Nine Revolution Nether Chefs, and the Sword Demons.
One of the clans specialized in puppets. They were called Nether puppeteers, and their puppets were called Nether puppets. They were good at using all kinds of precious natural materials to make puppets, and some of them, who took on an unorthodox path, would dig the graves of ancient experts and use those experts’ bodies to make Nether puppets.
According to their secret techniques, the older the corpses, the stronger the Nether puppets would be.
There was a time when the Nether Prison was ruled by the fear of Nether puppeteers. Therefore, every expert in Nether Prison would not underestimate any puppet, even if it was not a Nether puppet.
Of course, it didn’t make any difference to Whitey whether they underestimated it or not. All it had to do was kill the enemies because Bu Fang had specifically told it not to strip off any clothes.
Its scarlet eyes made it look like a beast who had gone berserk.
The War God Stick swung, filling the void with a thousand sticks, each of which contained powerful lightning.
Boom! Boom!
When struck by it, any Nether Prison expert with slightly weaker strength would explode to pieces. Only Nine-star True Immortals could withstand a few hits.
Whitey’s advancement this time was huge. Of course, since Bu Fang’s cultivation base had improved, its fighting capacity soared as well.
With the growth of Bu Fang’s strength, the relationship between Whitey’s fighting capacity and his strength became more and more blurred, but his advancement would still imperceptibly improve Whitey’s fighting capacity.
It was an obscure and strange relationship.
The War God Stick struck the ground hard, bending as it catapulted Whitey ahead like a cannonball. By the time it crashed to the ground, its palm had turned into a huge barrel.
Terrible energy gathered in the barrel while countless lightning arcs moved across its surface, giving off a brilliant blue glow. With a boom, the energy thrust out of the barrel and hit several Nether Prison experts, turning them into puddles of blood and gore.
Whitey, who had activated the killing mode, was like a demon coming out of the abyss!
“Filthy animal!” a half-step Saint roared. He pushed his feet at the ground and rushed over in an instant, throwing a powerful punch at Whitey.
Holding the War God Stick in one hand, Whitey went for the punch.
The half-step Saint’s fist and Whitey’s stick collided, producing blasts that spread in all directions.
In the distance, one Nether Prison expert after another poured over crazily.
Whitey’s mechanical eyes flickered. Suddenly, the metal wings on its back waved. Thousands of sharp blades shot out from the wings, flying away in all directions and slashing at every Nether Prison expert’s body.
Blood mist spewed from these experts’ chests.
The current Whitey was a great killing machine.
The next moment, it flung the War God Stick into the crowd that was charging at it, then raised its fist and threw a punch at the half-step Saint.
The man and the puppet fought each other fiercely in midair.
It was a violent exchange of blows. Unlike Bu Fang’s attacks, Whitey and the half-step Saint both chose melee attacks over ranged bombardment. They did not fight like Bu Fang, who had blown the enemies to death by just throwing a few meatballs from a distance.
Whitey’s movements were very agile. Although it looked rather bulky, it was not weaker than the Nether Prison half-step Saint when fighting.
Their fists crashed into one another.
The half-step Saint’s eyes shrank. He roared as his blood and true energy moved like lightning in his body!
Boom! Boom!
The man and the puppet exchanged several punches, causing the ground to explode continuously.
Whitey took a step backward and crumbled the ground.
The half-step Saint also fell to the ground. The next moment, he jumped up the air again like a dragon and thrust his leg toward Whitey. The leg contained terrifying Nether energy, which made it so strong that it seemed capable of bringing down mountains.
Whitey’s mechanical eyes buzzed as its arm twisted and turned into a large hacking knife. Then, the knife slashed upward and collided with the half-step Saint’s leg, sending sparks everywhere and filling the air with a deafening clang.
Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!
Whitey’s hacking speed was extremely fast, making it almost impossible for people to see the knife. The half-step Saint, on the other hand, was obviously very good at melee combat, for he was not weaker than Whitey at all. The two of them fought fiercely.
After using knives, they fought with fists again. Then, it changed to elbows, fists, and legs… All kinds of melee techniques were used.
The half-step Saint’s elbow struck Whitey’s chest hard, knocking it onto the ground like a cannonball.
The Nether Prison experts around them cheered. The half-step Saint stood proudly in midair, grinning from ear to ear while panting violently. His hair stood on end like steep needles.
Suddenly, Whitey jumped up from the ruin, appeared in front of the half-step Saint, and grabbed his head with both hands. Then, it raised its knee and smashed it into the latter’s face.
The sound of bone cracking echoed out. The half-step Saint’s blood spilled across the air as he kept shrieking. His miserable voice tingled many people’s scalps.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Furiously, he threw out his fists. His punches smashed through the air as he kept hitting at Whitey’s body. However, Whitey’s mechanical eyes didn’t change at all. Instead, it just attacked continuously with its knee, causing half of the expert’s face to twist. Then, it grabbed his head with one hand and flung him hard toward the ground.
The ground caved in with a thud.
As the half-step Saint coughed blood, a savage look appeared in his eyes. He thought of defeating this puppet through melee combat, but he didn’t expect that it almost killed him. Wiping the blood on his face with a hand, he gave Whitey a ferocious glance and waved both hands. The next moment, numerous sharp daggers emerged around him.
“You made me do this! I’m going to dismantle you!”
The half-step Saint roared as one dagger after another shot forward, turning into a long dragon that coiled up around Whitey in a flash.
That gave Whitey a pause, but the scarlet gleam in its eyes became more intense.
Suddenly, small holes opened up on its back, where flames came bursting out.
“White Jump,” Whitey’s mechanical voice rang out. The next moment, it sped away, drawing a curved line in the air as it approached the half-step Saint.
Even as Whitey bolted forward, everything around it seemed to have stopped moving.
The jump was as fast as teleportation.
The dragon made of daggers crashed down, but it missed the target.
The half-step Saint’s eyes shrank. The next moment, he sucked in a cold breath—the puppet was just less than one inch in front of him.
Whitey lifted its huge palm and slapped the half-step Saint on the chin, throwing him straight toward the sky.
With a loud rumble, blue flames shot out of the holes on Whitey’s back, producing a great thrust and blasts that rippled across the ground.
The next moment, Whitey was flying right next to the half-step Saint.
The expert turned his head with difficulty. Through his blood-covered eyes, he saw Whitey’s mechanical eyes.
Whitey raised a hand and slapped him.
The half-step Saint was thrown away.
Whitey jumped again, appeared at the position where the half-step Saint was heading, and threw out a fist.
The expert was knocked flying back to where he came. Then, Whitey jumped once again and threw the half-step Saint back again…
The half-step Saint was so aggrieved. Before he could even use the power of controlling the Will of the Great Path, he was already abused by a puppet…
This puppet was just too… wild!
His body was covered with gashes, and he felt as if all his bones were about to break. The half-step Saint was utterly struck dumb as his blood spilled across the sky.
After the brutal beating and continuous jumps, the blue flames on Whitey’s back faded and could no longer provide it any thrust. Even then, it reached out both hands and grabbed the half-step Saint’s arms, flipping them over his head before it stepped on his back like how it stepped on Shrimpy. After that, it pressed a palm on the expert’s head and sped toward the ground like a meteor…
The half-step Saint opened his eyes with difficulty. As he watched the ground get closer and closer, he felt a chill cover both his body and soul.
“No… NO!!!”
A terrifying shriek echoed out!
Whitey, stepping on the half-step Saint’s back, crashed deep into the ground like a cannonball!
The whole ground exploded, sending sand and rocks flying everywhere and kicking up a cloud of dust and smoke.
Everyone was silent.
As rocks fell, a bulky figure slowly walked out of the dust. It raised a hand, from which came a suction force. In a flash, the War God Stick flew over from a distance like lightning and grabbed by Whitey.
All the Nether Prison experts gasped and felt chills run down their backs.
On the other side of the battlefield, Bu Fang retracted his gaze.
After the latest evolution, Whitey didn’t disappoint him. It did become much stronger.
Bu Fang turned his eyes to the giant devil in the distance.
At some point in time, the giant devil had changed his target to Bu Fang. After roaring, a bomb, which was made of Nether energy and contained a scary aura, flew straight toward the latter.
The giant devil was a Little Saint. In Bu Fang’s perception, his aura was much weaker than the city lord of Goddess City, the Nether Prison’s sword demon he met on the God Vanishing Mountain, or even the six-tailed fox and the nine-tailed fox. He reckoned that this giant devil must have just stepped into the Little Saint realm. However, even if he was a fresh Little Saint, he was still a Little Saint…
The threat of explosive meatballs to a Little Saint was negligible. Perhaps the only thing that could threaten a Little Saint was the Perishing Pot.
Bu Fang watched as the Nether energy bomb headed in his direction. A gust of strong wind came blowing over, causing his clothes to whip noisily. He narrowed his eyes and raised his hand. In his palm, a mass of white flames was burning quietly.
Bu Fang unleashed his divine perception. In just a flash, the flames towered into the sky. His mental force rocked and spread, turning the white flames into a giant flaming net, which hung before him and tried to stop the bomb.
The next moment, the Nether energy bomb arrived and crashed into the flaming net. The impact instantly pushed a deep hole into the net.
The bomb kept spinning in the net without losing its momentum as it went for Bu Fang. However, when it was about one meter from him, it was completely stopped by the flaming net and gradually stopped spinning.
Bu Fang raised his hand and placed his palm on the flaming net. Then, a burst of hair-raising force exploded out of the palm.
With a thud, the Nether energy bomb in the flaming net was slapped back by him!
As the bomb sped back, Bu Fang’s body shot through the flaming net like an arrow, grabbed Foxy off his shoulder, and pointed its mouth straight at the giant devil!
His next move was to… bomb the Little Saint!