Gourmet of Another World
Chapter 1388 - Becoming a God

Was Di Ting… crazy?!
All the people in Yellow Spring City froze as they looked at Di Ting and the light beam bursting out of him, their pupils constricting in shock.
Nether Puppeteer Patriarch was dead, killed by Di Ting. It was known to all that the two of them were very close in Nether Prison, but what happened had changed people’s thoughts on their relationship. Most importantly, Di Ting was attempting to break through the God Realm as well!
The light beam soared and rushed into the starry sky as if to sense the Gods’ guidance and to win the favor of the Power of the Law, just like the way Earth Prison Dog was breaking through. However, Di Ting’s light beam was much weaker. If Lord Dog’s light beam was the moon, his was just a firefly. They were simply not on the same level. Perhaps this was caused by the difference in their comprehension of the Laws.
Others did not get it, but as Bu Fang watched, he understood a lot. The Law Di Ting comprehended was Light. It was an amazing Law, but it was only an ordinary Law among the three thousand Laws of the Chaotic Universe. Lord Dog, on the other hand, had comprehended the strongest Law. What set them apart was the difference in the levels of their Laws.
Di Ting’s eyes were full of madness. He did not want to fall behind because once he did, he would never get a second chance. That was why he went crazy and took the risk, even though the price he had to pay was great.
The warship’s source stone in Nether Puppeteer Patriarch’s body was just an ordinary one. He had thought of using the God’s Heart to break through, but there was no time for that now, so he was forced to crush the source stone and absorb the surging power in it to break through the God Realm. As for the power he lacked, he could only slowly fill it after he became a God.
All this was caused by Bu Fang. If it weren’t for that little chef, Di Ting would not have fallen into a situation where he was forced to make a breakthrough. Who would have thought that the Will of the Great Path could suppress his incomplete Law? Though incomplete, it was the Law, and it should be above the Will of the Great Path!
He roared. His light beam kept rushing into the clouds while powerful blasts spread in all directions. Standing at where he was, Di Ting’s eyes flickered. A profound pattern emerged on his body, which was the Law of Light.
All the people on the wall were dumbstruck. Things didn’t go as they had expected. They glanced at Di Ting, then at the little restaurant. Many were sucking in cold breaths. Di Ting was also breaking through the God Realm?!
Ah Zi was the most shocked. She came from the Great Goddess World, which was a first-class great world, and she had seen a lot. She naturally understood why Di Ting was so crazy. Yes, he was ruthless to take the source stone out of his companion’s body and crush it to break through, but he was just fighting against time. He wanted to become a God before that black dog was recognized by the strongest Law. Only by doing so could he have a chance of success.
But… could he succeed?
A rumbling sound filled the air, and the whole sky was dimmed with dark clouds churning restlessly. At this moment, the whole Netherworld seemed to go through a tremendous change. All the living beings in the world felt oppressed and had an urge to kneel on the ground.
In the Immortal Cooking Realm, the Immortal Tree swayed as its branches twisted and tangled, forming a figure. Staring in the direction of Earth Prison, the figure sighed softly.
Meanwhile, in the homeland of the Nether Chef Clan…
A head fell from the neck of a Nether Chef and rolled across the ground. There seemed to be a blood-colored light swirling in Ah Zhuang’s eyes as he turned and looked in the direction of Earth Prison. The corner of his mouth twitched. Then, he glanced at the Nether Chefs around him and said, “Let the Chef’s Challenges… continue. The loser will die!”

Bu Fang could sense the oppressive aura spreading out from Di Ting’s body. ‘He wants to become a God,’ he thought, furrowing his brow. A bright light flashed in his eyes. He could not let that happen, but he was a little weak now.
After fusing four arrays in the Perishing Pot just now, his divine will was almost depleted. Although he had rested for a while, and part of his divine will had been restored with the help of his Yin-Yang Spirit Sea, it would be very difficult for him to use that dreadful Perishing Pot again.
An idea came to him suddenly. He glanced at the onlookers, then said with a straight face, “Leave here… All of you.”
That was his friendly reminder, and it gave the crowd pause. The next moment, everyone’s face changed, then without hesitation, they all turned and ran toward Yellow Spring City. No one would be stupid enough to ignore Bu Fang’s warning. In fact, someone could guess that he was going to sabotage Di Ting’s breakthrough. Although they wanted to witness it, the risk was simply too great.
When everyone was gone, Bu Fang was the only man who remained on the wall. His hands were clasped behind his back, and his hair fluttered in the howling wind. He fixed his eyes at Di Ting, who was hovering in the light beam.
The next moment, he flipped his hand and produced a steaming clay pot, in which sword intent was boiling and terrible energy was surging. Then, he kicked the wall. The bricks under his foot exploded as he sped forward and flung out the Crazy Sword Pot.
The clay pot spun, surging with sword intent as it flew through the air. In just a flash, it had approached Di Ting.
Bu Fang wanted to sabotage Di Ting’s breakthrough. He was not stupid. He could not watch and do nothing as Di Ting attempted to become a God. Besides, if Di Ting succeeded, he would be his first target.
Without any suspense, the Sword Pot hit Di Ting. He was in the middle of breaking through, but the surging sword intent devoured him in a flash. One sword after another rushed at him like dragons. The ground was breaking, and even the wall was crumbling. For a moment, a storm of swords filled the sky. It was a shocking sight to behold.
In Yellow Spring City, the people who had retreated far away were stunned by the mighty power. They had guessed it right—Bu Fang wanted to sabotage Di Ting’s breakthrough!
However, everyone was soon disappointed. Even with the strongest trick Bu Fang could use now, the Crazy Sword Pot, he could not sabotage Di Ting’s breakthrough.
Soon, the dust and smoke cleared, and the sword intent weakened. In the center of the explosion, the ground was filled with holes, and Di Ting still stood straight like a spear. The light beam was thrusting into the sky from his body, while mysterious patterns wheeled around him. The Power of the Law actually protected his body from being hurt.
“Oh?” Bu Fang’s pupils constricted. Without a doubt, if he wanted to sabotage the breakthrough, he would have to do it with the Power of the Law. But he did not know any Law right now…
The aura in the sky grew more and more oppressive. It was as if a supreme being was gazing down. Suddenly, the clouds began to change. They turned into a huge vortex, then scattered and revealed the starry sky. The stars in the sky were flickering in everyone’s eyes.
“This…” All the living beings in the entire Earth Prison were struck dumb. They looked up at the sky with their mouths open, and they felt they were nothing when compared with the vast expanse of the starry sky.
Suddenly, a beam of light sped through the boundless starry sky. It came from one of the stars, and it kept pouring down through Di Ting’s light beam.
When Ah Zi saw that, a despairing look came over her face. “It’s over… Di Ting is recognized by the God who mastered the Law of Light. He is about to become a God now…”
Lord Dog had begun breaking through first, but it was Di Ting’s recognition that came first. After all, Lord Dog was comprehending the Law of Time, which was the strongest Law of the Universe. Few Gods had comprehended it to begin with, so naturally, it would take a longer time for him to be recognized.
The beam of light came down from a star. The next moment, all the other stars burst into bright light, which began to gather around Di Ting. His aura was growing stronger and stronger. Finally, a loud boom rang out. It was as if he had broken through a shackle that had been fixed on him, and his soul was sublimed at this moment!
Di Ting, bathed in light, opened his eyes, which burst into a blinding white light. He was enjoying the moment. The Power of the Law tangled him and kept seeping into his body, causing his aura to climb at an astonishing rate.
The whole Earth Prison began to shake, and the ground cracked into huge fissures under the tremendous pressure.
Di Ting threw his head back and laughed. His Law of Light was gradually being perfected. Countless profound runes swirled around him, then shrank and eventually turned into a dazzling light ball about the size of a thumb. It hovered in front of him before it slowly went into his forehead and disappeared. It was a complete God’s Heart, which was required for a Demigod to become a real God. It was the embodiment of the Law of Light, the key to becoming a God, and the symbol of a God’s status! When it existed, the God existed, and when it died, the God would die!
The light faded, and the towering light beam also disappeared. Di Ting opened his eyes. There seemed to be void breaking and collapsing in them. He raised a hand, and the corner of his mouth curved slightly upward. Finally, he rested his eyes on Bu Fang with a contemptuous look on his face.
“It seems I am faster in becoming a God,” Di Ting said.
Bu Fang looked at him with a straight face and exhaled softly.
In Yellow Spring City, countless people watched in horror as Di Ting slowly floated up and hovered in midair. At this moment, he glowed like the sun.
“It’s been tens of thousands of years… I’ve finally reached the realm I’ve always dreamed of,” Di Ting said with mixed emotions. “In the past, I was narrow-minded. I thought Great Saint is the peak… But then I found that I was wrong. It was not until the battle in the starry sky that I realized there are stronger Gods in this world…”
He turned and fixed his eyes at Bu Fang. Just his glance had brought Bu Fang tremendous pressure.
“Since then, I have sworn that I must become a God… So I’ve been planning and searching for resources… And now, my dream came true.”
Di Ting chuckled. He raised his eyes and rested it on Yellow Spring Little Restaurant in the distance. There, another light beam was glowing, echoing with countless existences in the starry sky. As he stared at it, an envious look came over his face.
“Your Law is indeed the strongest Law… Unfortunately, you no longer have the chance to become a God.”
After saying that, Di Ting moved, stepping toward the little restaurant. There was light floating behind him.
Frowning, Bu Fang produced the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and slashed it out with the Cutting Immortal Style. He wanted to stop Di Ting.
However, Di Ting did not dodge at all. He just let the knife cut him. A clanging sound rang out, and the knife broke and scattered. He glanced disdainfully at Bu Fang.
The gap between a mortal and a God was too huge.
“I am God… God says, let there be light.”
As soon as his voice rang out, the whole world lit up, and a terrible pressure descended.
Everyone in Yellow Spring City was enveloped by the divine pressure and knelt on the ground, trembling.
Bu Fang also took a step back. A mountain-like pressure suddenly pressed at his body, and he almost dropped to his knees.
Suddenly, Yellow Spring Little Restaurant’s door was pushed open with a creak. Accompanied by a clanging sound, a silvery-white puppet slowly walked out from it.