Great Doctor Ling Ran

Great Doctor Ling Ran

Great Doctor Ling Ran
Chapter 921 - Lukewarm

Chapter 921: Lukewarm
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“The surgery is very successful, but the patient still needs to stay at the ICU for a few days. Once his condition is stable, the patient can be transferred to the general ward…” Ling Ran gave a clear explanation when he was blocked by Young Feng while going out of the main door of the surgery corridor.
Zuo Cidian stood slightly ahead of him, and he did not stop Ling Ran either.
Zuo Cidian was from a town hospital, and he placed more perspective into reading people. From his perspective, Young Feng met the expectations of a doctor’ evaluation of a good patient. She did not cause a ruckus, signed the forms obediently, and did all the other foundations for a surgery to be conducted perfectly. She could even understand the high cost she had to bear in the hospital and had her own expectations on the patient’s medical condition…
Because of it, it was not a problem for Ling Ran to speak of the surgery with such certainty.
Zuo Cidian was quite envious of Ling Ran. Certainly, he should envy Ling Ran, but when he heard Ling Ran say that the surgery was “very” successful, there was a moment that Zuo Cidian felt relieved.
At this moment, the number of doctors who dared to talk like Ling Ran was decreasing. In fact, the more qualified a young doctor was, the more they knew how to protect themselves.
‘Yes, the young doctors with higher qualifications would soon get promoted.’ When Zuo Cidian thought about this, he felt uncomfortable all of a sudden.
Young Feng took some time to understand the information she received just now, and she looked happy. She could hardly believe what she heard and said delicately, “It’s okay even if he stays at the ICU. I already feel satisfied if I can watch over Young Dai…”
Young Feng had even argued loudly with truck drivers at wholesale markets before, but now, her voice was soft with excitement. “Um, Doctor Ling, if the surgery is successful, does that mean that Young Dai will wake up?”
“After he metabolizes the anesthetic drugs, he should have a higher chance of waking up.” Ling Ran gave a relatively firm answer.
Young Dai was in a coma because of his liver metastasis. Since the liver surgery was now successfully completed, he should be able to regain his consciousness. However, there was no doubt that there were risks brought by anesthesia in such a major surgery. Even though Ling Ran had Master Level Anesthesia Care, he could only interfere with the anesthesia plans used during the surgery slightly.
After all, the topics related to anesthesia might be more complicated than certain surgery types focusing only on one aspect. This was not something a surgeon could toy around after just mastering anesthesia care.
Young Feng’s face finally showed a full-blown smile and asked, “And does that mean that if he is awake, he could speak?”
Ling Ran replied, “He would be able to do so under normal circumstances. Yes, the surgery did not affect the patient’s speaking ability…”
“Ahem.” Zuo Cidian eventually interrupted the silly conversation between the good doctor and good patient and said, “What Doctor Ling is certain of right now is that the surgery for the gastrectomy in combination with hepatic resection is successful. The patient’s recovery still requires us to cooperate with the ICU.”
“I know, I know.” Young Feng immediately nodded. “It will be great if he can talk. I just need to say a few words with Young Dai. I would be more than happy to just speak to him.”
As Young Feng spoke, she finally failed in holding back her tears, and they flowed down her cheeks, blurring her vision, and causing her to see only a ball of light when she looked at Ling Ran’s face.
“Thank you, Doctor Ling,” Young Feng spoke with a hoarse sound.
“If a situation arises, you can just look for the doctor in charge. You may contact me as well.” Ling Ran did not have the intention to meddle with others’ affairs, step over the ICU, and interrupt with Young Dai’s recovery after the surgery.
The level of the Emergency Medical Center’s nursing care during the perioperative period cannot be compared with the ICU.
Young Feng nodded again. She had a lot of things to say, but she did not know how to give voice to her thoughts.
A Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chest appeared in front of Ling Ran.
For Ling Ran, he considered himself to have received a clear hint from the patient’s family.
Ling Ran nodded, then he said to Zuo Cidian next to him, “Give a pork trotter to the patient’s family. I’ll go and take a rest first.”
When he finished speaking, Ling Ran turned around and left.
Zuo Cidian was stunned. He then took out a lunch box with a pork trotter, which he had brought for Ling Ran, and passed it to Young Feng. He smiled in bafflement and said, “Doctor Ling has performed the surgery from morning until now, and he hasn’t eaten anything yet. I brought this for him… You also haven’t eaten anything yet, right? Fill up your stomach with a pork trotter first.”
Young Feng was stunned as she took it.
Zuo Cidian purposely muttered, “I’ve seen many doctors who don’t accept presents from patient’s family members, but only Doctor Ling gives away his dinner to patient’s family members.”
“Oh… Tha-thank you…” Young Fen was totally stunned. If it were another doctor, she might suspect that he had fallen for her and was trying hard to please her.
However, Young Feng absolutely dared not think this way for a doctor like Ling Ran.
“Excuse me, but, why?” Young Feng could not help but ask.
Zuo Cidian naturally did not know the reason. He just looked at Young Feng’s expression before he stared at the pork trotter in his hand. He then shrugged and said, “Doctors have parental hearts, you know?”
“Doctors have parental hearts, huh?” Young Feng had been staying in the hospital for a long time, so she did not actually believe this sentence. However, she held the warm pork trotter, thought about her husband, who had been transferred back into the ICU, and she found herself believing those words.
Patients needed doctors, and they also needed doctors with parental hearts, but perhaps the patients’ families needed that more.
Zuo Cidian quickly caught up to Ling Ran.
In the corridor were patients and their families greeting Ling Ran, along with doctors and nurses who stood at both sides and greeted him.
Zuo Cidian quietly followed Ling Ran. Suddenly, he did not want to make a noise. He just wanted to follow Ling Ran, quietly, peacefully, proudly, and purely.
The young doctors in the visitation room were quietly dismissed, just like when they came. Nobody cared, nobody asked, nobody bothered, and nobody knew about them.
The department director of the General Surgery Department quietly sat on the bench and silently peeled an mandarin orange.
He attentively peeled the mandarine orange. He did not only peel off the skin, but also stripped away the fibers.
Huo Congjun was sitting by his side, looking at him peeling the mandarin orange and stripping away the fibers.
“Brighten the light.” After a while, when Huo Congjun saw that the department director of the General Surgery Department had no intention to talk, he directly provided the optimum condition for peeling off mandarin oranges.
The department director of the General Surgery Department smiled and did not say anything. He just continued playing with his mandarin orange.
A few floor lamps were placed in front of the first row, and they made the orange-red mandarin orange completely exposed.
“When we were studying, the teacher always made us peel mandarin oranges.” The department director of the General Surgery Department peeled the mandarin orange as if he was handling a liver.
Huo Congjun hummed to go with the rhythm of the conversation and asked, “Why?”
“He said it’s to train our patience. An orange petal needed to peel cleanly without any fibers left, and he always asked us to wear gloves and peel with forceps. We even had competitions between groups, and usually, we had to spend an entire afternoon peeling an entire sack of mandarin oranges.”
“Then you must surely have been able to eat a lot of good mandarin oranges.”
The department director of the General Surgery Department smiled as he shook his head. “The teacher’s youngest son liked to eat mandarin oranges, but he didn’t like to eat the fibers. Besides, the teacher is the one who bought all the mandarin oranges. ”
“Oh, then your teacher is pretty reasonable.”
“That’s true.” The department director of the General Surgery Department smiled and said, “I felt unhappy at that time, but once I got used to peeling mandarin oranges and was not allowed to peel them for some time, I felt quite anxious.”
“Ling Ran is also a patient doctor.” The department director of the General Surgery Department raised his head and looked at Huo Congjun. “Only doctors with patience are able to perform surgeries well.”
“That’s true.”
“But I’m not sure if he has the patience to wait for you for another ten years.” The department director of the General Surgery Department suddenly sighed and smiled as if he was showing concern to Huo Congjun.
Huo Congjun was stunned. There was still at least ten years before he retired, and if he did not retire, no matter how skilled the other doctors in the Emergency Department were, they could only be hired as chief physicians. They could not become the department director.
“Ling Ran is just in his twenties.” Huo Congjun turned around and smiled.
“This is a gastrectomy in combination with hepatic resection.” The department director of the General Surgery Department smiled even more broadly, “Age? If the patient today can survive, one day, someone will open a hospital for him.”
Huo Congjun’s face became dark instantly.
“I don’t mean anything.” The department director of the General Surgery Department lowered his voice suddenly, but he pointed at the television screen above him and said, “I don’t know how far the influence for all the garish things you did spreads, but this is a towering tree in Yun Hua Hospital, it cannot turn into a cross beam for other hospitals.”
“It won’t happen.” Huo Congjun’s face became red with anger again before his expression turned dark. His face even became wrinkled, and he looked like a rotten orange.