Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

"How long will it take to reach there?" Mu Liang asked.
"Thirty minutes. We will fly there. So, it won't take that much time." Mu Feng took them to the army base where the private plane was waiting for them.
Soon, the airplane took off. They relaxed in the royal plane and ordered some food.
Mu Feng told them how they were betrayed by the mole planted by Mohammed Akram in his team in Mexico City and the person they killed wasn't Horse Master but his imposter. Then Mu Feng and Jonah ran with their lives with the daughter of the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia. Then, they stole a boat and accidentally ended up in the Bermuda Triangle. After that, they recalled nothing. Though they seemed to meet a seven-feet tall giant but they weren't sure anymore after they woke up in Saudi Arabia. They didn't know how they reached there and wasn't sure that the giant they saw in Bermuda Triangle, it was real or not.
Mu Lan's sweats dropped as she heard the story. "It must be your imagination."
She sensed invisible Al's presence in the plane. They had mutual understanding. Both of them were thinking that the one Mu Feng and his two other companions met none other than Orio. He was the only seven feet tall giant in their team. Moreover, Mu Feng almost discovered The Cobra's den where all their treasures were hidden.
"I wasn't the only one who saw it. Your brother saw it too." Mu Feng refused to believe that he mistook, though there was no proof.
Mu Lan smiled. "Come on! You met an accident. You were hurt. You even hit your head." She pointed out the bandage wrapping around Mu Feng's head. "I don't know what you were feeling but to say that it was Bermuda Triangle, seeing giants and then ended up in Saudi Arabia. Brother Feng, are you sure you didn't have hallucination? You know, your whole story is so.... Unbelievable."
Mu Liang didn't utter a single word. He was listening to his brother and wifey's conversation the whole time. His eyes were observing Mu Lan while chopping a steak.
It wasn't the she didn't notice his gaze, she didn't give any attention to him.
It he thought that he could get any information from her about The Cobra, he couldn't forget it.
Mu Feng sighed. "The way you are saying that it makes me a liar. Do you know that I'm a good sailor? I know for sure that I was in Bermuda Triangle."
She let out a laugh. "And then somehow you woke up in the royal palace of Saudi Arabia. How? Did the Royal Highness tell you about it?"
Mu Feng explained, "We were in the luxurious hotel. The Royal Highness said that they got a message from my elite team. As for where my elite team found out about m presence, it was really weird. The team leader said that while they were in the hotel to have breakfast, they saw me going to a hotel room. They followed me and knocked the door but I never answered. They broke into my room and found me sleeping in the bed. After knowing that I was okay even with a bandage in my head, they informed the royal family."
Mu Lan shrugged. "So, you walked on your own. No one took you."
Mu Feng took her both hands in his. "Dear sister, believe me, I have zero recollection of anything about the hotel thing."
Mu Lan calmly commented, "It only means your head injury is pretty bad."
Mu Feng sighed. He was having a hard time to agree with her. "Maybe, but the rumored girlfriend of his was found in the same hotel."
This time, Mu Liang gave his attention. "Is she okay?"
Mu Lan blinked. "Are you guys talking about Yu Meili? What happened to her?" She had no idea what was going on.
Mu Feng answered, "She was absolutely fine. After seeing her boyfriend, she couldn't calm herself and burst into tears. Of course, her man was also very emotional. To think that he flew to Mexico City to abduct Horse Master's woman just to get his girlfriend back, I'm impressed. But the kidnappers of Meili were vanished completely. Even my elite team didn't find them. Moreover, the girl didn't know their faces either."

"So, she was abducted by unknown people and they somehow contacted Jonah to force him into this mess even though he needed not to be part of it." Mu Lan sighed. She thought of something and looked at Mu Liang. She complained, "You knew." But he didn't tell her.
"I didn't have the time to tell you." Mu Liang answered. It was pretty chaotic after they met in Riyadh.
"Never mind." She had a pretty good idea whose plan it was. Who could it be beside The Cobra? Even she didn't know his brother's movement and contact number. If it wasn't The Cobra, there was no way others would touch him. On the other hand, Orio sent Mu Feng, Jonah and the female company to Saudi Arabia; and Carlo hypnotized Mu Feng so that he could fool others. They knew how to play with men's hearts.
'The plan was pretty good.' She had to admit it, although she had no idea why they involved Jonah. But for now, she would keep quiet.
Mu Lan leaned on a high-class sofa and took red wine which was handed by Mu Feng. She sipped and said, "By the way, you have been having fun quite a while. Living with the royals, having all the luxury. Brother Feng, you should compensate us. We have suffered so much. How could you enjoy the luxury all by yourself? It's not fair at all." She skillfully changed the subject.
Mu Feng scoffed. "You should have seen your cheeky brother. He is having pleasure the most."
Mu Feng was telling the truth and they realized it after going to the palace of the Sultan of Saudi Arabia. They were welcomed grandly ad warmly. They were taken to the guest room. After the couple freshened up, they went to see Jonah.