Heaven's Devourer
Chapter 1434: Quota of Five

Chapter 1434: Quota of Five
When Xuanyang Emperor Lord, Qin Yunling, White Chalk Ghostly Lord and other eternal devil emperors' descendants decided on only allowing various Hell masters to bring four other ghostly kings, the majority of them were naturally grumpy.
It was a fact that if there were more of their men entering, their chances would be higher.
Volcanic Hell master was the first to voice his discontent. "Just five ghostly kings? Isn't that too little? We have so many brothers here and you are expecting them to just stare at one another here?"
He was standing out for the rest.
Although Xuanyang Emperor Lord was far from the age and experience of his, he had the disposition that stifled him. When Volcanic Hell master was done speaking, Xuanyang Emperor Lord replied nonchalantly, "If it weren't for the rules of the game, Volcanic Hell master would not even have an opportunity to compete. We are entering alone and we aren't worried at all. Volcanic Hell master, could it be that you are still afraid even with four others to protect you?"
With their standings and status, if it weren't for the rules of the game, Volcanic Hell master and those like him wouldn't even have the chance to speak to them.
Volcanic Hell master might not be able to coerce them currently. However, once the contest for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King ended and if he had overly offended these eternal devil emperors' descendants, he might not even have a hiding place in the vast hell.
What were currently protecting Volcanic Hell master and the likes of him were the rules of the game. They were indeed fortunate to be allowed in here as ghostly kings.
In fact, some Hell masters had clearly submitted to these eternal devil emperors' descendants and had agreements privately to help them win over the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. The eternal devil emperors would clearly promise them treasures and status that were more befitting of them in exchange. Obviously, it wasn't wise to show publicly about these private agreements when there were the rules of the game.
If they did, they would be in breach of the rules.
Volcanic Hell master had always been more temperamental over the years. His daring act to rebut Xuanyang Emperor Lord had drawn the irk of several Hell masters.
When Xuanyang Emperor Lord was done, other Hell masters like the Blood Abyss Hell master laughed it off and said, "Boss, calm down. Having too many people entering would be troublesome too. With five people, we would already be at an advantage. Moreover, it's great to even have the opportunity in the first place. Be contented."
"Indeed, we are one big family and let's not allow this to affect the cordiality of the group. It would be catastrophic if we give those immortals an opportunity. Who knows what tricks they have at hand? After all, this is something from the sky palaces. Perhaps there are lots of traps within. We should come to an agreement as soon as possible and to enter to investigate," remarked Windy Mound Hell master.
Although Volcanic Hell master was rascible, he wasn't foolish. Seeing so many Hell masters, who were stronger than him, putting in words for the eternal devil emperors' descendants, he knew Hell masters, who were stronger and had more influence in this place, had spiralled to become side characters. After thinking about it further, he agreed that allowing five ghostly kings in would already be a win.
"Just do what you guys feel so." Volcanic Hell master had a 9-realm immortal lord son and wanted to fight for him. As for the other Hell masters, their descendants were still far from the stage where they could become ghostly kings. Therefore, they wouldn't have any use for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King in the short term even if they did win it.
Therefore, they didn't hesitate and chose to support those eternal devil emperors' descendants. However, they didn't display their intentions openly. At this moment, they weren't aware who were supporting who and who were their allies or enemies. Within the group, the were competing with both wits and strength.
"If you could recognize this earlier, we would have been done with it!" White Chalk Ghostly Lord, who looked smeared with white power, rolled his eyes, mocked and ridiculed.
Volcanic Hell master had no choice but to swallow his grievances. Initially, he thought the other Hell masters would be standing with him. In the end, these fence-sitters fell and caused him to be the sole subject of mockeries. However, he wasn't foolish as well. He could still choose to side with an eternal devil emperor's descendant. While others were seeing him as foolish, he could take advantage of the circumstances and leave a path for himself in the future.
"There're definitely lots of people who are trying to curry favors from Xuanyang Emperor Lord. Even if I did contribute, the rewards I get wouldn't be plenty. In that case, I might as well choose someone suitable like the White Chalk Ghostly Lord. White Impermanence is still fairly incredible."
It was just that whenever he thought about his son, there's a lingering bitter taste in his mouth.
If circumstances allowed and he did get the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, he would consider handing it to his son first so his son could accomplish his dream of becoming an eternal immortal emperor.
"Anyone else has any opinions?" asked Xuanyang Emperor Lord again.
This time, everyone shut their mouths and didn't say a word.
The eternal devil emperors' descendants were satisfied. Qin Yunling from the Qin Sha Forgiveness Sect Heavenly Palace said, "Since no one has any objections, confirm those who are entering as soon as you can."
There were few who could help out the eternal devil emperors' descendants after all.
Each Hell masters would just need to choose four other companions. On the side of Astral Hell, Chakravarti Ghostly King had turned around and his eyes were on the group of ghostly kings. Currently, his faction was relatively smaller than others. The bombardment from the immortal lords previously had took a toll on them.
Chakravarti Ghostly King quickly chose three of the strongest ghostly kings in Astral Hell and they were all his closest aides. The remaining ghostly kings were eager to contribute as the last quota. In the end, Chakravarti Ghostly King's eyes fell on Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord who were brimming with expectations. Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord thirsted to enter. Chakravarti Ghostly King had promised her previously and regardless on the quota, she would like to give it a try.
"Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord shall be," Chakravarti Ghostly King remarked.
Although the other Hell masters didn't choose any at the Immortal Lord Realm to enter, he felt this might turn out to be a wise decision. This was because Jade Emperor had designed this test for the immortal lords. Perhaps one at the Immortal Lord Realm could achieve something that they would never be able to.
Regarding this decision, no one one the side of Astral Hell had objections.
Wu Yu had a hard time reaching here just so he could enter it openly. Now that Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord could enter while he couldn't, how could he take the snub lying down?
Therefore, at the first instant, he said, "Why could Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord enter while I'm not allowed? Father, I'm not convinced."
Chakravarti Ghostly King was naturally annoyed by their siblings rivalry in public. He had expected White-Eyed Ghostly Lord to be a little more matured after he got back last time. In the end, he was still left disappointed.
This place wasn't huge and others could clearly hear everything.
Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord had not expected him to return after she assumed he was dead. She was extremely annoyed and berated, "Why I could? It's obviously because I'm more outstanding than you. Till this point, haven't you noticed that you have disappointed everyone?"
She couldn't hold herself back for ridiculing and that was Wu Yu's objective in the first place. Wu Yu laughed, "Are you joking? You are more outstanding than me? Have you forgotten how badly you lost in my hands in the previous two occasions?"
"Those are ten years ago! And......"
"And you are stronger than me now? Do you have the guts for a rematch? Whoever wins would enter?" Wu Yu disrupted her and rebutted swiftly. Otherwise, Chakravarti Ghostly King might just demand him to scram.
"I'm afraid of you?" Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord was still the same as before as she fell into Wu Yu's trap again. Wu Yu could see she had made noteworthy improvements over the ten years. If it wasn't for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, she might have become a ghostly king by now. This was also the source of her confidence.
"Get lost and don't embarrass yourself here!" Chakravarti Ghostly King was fuming. What he abhored the most had happened again. With so many outsiders around, he would still be embarrassed regardless of the outcome of the sibling rivalry. Obviously, what he hated the most was Wu Yu's foolhardiness.
Therefore, he wanted Wu Yu to get lost now. At the same time, he started to regret bringing Wu Yu back.
"I'm sorry that everyone has to witness this." He turned around and spoke to the eternal devil emperors' descendants, Hell masters and ghostly kings.
It was an opportunity that the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King showed up in Astral Hell and now he was worried he would be kept out of the contest.
"Young master, stop fooling around. The more you tried, the more Hell master would detest you......"
"Yeah. Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord has been improving quickly. Stop trying to punch above your weight!"
Those ghostly kings surrounded Wu Yu and tried to persuade him. Only Astral Hell had not chosen their five participants and they were holding up the rest.
"Beg for forgiveness from the Hell master immediately or ......"
That ghostly king didn't complete his sentence but his intention was clear. Wu Yu would completely lose all hope in the eyes of Chakravarti Ghostly King. When he got punished with several tens of thousands years of imprisonment, it's natural that Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord would surpass him and leave him in the dust.
The other Hell masters witnessed everything. Among them, Volcanic Hell master was the most excited as he chuckled, "Astral Hell master, your daughter and son are pretty headstrong and it's interesting that they are competing. If I were you, I would let them decide the victor with their own abilities. Only then would it be fair."
The other Hell masters also laughed. No one wasn't interested in a show. Volcanic Hell master was the focus previously and couldn't be happier that someone else had drawn the focus away from him.
"Why don't you let them have a match so the other party would be convinced," commented Tundra Hell master nonchalantly.
"Otherwise, bearing hate or grievances wouldn't end up well. All of us have sons and daughters and we can understand that well."
These people naturally wouldn't let the opportunity to embarrass Chakravarti Ghostly King slip away. All they needed was to chime in with words to put Chakravarti Ghostly King in a difficult position.
"Give me a chance! I will prove that I'm not any inferior to Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord! I started wandering outside ten years ago for today. I want to let everyone understand I'm different from before!"
Wu Yu's act was superb and who could possibly see through him?
"Father, I'll break his conviction utterly. He shouldn't have returned." Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord's eyes were raging with flames. They had been at odds since young and such feelings had accumulated till this day. She could feel her blood boiling at the thought that she lost twice to Wu Yu previously. Her resentment had started since then.
At this point, Chakravarti Ghostly King was at the tip of exploding. Ninety percent of his fury was because of Wu Yu, five percent was Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord and the remaining five percent was from the other ghostly kings. With nothing else he could do, he bellowed, "I hope this embarrassing event wouldn't take long. Do as you wish!"
Wu Yu grinned. His opportunity had finally arrived and this was something that he could earn openly.