Hello, Mr. Major General
Chapter 1299 - : Looking For Support

Chapter 1299: Looking For Support
Huo Shaoheng returned to his office and called Yin Shixiong in. “Last time, I asked you to investigate Luo Jialan’s background over the past few years. How is it going?”
Yin Shixiong quickly replied, “It’s the same as what I told you before. Other than the year she was in Europe, which was a little difficult to investigate, everything else has been investigated.”
Huo Shaoheng nodded. “Have you checked with our field agents in Europe?”
“I’ve informed them. But because Luo Jialan wasn’t the target of their surveillance at that time, you know that it’s very difficult to make any substantial progress.” Yin Shixiong replied truthfully.
Even though their people were scattered all over the world, they couldn’t be like in China, where they could investigate whomever they wanted and whenever they wanted, because they didn’t have enough authority to use public equipment and facilities.
Huo Shaoheng thought about it for a moment. “Send what you’ve found to my email.”
Yin Shixiong went back and forwarded the report on Luo Jialan to Huo Shaoheng.
Huo Shaoheng looked at the time and estimated that it was around 7:00 a.m. European time.
Even though it was a little early, he still picked up the phone and called Uncle Xie.
The phone rang three times on the other end before it was picked up.
“Is that Shaoheng?” Uncle Xie’s warm and gentle voice came through the phone.
Huo Shaoheng quickly said, “Hello, can you talk now?”
“Yes, I just came back from my morning jog.” Uncle Xie said as he picked up the vitamin mineral water and took a big gulp.
His name was Xie Beichen, and he was one of the best in this generation of the Xie family.
If nothing unexpected happened, he would be the next head of the Xie family.
If he needed help from the Xie family, Xie Beichen would definitely be the best candidate.
Huo Shaoheng smiled. “It’s good that I’m not disturbing you.”
“You’re still disturbing me nonetheless.” Xie Beichen smiled as he put down the mineral water. He sat in front of the breakfast counter in the kitchen and began browsing through that day’s news reports.
“Impressive, uncle. ” Huo Shaoheng complimented him and went back to the topic at hand. “Uncle, about the trust fund I asked you to look into last time, you said there would be a follow-up. I’m wondering about how the investigation is going?”
Xie Beichen took out his iPad and entered the encrypted folder. He pulled out the information he had found and frowned slightly. “Shaoheng, this matter is somewhat little troublesome.”
“What sort of trouble?” Huo Shaoheng was a little surprised. Even the Xie family found it troublesome?
“It’s because of the irrevocable trust fund. Your uncle is the beneficiary, which means that only he has the authority to investigate the fund’s flow. I was able to find out the last time the fund was sent out because it was sent through the Swiss Bank. Our Xie family has shares in the Swiss Bank and also holds a position on the Swiss Bank’s board of directors, so we could find out through the Swiss Bank.
“If the fund’s flow wasn’t through the Swiss Bank but through another bank, it would’ve been very difficult to investigate. At least, we have to know which bank the trust fund’s money was deposited in.”
Xie Beichen felt very regretful. “I’m sorry, but I might not be able to help you with anything.”
Huo Shaoheng was deep in thought. “So, only my uncle can ask the trust fund to verify the funds’ direction. But my uncle died 18 years ago… ”
“Yes, so now your uncle’s heir can control this trust fund.” Xie Beichen said airily. “That’s the Luo Jialan you’re looking for, right?”
“Yes. ” Huo Shaoheng didn’t deny it. He held the mouse in his hand and moved it on the computer screen.
For a moment, he even wondered if he could hack into the computer network of the trust fund.
But what if the trust fund didn’t put its useful materials online?
Moreover, doing so would be detrimental to their case.
Once it was revealed that their evidence was obtained illegally, the judge would immediately discard the information. That would be a loss that wouldn’t be worth it.
Therefore, the information obtained by the hackers can only cause a sensation in the news, but can’t be used as evidence in court.
“The irrevocable trust fund only recognizes the beneficiary. This is something that we cannot change.” Xie Beichen looked at his watch. “I can send you the information I found, but it won’t be of much use.”
Huo Shaoheng’s eyes sparkled. “Okay, send it to me.”
The two exchanged a few more pleasantries before Xie Beichen’s father, Xie Shenxing, went downstairs for breakfast. He heard that Xie Beichen was on the phone with Huo Shaoheng, so he asked Xie Beichen to turn on the speakerphone so that everyone could speak together.
Huo Shaoheng heard Xie Shenxing’s voice and quickly greeted him. He then took the opportunity to invite the father and son back to the country.
“Great uncle-in-law, uncle-in-law, do you all have any plans to return to the country in the near future?”
Xie Shenxing laughed. “Shaoheng, you want me to return to the country to attend your wedding, right? News of you proposing to that little girl in Russia has already spread to us. I asked Beichen to record the news so I can watch it every day when I have the free time.”
Xie Beichen’s father, Xie Shenxing, was the current head of the Xie family. He was also the biological brother of Huo Shaoheng’s grandmother, Xie Ziyan, who shared the same father and mother.
“A wedding… haha, not in the near future.” Huo Shaoheng picked up a few darts from his desk and threw them at the dartboard on the opposite wall, then said, “I hope you’ll come back for Luo Jialan’s lawsuit. I may need your help in finding someone to testify in court.”
Xie Beichen understood and didn’t ask Huo Shaoheng why the wedding wouldn’t be held in the near future. He nodded. “I can make time to go back. Call me if you need me ”
After a pause, Xie Beichen continued, “Your fiancée is called Gu Nianzhi, right?”
Huo Shaoheng nodded.
” … Give me her address. I have a gift for her.” Xie Beichen wanted to show the Xie family’s support for Huo Shaoheng’s wedding.
The gift that Xie Beichen wanted to give couldn’t be described as “little”.
Huo Shaoheng was very happy, but his expression didn’t change. “You’re too kind. She’s a junior, so she should be the one to show respect to you.”
Xie Beichen: ” … ”
This cousin of his was good at everything, but he was too calm and steady. He couldn’t find a single mistake in any aspect, so Xie Beichen felt a little suffocated.
” … Shaoheng, I’m afraid of what you’re saying.” Xie Beichen joked with him with a half-hearted smile.
“What are you afraid of?”
“The more polite you are, the more I’m afraid that my gift won’t be enough.” Xie Beichen laughed heartily. “Your regard for Nianzhi is truly extraordinary! ”
As someone who genuinely cared about him, understood his character, and his lifestyle well, he came to this conclusion.
On the other hand, he felt at a loss for words regarding his own grandfather and father.
Huo Shaoheng sighed a little inside, but continued to smile and said, “Then don’t be afraid. Just think of it as helping Nianzhi collect her dowry. As you know, she has no parents and grew up with me. Now that I’m going to marry her, I’m worried that other people’s gossip will hurt her feelings.”
In reality, Gu Nianzhi had long stopped caring about what others said. All she cared about was whether Huo Shaoheng’s heart truly belonged to her…
But Huo Shaoheng couldn’t ignore the harm just because Gu Nianzhi didn’t care anymore.
Xie Shenxing listened from the side and understood what Huo Shaoheng meant. He immediately decided to double the amount of gifts would he give to Gu Nianzhi.
“Shaoheng, Beichen may be busy, but I’m very free. I’ll be back next week to hold an engagement party for Nianzhi at the Diaotai State Guesthouse in the imperial capital. When that time comes, I’d like to see who dares to look down on the person I, Xie Shenxing, support!”
He wanted to see Huo Shaoheng happy. This was what his sister, Xie Ziyan, wanted.
He could also tell that after so many years, only Gu Nianzhi could give Huo Shaoheng the impulse and desire to get married. Therefore, he couldn’t let anyone ruin Huo Shaoheng’s happiness.
“That’s great.” Huo Shaoheng expressed his heartfelt gratitude. “My grandfather can’t say anything more now.”
Xie shenxing sensed that something was amiss. “Does your grandfather not agree to your marriage?”
“Yes. Grandfather once had a wild idea and wanted me and Luo Jialan to get a marriage certificate for a ‘fake marriage’.” Huo Shaoheng said airily.
Xie Shenxing was immediately furious. It was as if fury from old and new grudges had ignited inside of him.
“What?! That old fool! Does he think that all of the Xie family’s members are dead? ! Tell him to just wait! I’m going back to the Huaxia Empire right now! I’m going to bring a basket home, break that old fool’s bones, put them in a basket, and throw them in front of my sister’s grave to become ashes!”